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From Henry Laurens to B. Franklin. 7 April, 1782.
Introducing Mr. Oswald.

To Count de Vergennes. 16 April.

Mission of Mr. Oswald, and Conversation with him.

To the Earl of Shelburne. 18 April.

Notes for Conversation with Mr. Oswald.

To John Adams. 20 April.

Account of introducing Mr. Oswald to Count de Vergennes,
and Conversation with that Minister.

To Henry Laurens. 20 April.

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From John Adams to B. Franklin. 16 April.

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From Count de Vergennes to B. Franklin. 5 May.
Appointing an Interview.

To John Adams. 8 May.

Plan of a triple or quadruple Alliance.-Difficulty of ob-
taining a Loan in Holland.

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Requesting the Discharge of Lord Cornwallis in Return
for his own Enlargement.-Disposition in England favor-
able to the Acknowledgment of Independence, and to a
general Peace.

From the Earl of Shelburne to B. Franklin. 20 April. 265

Mr. Oswald is sent back to settle the Time and Place of


To the Count de Vergennes. 4 May.

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Exchange of Prisoners.-Reconciliation.

From the Earl of Shelburne to B. Franklin. 21 May.

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From the Earl of Shelburne to B. Franklin. 25 May, 1782. 304
Mr. Oswald has received Orders to return to Paris, with
the necessary Instructions.-Journal continued; Mr. Gren-
ville explains the Omission of America in the Power.-
His Instructions are full, empowering him to acknowledge
the Independence of America.-Conversation on the Res-
olution of the Americans not to treat without the Allies.

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From W. H. Hartley to B. Franklin. 24 May.

From Richard Oswald to B. Franklin.

5 June.

Proposed Exchange of Lord Cornwallis for President Lau-


To Richard Oswald. 11 June.

From the Earl of Shelburne to Richard Oswald. 21 May. 313
Relative to Mr. Walpole's Appointment to negotiate.-
Journal continued; Memorandums of Lord Shelburne.-
that Commissioners be appointed, or any character given
to Mr. Oswald, which he and Dr. Franklin think proper
for Treating; that Compensation be made to the Loyalists.
-Conversation with Mr. Oswald on those Points.-Rus-
sian Offer of Mediation to Holland.

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to propose the Peace of 1763 as a Basis.-Suggests a
doubt, whether Great Britain will allow America to be
designated by the expression, State.-Comparison of Mr.
Fox and Lord Shelburne; of Mr. Oswald and Mr. Grenville.

From M. de Lafayette to B. Franklin. 20 June, 1782.

Count de Vergennes proposes to meet Mr. Grenville, and

adopt Measures for an official Communication to the Allies.

-Journal continued; Arrival of Mr. Jay.-Visit to the

Count de Vergennes, who expresses a Doubt of the Sin-

cerity of the British Court.

To Robert R. Livingston. 25 June.

New Loan in France.-Progress of the Negotiation of
Peace. Exchange of Prisoners in England. - Sweden
proposes to treat with the United States.

To Robert Morris.

25 June.

27 June.

Expresses a Wish that he should be employed to treat.-
Doubts whether the word State in Mr. Grenville's Powers
would apply to America, the Enabling Act not having
then been passed.-Journal continued; British Agents in
America for proposing a Reunion with Great Britain.

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From Thomas Pownall to B. Franklin. 5 July.

Proposition for Peace.

To James Hutton. 7 July.

Moravian Indians.

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Delays in the Opening of the Negotiation. - Suggests
Doubts of the Sincerity of the British Ministry.

From the Marquis de Lafayette to B. Franklin. 9 July.
To the Marquis de Lafayette. 9 July.

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