The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, for the Year ..., Band 96,Teil 1

Edw. Cave, 1736-[1868], 1826

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Seite 515 - Bounty (that is, the governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy).
Seite 8 - CRY aloud, spare not, Lift up thy voice like a trumpet, And shew my people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins.
Seite 210 - They cut a square trench in the ground, leaving the turf in the middle; on that they make a fire of wood, on which they dress a large caudle of eggs, butter, oatmeal, and milk, and bring, besides the ingredients of the caudle, plenty of beer and whisky : for each of the company must contribute something.
Seite 8 - It is in the nature of things that they should be so." " Let then the British House of Commons do their part themselves. Let them not delegate the trust of doing it to those who cannot execute that trust fairly. Let the...
Seite 46 - Immediately after leaving the King's Bench Prison, By the Benefit of the Act of Insolvency ; In consequence of which, he registered His Kingdom of Corsica, For the use of his creditors. The grave, great teacher, to a level brings. Heroes, and beggars, galley-slaves, and kings : But Theodore this moral learn'd, ere dead ; Fate pour'd its lessons on his living head, Bestow'da kingdom, and denied him bread.
Seite 8 - Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?
Seite 535 - Crown of this kingdom, by virtue of this Act, shall have the Coronation Oath administered to him, her or them, at their respective Coronations, according to the Act of Parliament made in the first year of the reign of his Majesty, and the said late Queen Mary, intituled, 'An Act for establishing the Coronation Oath...
Seite 210 - This I give to thee, preserve thou my horses ; this to thee, preserve thou my sheep ; and so on.' After that, they use the same ceremony to the noxious animals : ' This I give to thee, O fox ! spare thou my lambs ; this to thee, O hooded crow ! this to thee, O eagle...
Seite 515 - ... yellow, her face round and full, her eye gray, delicate harmony being betwixt each part's proportion, and each proportion's colour ; her body fat, white, and smooth ; her countenance cheerful, and like to her condition.
Seite 46 - December 11, 1756, immediately after leaving the King's Bench Prison, by the benefit of the Act of Insolvency ; in consequence of which, he registered his kingdom of Corsica for the use of his creditors.

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