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2. Survey of Human Progress. By N. ARNOTT. London. 1861.

7. Les Frères d l Academie. Paris.

1. Commentaries, Critical, Philological and Geographical, in Sundry

Newspapers. By the learned Provost and FACULTY of

the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia : Decem-

ber, January and February, 1873.

2. A “ So-Called Latin Letter,stamped with the Cabalistic or

Hieroglyphic initials N. Q. R., and long supposed to be the

production of an ancient Brahmin, but discovered recently

by a learned Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania,

after much profound research, to be the work of a spiteful

and libellous Savage of the Bog species. New York: 1871.

3. An Essay on the Art of Growing Rich by DEGREES, as practised

in the middle of the Nineteenth Century among the people

called Quakers, with some Digressions on Natural History,

Equipments, Gunnery, Materia Medica, etc., etc. Man-


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