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rinth, a place celebrated for its wealth, and in which rich men were collected from every part of the world to expend their property with loose women. Hence the proverb, said in reference to those who had not riches to dissipate in debaucheriesου παντος ανδρος ες Κορινθον εσθ' ο πλους : it is not every man that can sail to Corinth. The circumstance, that many men flocked from all parts to purchase beautiful women, and to carry them away, either by force, or money, must appear to give much propriety to this precept of our apostle.




The Delphin and Variorum Classics, Nos. LI. and LII., containing Lucretius and Valerius Maximus. Pr. il. 1s. per No.-Large paper double.

Stephens' Greek Thesaurus, No. XXII. Pr. ll. 55. per No.-Large paper 21. 12s.6d. No. XXIII. will be published early in August, and the whole work speedily completed.

Select British Divines, No. XXVIII. (continued in Monthly Nos.) neatly printed in duod., and hot-pressed. Pr. 2s.6d. Commencing Bishop Hall's Contemplations.

Virgil, with English Notes at the end, original, and selected from the Delphin and other Editions. No Interpretatio. Fourth Edition. For Schools. 78. 6d. 18mo. bound.

Jewish, Oriental, and Classical Antiquities, containing Illustrations of Scriptural and Classical Customs and Antiquities. By the Rev. DANIEL GUILDFORD WAIT, LL. B. of St. John's Coll. Cambridge, and Rector of Blagdon, Somersetshire. Oct. 12s. Consisting of GENERAL PARALLELS.

DISPUTATIO Inauguralis de Vi et efficacia Oraculi Delphici in Græcorum res gravissimas, quam publico et solenni examini submittit H. Jo. Merxlo, Trajectinus, in Gymnasio Amstelodamensi præceptor. Traj. ad Rhen. 1822. 8vo.

ANAKPENN. Anacreontis Reliquiæ; Basilii, Juliani Ægyptii, Pauli Silentiarii Anacreontica, curante Jo. Fr. Boissonade. Accedunt in Pauli carmen Scholia Græca. Paris. 1823. in 32mo.

Recherches pour servir à l'Histoire de l'Egypte pendant la domination des Grecs et des Romains, tirées des Inscriptions Grecques et Latines, &c. Par M. Letronne. Paris. 1823. 8vo.

ΘΕΟΚΡΙΤΟΣ, ΒΙΩΝ, ΜΟΣΧΟΣ: Bucolici Poete Greci, curante Jo. Fr. Boissonade. Paris. 1823. 32mo.

Mélanges d'Origines étymologiques et de questions grammaticales par M. Eloi Johanneau. Paris. 8vo.

Le Retour de l'age d'or, ou l’Horoscope de Marcellus; Eglogue de Virgile (the fourth) traduite en vers Français ; suivie d'un Hymne au Soleil, imité d'un hymne antique, avec des notes pour l'explication des allégories de l'hymne et de l'Eglogue; par M. Éloi Johanneau. Paris. 8vo.

PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Mr. Thomas Taylor, the Platonist, is preparing for the press a mathematical work intitled the Elements of a New Arithme. tical Notation, in some respects analogous to that of Decimals, by which expressions producing a great variety of infinite series may be obtained, which can by no other means be found; the series discovered by the moderns for the quadrature of the circle and hyperbola, are shown to be aggregately incommensurable quantities; and a criterion is given, by which the commensurability, or incommensurability

of infinite series may be infallibly and universally ascertained. The work will be published in 8vo.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. F. is of opinion that in 1 Cor. xi. 10. we should read õvagas for åyyénous; but his style is not sufficiently classical.

We must be permitted to inform E. G., that we cannot find an authority for his Παραγγελεύς. .

Notice of Dunbar's Edition of Dalzell's Analecta Græca Majora in our next.

Review of Recherches sur l'Interieure de l'Afrique S. in our next.

H. Li's additional observations came too late to be added to his article.

The list of Early Editions of the Bible is too incomplete to appear. The author may yet add many other editions.

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This day is published, iu 4to. price il. Is. boards,
A GRAMMAR of the three Principal Oriental Languages,
entirely new and perfectly easy : to which is added, a Set of
Persian Dialogues, composed for the Author, by Merga Mo-
hammed Saulih, of Shiray, accompanied with an English Tran-

Published by Kingsbury, Parbury, and Allen, Leadenhall street.

Published by OGLE, Duncan, & Co. 37, Paternoster-row,

and 995, Holborn ; in one large Vol. Svo. (1200 pages) price 25s. boards, or on very fine paper, hot-pressed, Sos.


Editio longe Accuratissima.

It has been the particular object of the Publishers to offer to the Public a neat and correct copy of the Hebrew Scriptures, at a moderate price; and to ensure every attainable degree of accuracy, every page bas been independent of the cure previously bestowed upon it) revised four times after the stereotype plates were cast, by persons familiar with the Hebrew language. The errors which have been discovered in the edition of Fan der Hooght, bare in this been carefully corrected; and the Pube lishers are determined to avail themselves of that security wich stereotype printing alone affords, to guard against their recurrence in future

0. D. and Co. having purchased the remaining Copias of the undermentioned Work, are enabled very considerably to reduce the price,

A HEBREW, LATIN, and ENGLISH DICTIONARY, containing all the Hebrew and Chaldee words used in the Old Testament, including the proper Names arranged under one Alphabet, the Derivatives referred to their respective Roots, and the signification in Latin and English, according to the best Authorities; with copious Vocabularies, Latin an Hebrew, and English and Hebrew. By the Rer. S. C. F. FREY, Author of "A Hebrew Grammar," &c. &c. in large rols Sro, containing nearly 1500 pages, originally published a N. los reduced to 11. 10s.; on fine Roral Paper, pablsted at ni. As reduced to 21. gs.


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