Blackwood's Lady's Magazine and Gazette of the Fashionable World, Or, St. James's Court-register of Belles Lettres, Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Fashions, &c, Bände 1-27

A.H. Blackwood, G. Simpkin, and J. Page, 1836

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Seite 171 - O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
Seite 50 - Doubt thou the stars are fire ; Doubt that the sun doth move ; Doubt truth to be a liar ; But never doubt I love.
Seite 171 - Particularly with a tiresome friend : Sweet is old wine in bottles, ale in barrels ; Dear is the helpless creature we defend Against the world ; and dear the schoolboy spot We ne'er forget, though there we are forgot. ,' cxxvn But sweeter still than .this, than these, than all, Is first and passionate Love — it stands alone, Like Adam's recollection of his fall...
Seite 116 - He who hath bent him o'er the dead, Ere the first day of death is fled ; The first dark day of nothingness, The last of danger and distress...
Seite 113 - Oh ! ever thus, from childhood's hour, I've seen my fondest hopes decay ; I never loved a tree or flower, But 'twas the first to fade away. I never nursed a dear gazelle, To glad me with its soft black eye. But when it came to know me well, And love me, it was sure to die...
Seite 133 - But suppose there are two mobs ? " suggested Mr. Snodgrass. "Shout with the largest,
Seite 209 - And down she suck'd with her the whirling wave, Like one who grapples with his enemy, And strives to strangle him before he die.
Seite 146 - scape from Fortune's rage, And bear the scars of envy, spite, and scorn, Yet with mankind no horrid war...
Seite 146 - Where night and desolation ever frown. Mine be the breezy hill that skirts the down; Where a green grassy turf is all I crave, With here and there a violet bestrewn, Fast by a brook or fountain's murmuring wave; And many an evening sun shine sweetly on my grave.
Seite 238 - ... others shone conspicuous in the midst of bodily suffering — she not only gave Clara some excellent advice upon her appearance in public (doubly valuable from her acknowledged superior style of effective costume, both on the stage and in private), but actually took down and re-dressed my daughter's hair, and with her accustomed freedom from envy, kept admiring the long silky tresses as they passed through her fingers — finishing the friendly operation by inserting a double-headed silver pin...

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