The History of Brazil: From the Period of the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808, to the Abdication of Don Pedro the First in 1831, Band 2

Smith, Elder and Company, 1836

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Seite 300 - Undertaken by Captain CHARLES STURT, of the 39th Regiment, by order of the Colonial Government to ascertain the Nature of the Country to the West and North-west of the Colony of New South Wales. Second Edition, 2 Volumes 8vo., Price 28s.
Seite 133 - He then rose, and addressing himself to the messenger from the Campo, said — " Here is my abdication ; may you be happy ! I shall retire to Europe, and leave the country that I have loved dearly and that I still love." Tears now choked his utterance, and he hastily retired to an adjoining room, where were the Empress and the English and French ambassadors. He afterwards dismissed all his ministers save one, and in a decree which he dated the 6th of...
Seite 226 - Spaniards, the price fell very much, and a remunerating rate could no longer be given. Finally, the last resolution of the Court arrived, whereby His Majesty gave the cultivators permission either to dispose of it to whom they thought proper, or to export it on their own account, and appointed, also, certain stipulated prices to be paid for it at the royal Treasury. I published a proclamation to this effect, and stated, that henceforward all cultivators would be reimbursed without the slightest delay,...
Seite 132 - Availing myself of the right which the Constitution concedes to me, I declare that I have voluntarily abdicated in favor of my dearly-beloved and esteemed son, Dom Pedro de Alcantara. " BOA VISTA, 7th April, 1831, tenth year \ of the Independence of the Empire.
Seite 139 - Brazil from anarchy even more fatal than that which has hitherto been the fate of the Spanish colonies. Any premature attempts to establish a republic must have led to a sanguinary and protracted war, in which the slave population would have taken up arms, and havoc and desolation would have been spread over the fairest portion of South America.
Seite 182 - ... perfected in their exercises, I continued this, and all the militia thus became qualified to serve efficiently in case of any attack. I ought also to inform your Excellency that I have had another still more cogent reason for bringing into the militia all the able-bodied men, and into the Ordenancas all such as are disabled; and this is to reduce these people in small divisions, under the command of respectable individuals appointed as their officers, and to keep these again in such subordination,...
Seite 300 - We heartily recommend these volumes to public notice. They are full of interest, well and modestly written, carefully illustrated, and, on the whole, make us better acquainted with the interior of Australia and its native tribes, than any other work we have met with."— ATUEH.BUM.
Seite 241 - ... of the incorrectness of maps, and the formation of establishments in the interior will be necessary for the sustenance of the individuals employed. Your Excellency will perceive that I was devoid of all the necessary and indispensable means for the object : all that I could do was to nominate...

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