December Tales

G. and W.B. Whittaker, 1823 - 231 Seiten

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Seite 19 - Tis but as ivy-leaves around the ruin'd turret wreath, All green and wildly fresh without, but worn and grey beneath. Oh, could I feel as I have felt, — or be what I have been, Or weep as I could once have wept, o'er many a vanish'd scene ; As springs in deserts found seem sweet, all brackish though they be, So, midst the wither'd waste of life, those tears would flow to me.
Seite 84 - I'll come to you, my lad. But warily tent, when ye come to court me, And come na unless the back-yett be a-jee ; Syne up the back-stile, and let naebody see, And come as ye were na comin to me. And come, &c. O whistle, &c. At kirk, or at market, whene'er ye meet me, Gang by me as tho' that ye car'd na a flie : But steal me a blink o' your bonie black ee, Yet look as ye were na lookin at me.
Seite 172 - Of their sorrows and delights; Of their passions and their spites; Of their glory and their shame; What doth strengthen and what maim. Thus ye teach us, every day, Wisdom, though fled far away. Bards of Passion and of Mirth, Ye have left your souls on earth!
Seite 186 - old wood to burn, old books to read, old wine to drink, and old friends to converse with" (1226-1284). ALFONSO III., surnamed the Great, king of Asturias, ascended the throne in 866, fought against and gained numerous victories over the Moors; the members of his family rose against him and compelled him to abdicate, but on a fresh incursion of the Moors he came forth from his retreat and...
Seite 48 - I was aa one stupified ; the. next day, however, I became composed. I prevailed on a friend, who had obtained leave to see me, to carry a message to a young woman, whom I was attached to, and to desire her if possible, to visit me before my departure. He did so, and to the last moment I cherished the hope of seeing her ; but it was in vain ; she did not come, and our vessel set sail. The neglect from one whom I had so tenderly loved was moro cutting than all the rest.
Seite 31 - At length the darkness that obscured my mind and memory passed away ; I was again sensible, and could call to mind, with some little trouble, a considerable part of the accidents that had befallen me. Still, however, of my reaching the edge of the rock over which the full stream rushes with fearful violence, of the shock which I experienced when dashed down the cataract, and of my terrible feelings, I had a very slight and confused idea. I now longed more ardently than before for some one...
Seite 31 - One day, as I lay half sensible on my bed, I saw this lovely creature approach me ; I felt the soft touch of her fingers on my brow, and though the pressure was as light as may be conceived from human fingers, it thrilled through my veins, and lingered in my confused remembrance ; the sound of her voice, as she spoke in a low tone a few words to the old man, was music to me — her bright eyes, tempered with the serenity of a pure and blameless mind, beamed upon me with such an expression of charity...
Seite 25 - To me this time of the year is indescribably beautiful. I love to dwell upon those sad and melancholy associations that suggest themselves to the mind, when nature in her garb of decay presents herself to the eye ; it reminds us, that human pride, and human happiness, like the perishing things around us, are hastening rapidly on to their decline ; that the spring of life flies ; that the summer of manhood passeth away, and that the autumn of our existence lingers but a moment for the winter of death...
Seite 61 - and they have left me here alone !" The word sounded like a knell to me. It now occurred to me, it was necessary the bodies should be thrown overboard. I took up one of them, dragged it to the side, and plunged it into the waves ; but the dash of the heavy body into the sea, reminded me more forcibly of my loneliness. The sea was so calm, I could scarcely hear it ripple by the vessel's side. One by one I committed the bodies to their watery grave. At last my horrible task was finished. My next work...

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