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BOOK THIRD. 1. Is there any difference between the English and French verbs in their government?

2. When an English verb carries a preposition after it, does it follow that the corresponding French verb catries one also, and “vice versa”?

3. When the English and French verb carry a preposition, must it be the same?

4. Name some verbs which take after them a preposition, in French, though they have none in English.

5. Mention some verbs which require after thema, ia French, a different preposition to that in English.

6. What are the prepositions usually used between verbs, the second of which is placed in the infinitive mood?

7. What preposition is most generally used ?

8. Are there any verbs which take no preposition before another verb in the infinitive ?

9. If there are, name some.
10 When is the subjunctive mood to be used ?

11. Independently of verbs, are there any adjectives or certain expressions which require it?

12. How is the subjunctive mood to be used ? 13. When must we use the imperfect of subjunctive ? 14. When ought the pluperfect to be used ?

15. Is the participle present used, in French, in the same way, and as often as in English ?

16. Give examples.

17. Does the participle past, when it has” être” for its auxiliary, agree with the subject in gender and number?

18. When the participle past has "avoir” for its auxilliary, in what case does it agree with the object of the sentence ?

19. Give examples.

20. How are the French verbs to be used in colloquial style, especially when answers are required ?

21. What tense is generally used in conversation ? 22. What do we call “idiomatic tenses”? 23. How

many forms do they assume ? 24 What is an idiom ?

25. What are the verbs which serve to make a great number of the idioms most in use?






TWO LANGUAGES. 4. OF SOME NAVAL TERMS. Observe-M. is meant for masculine, F. feminine, P. plural.

I. FRENCH-ENGLISH, A. à, at, to, in. on, adresser, to address, s'–, ami, m. amie, f. friend à ce que, from what.

to apply.

amiral, m. admiral. abandonner, to abandon, adversaire, m. opponent amirauté, f. admiralty. g'-, to give way. affaire, f. affair.

amitié, f. friendship. abattre, to pull down. affaires, f. p. business. amour, m. love. abolir, to abolish.


amuser, to amuse. abondance, f. abundance affligé, e, afflicted.

g'--to amuse 0.'s self. abonner (se), to subscribe. affiiger, to yrieve. an, m. year. aborder, to approach, to âge, m. age.

ananas, m. pine-apple. land âgé, e, old.

âne, m. ass absenter (se), to absent agir, to act.

anciens, m. p. ancients. 0.'s self.

agrandir, to make larger. animal, m, animal. abstenir (se), to abstain. agréable, agreeable. anneau, m. ring. absurde, preposterous. ah: ahi ah bah! non- année, f. year. abuser, (de) to abuse. sense!

annoncer, to announce. accabler, to overwhelm. aide, f. help, assistance. août, m. August. accepter, to accept. aider, to help.

apercevoir, to perceive. accident, m, accident ailleurs, elsewhere, d'ail- s'-(de) to acclamation, f.acclamation leurs, besides.

apparaitre, to appear. accompagner, to accom- aimable, amiable.

apparence, f. appearance. pany. aimer, to love, to like.

appartement, m. apartaccourir, to hasten. ainé, e, eldest.

ments. accoutumer (se), to accus- ainsi, thus, so, ainsi que, appartenir, to belong. tom o.'s self

as well as.

appel, m. call, muster. accroître, to increase. air, m. air, appearance. appeler, to cat. accuser, to accuse

aise, f. ease, à l'aise, com- appétit, m. appetite. achat, m. purchase. fortable.

appliqué, e, diligent. acheter, to buy. aise, pleased.

apporter, to bring. acquérir, to acquire ajouter, to add

apprécier, to appreciate acquitter, to discharge aller, to go, aller se pro- apprendre, to hear, to actif, ve, active,

mener, to go for a walk. learn, to tell action, f. action.

aller trouver, to go to approcher, to approach adinettre, to admit. s'en-to go away, to come approuver, to approve administration, f. admin- off.

après, after, what next? istration, allumer, to light.

d'-according to admiration, f. admiration alors, then.

arbre, m, tree. admirer to admire. altéré, e, thirsty

ardoise, f. slate. adonner (se), to be ad- ambassadeur, m. ambas. argent, m. money, silver. dicted.


arme, f. weapon, armes adoucir, to soften. ame, f. soul.

feu, f. p. fire-arms. adresse, f, direction, amener, to take

armare, f, cupboard,

arpent, m. acre. avide, (de) greedy. bière, 1. deer. arranger, to arrange. avis, m. advice, opinion. bille, f. marble. arrêter, to stop, to arrest, avocat, m, barrister. billet, m, note, ticket, bill, s', to stop avoine, f. oats,

billet de retour, returnarrivée, f. arrival. avoir, to have. y avoir,

ticket. arriver, to arrive, to come. there to be.

blâmer, to blame to happen.

avouer, to confess. blanc, he, white. arroser, to water, to bathe avril, m. April.

blé, m. wheat. art, m, art

blesser, f. wound. se-to asseoir, (se) to sit down.


hurt o.'s self assez, enough.

Bagage, m. luggage. blessure, f. wound. assiéger, to besiege baigner, (se) to bathe. beuf, m, ox, beef. assiette, f. plate. bain, m. bath.

boire, to drink. associé, m. partner. baisser, to let down. bois, m. wood. assurer, to assure.

balayer, to sweep. boîte, f. box, boite aux astre, m. star balle, f. ball.

lettres f. letter-box. attacher, to attach. (take. banque, f, banks

bon, m. cheque. atteindre, to reach, to over billet de banque, m. bank- bon, ne, good, sweet, à attendre, to wait, to expect,


quoi bon? to what pur. s'—to expect, faire at- banquier, m. banker. pose ? • tendre, to keep waiting. barbare, barbarian. bonheur, m. happiness, attentif, ve, attentive baromètre, m. barometer, bord, m. bank, edge, side. attention, f. attention glass.

botte, f, boot, bundle. au, aux, at the, to the. barre, f. bar

bouche, f, mouth. aucun, e, none, not one. barriqne, f. cask.

boucher, m. butcher. audace, f, audacity. bas, m, bottom, stocking. bouilli, m. boiled beef. au delà de, beyond.

en bas, down-stairs, bouillir, to boil augmenter, to increase, bas, se, low. là-bas, below. bouillon, m. broth. aujourd'hui, to-day. bateau, m. boat.

boulanger, m. baker. auparavant, before. -à-vapeur, steamer, bouquet, m. nosegay, auprès de, near.


cluster. aussi, as, also, therefore. bâtir, to build.

bourreau, m. executioner aussitôt que, as soon as. battre, to beat, 80–, to bourse, f. purse. autant, as much, as many. fight

bout, m. end. autant que, as much as. beau, bel, belle, fine, bouteille, f. bottle, autant que, so far as, beautiful.

boutique, f, shop. d'autant plus que, so beancoup, much, many. boutiquier, m. shop-keeper much the more.

beauté, f. beauty. bras, m. arm. auteur, m. author bégayer, to stammer. brave, brave. automne, m. autumn. bénir, to bless.

bravo ! bravo autoriser, to authorize. besoin, m. want, avoir bravoure, f. bravery. autour, round, about besoin, (de) to want. brillant, e, brilliant, shin. autre, other

betterave, f. beet-root. ing. autrefois, formerly. beurre, m.butter

briller, to shine autrement, otherwise bibliothèque, f. library briser, to break. avancer, to dvance, s'–, bien, m. welfare, good, brochure. f. pamphlet.

property, estate. brosse, f. brush. avant, before, en avant, bien, well, a great deal. brosser, to brush. forward.

être bien, to be comfor- bruiner, to drizzle. avantage, m, advantage. table

bruit, m. noise. avantageux, se, advanta- bien (du. . de.. la.. des, .) brûler, to burn. geous.

much, many.

bûcheron, m, woodman. avare, m, miser.

bien que, although. bureau, m. office, avare, avaricious, stingy. bienfaiteur, m. benefactor. but, m, mark, aim, puravec, with,

bienfaitrice, f. benefac- pose, avenir, m. future prospects tress.

C. avenue, f. avenue. bientôt, soon.

Cà, that, en deçd, on this avertir, to inform, to warn bienveillance, f. kindness. side. svertissement, m.warning! bienveillant, a, kinch cabinet, m. studijh



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