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other works. Sir James Mackintosh has given his character, as a man and an author, in his interesting Dissertation, p. 145, edit. 1830. -S. C.

NOTE S. p. 357

I take this opportunity of mentioning that the solution of the paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise brought forward in The Friend (II. p. 399), and in Tait's Mag. of 1834, is distinctly given by Leibnitz in his Letters to Mr. Foucher, Sur quelques axiomes philosophiques, in which he says, “Ne craignez point, Monsieur, la tortuë que les Pirrhoniens faisoient aller aussi vite qu'Achille. * * * Un espace divisible sans fin se passe dans un tems aussi divisible sans fin. Je ne conçois point d'indivisibles physiques sans miracle, et je crois que la nature peut réduire les corps à la petitesse que la Géométrie peut considérer." In his rejoinder to Foucher's reply he says that P. Gregoire de St. Vincent has shown, by means of geometry, the exact place where Achilles must have caught the tortoise. Opp. ed. Erdmann, i. pp. 115-118.

Aristotle, in his brief way, had given the solution long before, when he said that Time does not consist of indivisible nows or now-existents --ĚK TÛV VÕV Övrov idlalpétv-any more than any other magnitude. See the editor's note upon the passage of The Friend referred to above.--S. C.


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