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An historical account of the episcopal see, and cathedral ...

William Dodsworth

Wilts 42

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BIOGRAPHICAL Notices of the Bishops, the History of the EstabliSHMENT

from the earliest Period, and a DescRIPTION of the MONUMENTS.
Compiled from the most authentic sources, particularly the Records of the Establish-
ment, to which access was granted for the purpose, by the Right Reverend the Lord
Bishop, and the Reverend the Dean and Chapier.

ENGRAVINGS. 1 South-West View.-G. Cooke 12 North Porch-J. Hawkes- Wyle, and Sir John Che2 South View-S. Mitan


ney-J. Mitan S Plan-S, Porter

13 Monumental Effigies of 16 Monument of Bishop Brid4 N.-East View.-W. Woolnoth Bishops Roger and Joce- port-J. Mitan 3 Plate of Parts-J. Rolfe

line, and the Chorister 17 Monument of Bishop Met6 West Front-S. Mitan

Bishop J. Mitan

ford-J. Lee 7 Interior, West Entrance-14 Monumental Effigies of 18 Cloister-J. Skelton W. Woolnoth

Wm. Longspee, Earl of 19 Chapter-House-Etched by 8 North-West View--J.Byrne Salisbury, Wm. Longspee

W. Smith, engraved by J. 9 Transept-W. Woolnoth

his Son, John de Monta- Pye 10 Choir-T. Skelton

cute, and Robert Lord | 20 Sculptures in the Chapter11 Choir from the Lady Cha- Hungerford-J. Mitan

House-G. Cooke pel-G. Cooke

15 Monumental Effigies of 21 Episcopal Palace, vignette

Bishops Poor and de la -Elizabeth Byrne



Published by the AUTHOR, and Messrs. BRODIE and DoWDING, Salisbury ;
Messrs. CADELL and Davies, Mr. MURRAY, and Mr. Wilkie, London ;
Royal Quarto, 31. 135. 60.-Imperial Quarto..61. 6s. Od.
A few Copies, with Proofs, on India Paper .....81. 85. od.

See Criticisms on the other Side.


“ This work, as well for the industry and talent which it evinces, the simplicity and correctness of its language, and the beauty of its typography, as for the fine engravings with which it is decorated, and wbich really present the whole and every part of this noble fabric to the eye of the amateur, is in every respect worthy of its subject. It will be esteemed a treasure, by the lovers of English architecture and Ecclesiastical antiquities, of the fine arts, and of those who are pleased with elegant topographical histories, in which much curious matter is involved.”

British Critic for May 1815.

“We are pleased to find so profound and elegant a work on such an important subject; and still more that the majesty of History is not insulted by egotism or rbapsodical eulogies. The narrative is elegant, concise, and satisfactory; the descriptions neat and faithful. In a word, its simple elegance, extreme accuracy, and completeness of information, fully answer all the expectations which bave been conceived of it." Gentleman's Magazine, June 1815.

“ This work is sufficiently copious, with respect to History, Biography, and Antiquities, as well as Architectural and Sculptural Beauties, besides being illustrated with numerous admirable views, from drawings by Mr. Nash. It is rare that we meet with a work, so happily accompanied by the best efforts of the most ingenious artists; and presenting an assemblage of all that can attract, please, instruct, and improve society. It is gratifying to find such a publication issuing from a provincial press (being also an elegant specimen of typography), and particularly respecting a Cathedral, which modern superstition had so grossly misrepresented and vilified." Anti-Jacobin Review for August 1815.

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“ We believe Mr. Dodsworth will not have heard any complaints of disappointed expectation from the persons who have obtained possession of his book. There will be an unanimous testimony of its being a work of very great excellence in its department.

“ The plates are twenty-one ; all, except two, on so large a scale, as to leave in the royal quarto size, a margin but barely sufficient for appearance. This bas enabled the artists, in several of the plates, to be minute without refining to the utmost tenuity of stroke. They are from drawings by Mr. Nash; and are engraved in a manner, for the most part, both elaborate and spirited. We should deem the points of view well selected ; and persons who had the opportunity of comparing on the spot some of the representations with the reality, testify to the accurate faithfulness of the delineation. They constitute a beautiful series of exhibitions, in point both of subject and execution. Great simplicity of purpose, if we may so express it, is obvious in the delineations : all excess is avoided; there is nothing over decorative in the minute ornaments, and there is great sobriety in the management of the light and shade.

“ Mr. Dodsworth's portion of the work is not to be considered as a mere accompaniment to the plates. It is the result of patient and extensive research, prosecuted, it seems, with peculiar advantages of access to the records of the establishment. It contains a variety of curious information, and is composed in a sensible and unaffected style, remarkably free from the prolixity, uncouthness, and pomp, peculiarly incident to the devotees of Ecclesiastical History."

Eclectic Review for November 1815.

In addition to these concurring testimonies of the periodical critics, it may not, perhaps, be deemed superfluous to introduce a remark, prompted by a deep sense of gratitude for the liberal support which the author has experienced. The work has been honoured with a degree of patronage unusually distinguished and extensive. The list of subscribers amounts to no less than six hundred, of whom nearly one balf are resident in Salisbury or tbe vicinity, where the accuracy of the descriptive part, and be fidelity of the delineations, can be best and most readily appreciated.

Brodie and Dowding, Printers, Sarum

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