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The Mastiff -

98 Night IV. Lukewarm Devotion


The Barley Mow and the Dunghill


Death, where is thy Suing ?


Pythagoras and the Countryman


Faith enforced by our Reason - 117

The Farmer's Wife and the Raven


False Philosophy


The Turkey and the Ant


The mere Man of the World -

. 118

The Father and Jupiter

99 Night V. Darkness

- 118

The Monkeys


The Futility of Man's Resolutions - 118

The Owl and Farmer

· 100

The Power of Example-–Midnight - 118

The Jugglers

- 101

Lit le to be expected from Man 118

The Council of Horses

. 101

Wisdom -

. 119

The Hound and the Huntsman

- 102

Reflections in a Church-yard 119

The Poet and the Rose

. 102

Little Attention paid to the Warn-

The Cur, the Horse, and Shepherd's Dog - 102

ings of Death


The Court of Death -

- 103

Life compared to a Stream


Thc Gardener and the Hog

- 103



The Man and the Flea

- 104



The Hare and many Friends

. 104

Inattention to the Voice of Death 121

Little Learning required to be Good 121


The Caprice and universal Power of

Night I. Sleep


Death -



105 Nigli VI. The Death of Narcissa

. 122

Invocation to Silence and Darkness · 105

Reflections on Man and Immortality 123


- 105

Genius connected with Ignominy - 124



Exalted Station

. 124

Vanity of Lamentation over the Dead 105

True Greatness


Life and Eternity

- 106

The Torment of Ambition


Time and Death

. 106

True Riches

- 124

Oppression, Want, and Disease 106

The Vanity of Wealth

· 125

Reflections on viewing a Map of the


· 125



Man ignorant of his real Greatness 125

The Instability and Insufficiency of

Disbelief of a Future State - 126

Human Joys


Man's Immortality proved by Nature 126

Man short-sighted

· 107 Night VII. Discontent

. 126

Presumption of depending on To-mor-

Reason and Instinct

- 127


Human Hope

• 127

Sudden Death


The Madness of Infidelity · 127

Man's Proneness to postpone Im-

Ambition of Fame

· 128




- 129

Man insensible of his own Mortality - 108

Address to Unbelievers

- 129

Night II. Avarice of Time recommended 108

The Passions


Inconsistency of Man

- 109

Proofs of Immortality. Man's Hap-

Waste of Time


piness consists in ihe Hope of it 129

False Delicacy


Misery of Unbelief

- 130



The Annibilation of Man, incompa-

Man's Supineness


tible with the Goodness of God 131

The Depravity of Man

- 110

TheGuilty alone wish forAnnihilacion 131

Instabiliiy of Life


No spiritual Substance annihilated - 131

Vanity of Human Enjoyments, taught

The World a System of Theology - 132

by Experience


Virtue the Fruit of Immortality

- 132

Death unavoidable

Free thinking

- 132

Life compared to the Sun-dial

Rational and Animal Life

• 132

Death of the good Man


The Gospel


Night III. Picture of Narcissa, Description of

The Mystery of a Future State, no

her Funeral, and a Reflection upon

Argument against it




- 133

Night IV.Death not to be dreaded

113 NightVIII.Worldly Pursuits

- 133

Death desirable to the Aged -

Human Life compared tothe Ocean 133

Folly of Human Pursuits


The Love of Distinction


Folly of the Love of Life in the Aged 113

Pleasure -

- 134

Address to the Deity


Rise of Pleasure

- 134

Fears of Death extinguished by Man's

The End of Pleasure

- 134


- 114

Virtue and Piety -

- 134

Greatness of the Redemption . 115

Resources of a Dejected Mind - 135

Praise, bestowed on Men, due to

A Man of Pleasure is a Man of Pains - 135



Earthly Happiness

- 135

Magnificence and Omnipresence of the

Joy~ Follies of Imagination

- 136


- 115

Pleasure consists in Goodness • 136

Inability of sufficiently praising God 116

Picture of a Good Man

- 136


- 116

The Fall of the Good Man - 137

God's Love

to Man -


Wit and Wisdom -

• 137
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Night VIII. False Gaiety ends in Despair - 137 The Wolf, the Sheep, and the Lamb

Nigh. IX. Reflections on Death

- 137 The Goose and the Swans


The World a Grave -

- 138 The Lawyer and Justice


The Triumphs of Death - 138 The Fariner, the Spaniel, and the Cat


Deluge and Couflagration - 138 The Spider and the Bee

The Last Day

138 The Young Lion and the Ape

Thoughtlessness of the Last Day 139 The Colt and the Farmer

Eternity and Time

139 The Owl and the Nightingale-

. 155

The Unreasonableness of Complaint 139 The Sparrow and the Dove

Grief and Joy-Night

140 | The Female Seducers

Regularity of the Heavenly Bodies 140 | Love and Vanity

. 163


140 The Young Lady and Looking-Glass Wilkie 166

Nature the Foe of Scepticism 140 The Boy and the Rainbow

ib. 166

Reasons for Belief

140 The Rake and the Hermit

The Power of God infinite

141 The Youth and the Philosopher Whitehead 168

The World sufficient for Man. Con- The Bee, the Ant, and the Sparrow Colton 168

templation of the Heavens 141 The Bears and the Bees

Merrick 170

Man's Science the Culture of his The Cameleon

Heart -

142 The Monkeys, a Tale

ib. 170

The Greatness of God inexpressible 142 Know Thyself

Arbuthnot 171

The Misery of Sin-Reason - 142 | Lessons of Wisdom -

Armstrong 172

Man Death

- 142 | Hymn to Cheerfulness -- the author being

Reflections on Sleep

sick -

Dr. Akenside 173

Address to the Trinity

· 143 The Pain arising from virtuous Emotions at-

Conclusion -

144 tended with Pleasure

ib. 174

Solitude--The Day of Judgement Paraphrase on Psalm lxxiv. 16, 1; Miss Williams 195

Young 144 Paraplırase on Isaiah, xlix. 15

ib. 175

Paraphrase on Matt. vii. 12 -

ib. 176

FABLES for the FEMALE SEX, by Mr. Moore. Reflection on a Future State, from a Review of

The Eagle and the Assembly of Birds -

146 Winter

Thomson 176

The Panther, the Horse, and other Beasts - 147 A Prayer on the Prospect of Deaih Burns 176

The Nightingale and Glow-worm

148 Death.

Emily 177

Hymen and Death

148 Pulpit Eloquence, froin the English Orator

The Poet and his Patron


Polwhele 179


The Traveller; or, a Prospect of Society. Absalom and Achitophel

Dryden 269

Inscribed to the Reverend Mr. H. Goldsmith Palamon and Arcite; or, the Knight's Tale

Dr. Goldsmith 184

ib. 288

The Deserted Village

ib. 188 Religio Laici

ib. 309

Edwin and Angelina. A Ballad

ib. 191 Mac Flecknoe

ib. 313

Spring, a Pastoral

Pope 193 Cymon and Iphigenia

il. 314

Summer, a Pastoral -

ib. 194 | Theodore and Honoria

ib. 320

Autumn, a Pastoral.

ib. 195 The Rosciad

Churchill 325

Winter, a Pastoral

ib. 196 The Pleasures of Imagination - Akenside 333


ib. 196 Day: a Pastoral

Cunningham 338

Two Choruses to the Tragedy of Brutus ib. 200 The Contemplatist: a Night Piece

ib. 339

Ode on Solitude

ib. 201 The Visions of Fancy

Langhorne 340

The Dying Christian to his Soul

ib. 201 A Letter from Italy to the Right Honorable

An Essay on Criticisin

il. 201 Charles Lord Halifax. In the Year 1701.

The Rape of the Lock

ib. 208

Addison 343

Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate | The Campaign

il. 344


il. 215 An Allegory on Man

Parnell 348

Prologue to Mr. Addison's Tragedy of Cato il. 215 The Book-Worm

Epilogue 10 Rowe's Jane Shore

ib. 216 Ad Amicos

R. West 350

The Temple of Fime

il. 216 An Address to Winter

Cowper 350

The Happy Life of a Country Parson ib. 220 Liberty renders England preferable to other Na-
An Essay on Man: in Four Epistles - il. 221 tions, notwithstanding Taxes, &c. -

il. 351

Moral Essays : in Four Epistles

ib. 233 Description of a Poet

ib. 351

Epistle to Mr. Addison, occasioned by his Dia-

Love Elegies


logues on Medals

ib. 242 An Essay on Poetry

Buckingham 354

The Chace -

Somerville 357

to the Sarires

ib. 243 Rural Sports ; a Georgic -

Gay 375

Satires and Epistles of Horace imitated ib. 247 Love of Fame, the Universal Passion

Young 379

Epilogue to the Satires. In two Dialogues il. 259 The Castle of Indolence. An Allegorical Poem

Imitations of Hurace

ib. 262

Thomson 401

Cooper's Hill

Denham 265 To the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton

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On 'Mr. Abraham Cowley's Death and Burial Hymn on Solitude

amongst the antient Poeux

ib. 268 Education

il. 417

West 418

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A Birth-Day Thought

427 On Domestic Happiness, as the Friend of Vir-

Moral Reflection. Written on the first Day of tue; and of the false Good-nature of the Age

the Year 1782


Couper 490

The Triumph of Isis, occasioned by Isis, an Elegy On the Employments of what is called an Idle

T. Warton 427


il. 490

Inscription in a Hermitage, at Ansly-Hall in The Post comes in— the New paper is read the


ib. 429 World contemplated at a Distance

ib. 491

Monody, written near Stratford-upon-Avon ib. 430 A Fragment

Mallet 49-2

On the Death of King George the Second ib. 480 Ode to Evening

Dr. Jos. Wartun 492

On the Marriage of the King, 1761, to her

Isis. An Elegy

Masun 498


ib. 431 Epistolary Verses to George Colman, Esq.

On the Birth of the Prince of Wales

ib. 432

written in the Year 1756

Lloyd 494

Ode to Sleep

ib. 432 Ode to Arthur Onslow, Esq. -


The Hamlet, written in Whichwood Forest ib. 433 Ode to Melancholy

Ogilvie 496

Ode. The first of April

ib. 433 Ode to the Genius of Shakspeare

it, 497

Ode. The Suicide -

ib. 434 Ode to Time; occasioned by seeing the Ruins

Ode. Sent to a Friend on his leaving a favorite of an old Castle

ib. 498

ib. 435 Ode to Evening

ib. 500

Village in Hampshire

The Art of preserving Health Armstrong 436 Ode to Innocence

ib. 501

Ode on the Spring

Gray 453 Morning; or, The Complaint. An American

Ode on the Death of a favorite Cat drowned

Eclogue -

Gregory 501

in a Tub of Gold Fishes

ib. 453 A Description of a Parish Poor-House Craile 503

Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College ib. 454 Description of a Country Apothecary

ib. 503

Ode to Adversity

ib. 454 Description of a Country Clergyman visiting

ib. 455

the Sick -

il. 503

The Progress of Poesy. A Pindaric Ode
The Bard. A Pindaric Ode

ib. 4564 The Reason for describing the Vices of the

The Fatal Sisters. Au Ode


ib. 504

The Descent of Odin. An Ode

ib, 458 Apology for Vagrants

Anon. 504

The Triumphs of Owen. A Fragment ib. 459 Epistle to a young Gentleman on his leaving

Ode on the Installation of the Duke of Graf- Eton School

Dr. Rolerts 504

ton. Irregular

ib. 459 | London. A Poem

Johnson 505

A Prayer for Indifference

Greville 460 Great Cities, and London in particular, allowed

their due Praise

The Fairy's Answer to Mrs. Greville's Prayer

Cowper 507

for Indifference Countess of C-

461 | The Want of Discipline in the English Uni-

versities -

Anon. 461

The Beggar's Petition

it. 508

Pollio. An Elegiac Ode; written in the Wood Happy the Freedom of the Man whom Grace
near R--Castle, 1762

Mickle 462 makes free-His Relish of the Works of

The Tears of Scotland -

Smollet 463 God-Address to the Creator

ib. 50g

Ode to Mirth

ib. 463 That Philosophy which stops at Secondary

ib. 464

Ode to Leven Water

Causes reproved

il. 510

Songe to Ælla, Lorde of the Castel of Brystowe Rural Sounds as well as Sighis delightful il. 511

ynne Daies of Yore. From Chatterton, under The Wearisomeness of what is commonly called


the name of Rouley -

a Life of Pleasure

ib. 511

Bristowe Tragedie; or, the Dethe of Syr Charles Satirical Review of our Trips to France ib. 511

ib. 512

Bawdin. Chalterlon, under the name of Rowley 464 The Pulpit the Engine of Reformation

The Petit-Maitre Clergyman

it. 512

The Mynstrelles Songe in Ælla, a Tragycal


il. 468 Armine and Elvira, Legendary Tale

Chorus in Goddwyn, a Tragedie

il. 468

Cartwright 512

Grongar Hill

Dyer 469 An Italian Song

Rogers 516

Monody on the Death of his Lady

Henry and Emma, a Poem upon the Mortel of

George Lord Littleton 470 the Nut Brown Maid

Prior 517

A Winter Piece

Anon, 478 An Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers,
The School-Mistress. In Imitation of Spenser Knight, Comptroller General of bis Majesty's

Shenstone 473 Works, and Author of the late Dissertation
Oriental Eclogues

Collins 477

on Oriental Gardening. Enriched with Ex-

The Splendid Shilling

J. Philips 480 planatory Notes, chiefly extracted from that

Nugent 481 elaborate Performance

An Epistle to a Lady

Anon. 524

Alexander's Feast, or the Power of Music. An Pleasures of Memory; a Poem Rogers 526

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day

Dryden 482 From the Same

- 527

From the Same

An Epistle from Mr. Philips to the Earl of

Dorset. Copenhagen, March, 9, 1709 454 From the Same

The Man of Sorrow

Greville 484 Verses on a Tear

il. 525

ib. 528

Monody to the Memory of a young Lady Shaw 485 A Sketch of the Alps at Day-brcak
An Evening Address to the Nightingale il. 487/A Wish

il. 528

Smollet 486 An Ode on Classic Education

Anon. 529

An Ode to Narcissa

il. 488 Autumn

Thomson 529

Elegy in Imitation of Tibullus


ili. 541

The Propagation of the Gospel in Greenland

Cowper 488 Kensington Garden

Tickell 551


On Slavery and the Slave Trade

'il. 489 A Moral Epistle

il, 489 Sonnets

Eduards 559

On Liberty, and in Praise of Mr. Howard


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Immortality, or the Consolation of Human Lochinvar---Lady Herou's Song

Scott 581

ib. 581

Life. A Monody T. Denton. A.M. 559 Harp of the North -

From the Shipwreck

Falconer 563 | Portrait of Ellen

il. 582

Lewesdon Hill -

Croue 567 | The Harper

ib. 592

The Last Minstrel (from the Lay of the Last The Sacrifice

ib. 582

ib. 583


Scott 571 The Wedding

Melrose Abbey (from the same)

ib. 572 Farewell Address to the Harp of the North ib. 584

Force of Love (from the same)

ib. 574 | The Corsair

Lord Byron 584

The Twa Corbies (from the Minstrelsy of the Athenian Prospect

ib, 585

Scottish Border) -

ib. 574 | Address on the Opening of Drury-Lane Theatre

The Douglas Tragedy (from the same)

ib. 575

ib. 585

Young Benjie (from the same)

ib. 575 From Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

ib. 586

ib. 587

Intro:luction to Canto Second of Marmion ib. 576 To Thyrza -

Trial of Constance

ib. 577 From ihe Giaour

ib. 587

Song of Fitz-Eustace

ib. 579 The Palace of Fortune

Sir W. Jones 587

Banquet at Holyrood House

il. 580



Douglas's Soliloquy in the Wood, waiting for

All's Well that Ends Well

593 Lady Randolph, after he was known to be her

As You Like it

- 595

Home 714

The Comedy of Errors

598 Cato

Addison 714

Love's Labor's Lost

600 Fatal Curiosity

Lillo 733

Measure for Measure

The Merchant of Venice

The Merry Wives of Windsor



A Midsummer Nighi's Dream

The Happiness of a free Government S. Johnson 743

Much Ado abont Nothing

- 617

The Killing of a Boar

Otway 743


The Taming of the Shrew

Description of a Populous City Young 744

The Tempest


Rural Courtship

Dryden 744


Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Description of a Person left on a Desert Island

The Two Gentlemen of Verona - - 627

Thomson 744

The Winter's Tale


The first Feats of a young Eagle

Rowe 744

Antony and Cleopatra

- 634

The true End of Education -



Filial Piety

Mallet 744



The same

Thomson 744



Bad Fortune more easily borne than good Rowe 744

The First Part of Henry IV.


Despair never to be indulged Philips 745

The Second Part of Henry IV. -


A Friend to Freedom can never be a Traitor

The Life of Henry V.


Thomson 7.45


The First Part of Henry VI.

Description of a Hag

Olway 745


The Second Part of Henry VI. -

Happiness the inseparable Companion of Virtue


The Third Part of Henry VI.

Rowe 745


The Life of Henry VIII.

Honor superior to Justice

Thomson 745

The Life and Death of King John - 664

In what Manner Princes ought to be taught Mallet 745

Julius Cæsar

- 667

True End of Royalty

- 672 The real Duty of a King

Rowe 745


· 676

Character of a good King

Thomson 745



The Guilt of bad Kings

Mallet 746

The Life and Death of King Richard II. 684 The true End of Life

Thomson 746

The Life and Death of King Richard III. 686

The same

S. Johnson 746

Romeo and Juliet


A Lion overcome by a Man

Timon of Athens


Character of an excellent Man

Rowe 746

Titus Andronicus


Virtue the only true Source of Nobility Thomson 746

Troilus and Cressida


The Happy Effects of Misfortune


A Description of the Morning Otway 746

Sebastian and Dorax

Dryden 701 Another

Antony and Ventidius

ib. 703 The charming Notes of the Nightingale

Theodosius and Marcian

Lee 706 The same

Rowe 747

Gloster and Hastings

Rowe 708 A worthless Person can claim no Merit from the

Brooke 709

Virtues of his Ancestors

Gustavus and Dalecarlians

ib. 747

Gustavus and Cristiern

ib. 710 The Love of our Country the greatest of


Thomson 747

Brutus and Titus

The same

W.Whitehead 747

Lady Randolph, Lord Randolph, and young

Norral, noi known at the time to be Lady In what Philosophy really consists Thomson 747

Randolph's Son

Home 713 Scipio restoring the captive Princess to her

Young Norval informs Lord Randolph by what Royal Lover

Means he acquired a Knowledge in the Art of The Blessings of Peace Providence


ib. 714 ] Prudence

il. 749

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Description of Ships appearing at a Distance, A Shepherd's Life happier than a King's Hill 749

and approaching the Shore Dryden 748 | Virtue its own Reward

Virtue preferable to Rank

Roue 748 No Difficulties insuperable to the Prudent and

Description of an antient Cathedral Congreve 749 Brave

ib. 749

Description of a Triumph -

Lce 749



Milton 750 Rinaldo's hewing down the Myrtle to dissolve

Il Penseroso

the Charm



ib. 753 Description of Armida's wonderful Parrot • 782

Virtue, Wisdom, and Contemplation ; Medita-

Glover's LEONIDAS.

tion and Beauty; Chastity,

Philosophy, True Liberty-Prowess of Body Leonidas's Address to his Countrymen-Answer

and Mind-On Shakspeare-Song on May

to the Persian Ambassador- Pathetic Fare-

Morning– Virtue and Evil

well of Leonidas to his Wife and Family 782

Patience Sonnet on his deceased Wife- Characters of Teribazus and Ariana-Ariana

Spirits—Pain--Hypocrisy-The Lady re- and Polydorus come by Night into the Per-

proving Comus~Sonnet to the Nightingale

sian Cainp


ib. 756 | History of Porsenna

Lisle 785

Echo: a Song

ib. 757

SONNETS, by Mrs. Smith.


To the Moon


Adonis's Garden Affections-Ambition - 757 On the Departure of the Nightingale-Written

758 at the Close of Spring-Should the lone Wan-
Beauty-Boar-Bower of Bliss

- 759 derer-To Nighi-To Tranquillity-Written
Bower of Proteus

- 760 in the Church-yard at Middleton in Sussex-

Bull — Calumny-Cannon-Charity-Concord Writien at Pevshurst, in Autumn 1788 793


761 Elegy-Elegy to Pity

Ann. 794

Danger-Day-break--Death -

762 Extract from a Poem on his own approaching

Defamation-Desire-Detraction-Discord - 763 Death

Michael Bruce 795

Discord's House-Dolphin

- 761 Sonnet to Twilight

Miss Williams 795

Doubt-Dungeon-Eagle-Ease-Envy - 765 Sonnet to Expression

ib. 795

Error-Excess--Faith-Falcon-Fancy - 766 Sunnet to Hope

Fear - Ship — Feeling – Fire — First Age-

Sonnet to the Moon


- 767 On the Recovery of a Lady of Quality from the
Gluttony - Greediness Grief - Griffon

Small Pux

Grove Harmony—Hearing

- 768 Ode to Pity

Collins 796

Hermitage - Hippolytus - Honor — Hope- Ode to Fear

ib. 796


769 Ode to Simplicity

Idleness - Ignorance - Inconstancy– Inconti- Ode on the Poetical Character

770 Ode, written in the Year 1746-Ode to Mercy
Life-Lion-Love-Madness-Ma viff-Me-

-Ode to Liberty

il. 798


- 771 Ode to a Lady, on the Death of Colonel


772 Charles Ross, in the Action at Fontenoy.


- 773

Written in May, 1745

it. 800

Occasion– Palace of Sleep-Tyger--Windsm Ode to Evening-Ode to Peacc—The Man-


- 774 ners, an Ode

il. 801

Sight-Slander-Storm-Superstition • 775 The Passions. An Ode to JIusic

ib, 802

Suspicion—Venus--Temple of Venus • 776 The Pauper's Funeral

Crabbe 803


- 777 The Village Foundling

ili. 803

The Village Infidel -

ili. 804


Funeral of the Lady of the Nianor Cralle 804

Duessa weeping over her Enemy, compared to Funeral of an antient Maiden

ob. 805

a Crocodile ; and a Description of Night 777 Funeral of Isaac Ashford, a virtuous Peasant il. 806

Description of Lucifera's Palace-Lucifera An Epistle addressed tv Sir Thomas Hanmer,

ascending her Coachi-Description of Prince on his Edition of Shakspeare's Works Collins 806

Arthur in his Habiliments of War-Descrip- Dirge in Cyınbeline, sung by Guiderus and Ar-

tion of Diana with her Nymphs, returned viragus over Fidele, supposed to be dead 808

from the Chace, and preparing to bathe 778 Ode on the Death of Mr. Thomson - ib. 808

Description of a Garden-Description of the Verses written on a Paper which contained a
Garden of Adonis-Devastation which Tune Piece of Bride-Cake

il. 809

makes in this Garden-Description of Jupiter To a Mouse, on turning her up in her Nest

-Guyon conducted by Mammon through a with the Plough, in November 1785 Burns 809

Cave under Ground, to see his Treasure- To a Mountain Daisy, on turning one down

Description of Despair and her Speech 779 with the Plough, in April 1786

ib, 809

Au Essay upon unnatural Flights in Poetry

Fairfax's TASSO.

Lansdowne 810

Description of the Vision conjured up by Alecto 781 To Mr. Spence, prefixed to the Essay on Pope's

Image of Armida and Atiendants, enraged at Odyssey

Pitt 811

ib. 796

ib. 797
ib. 797

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