A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland ... in a Series of Letters ... to which is Now Added, Three Letters, Band 2


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Seite 276 - Whereas the Incorporated National Society, for promoting the education of the poor in the principles of the established Church throughout England and Wales...
Seite 368 - SCHOOL BOOK, containing Easy and Familiar Lessons, for the Instruction of Youth, of both Sexes, in the English Langage, and the paths of true Religion and Virtue.
Seite 276 - ... humbly represented unto us, that the President and Governors of the said Society have pursued with their best endeavours the design adopted for extending more effectually the benefit of religious education to the growing population of our realm : that they are duly sensible that in no case can the great end of public happiness be so essentially promoted as by cultivating the principles of religious faith and moral duty : that the means for accomplishing their purpose have been supplied already...
Seite 204 - ... with a staff in his hand, came to them, whom they accommodated to the best of their power ; that in the morning he blessed them, and said, I am Jesus Christ whom you have always faithfully served, but last night you received me in my proper person...
Seite 235 - Saint Louis remitted a third part of all such debts for the salvation of his own soul and the souls of his ancestors ; "et quia pacem operatur justicia," continues the chronicler, naive in morals as in grammar, "dedit Deus sibi pacem et regno tranquillitatem.
Seite 366 - SHORT (a) history of the first beginning and progress of the Protestant religion. Gathered out of the best Protestant writers, by way of question and answer. [By Richard CHALLONER, Bishop of Debra.] London: 1735.
Seite 357 - COBBETT'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR. In a Series of Letters ; to which are added Six Lessons intended to prevent Statesmen from using False Grammar, and from Writing in an Awkward Manner.
Seite 367 - The Book of the Roman Catholic Church; in a series of Letters addressed to Robert Southey, esq. on his "Book of the Church.
Seite 277 - And we do hereby direct, that these our letters be communicated by you to the several suffragan bishops within your province, expressly requiring them to take care that publication be made hereof, on such...
Seite 278 - Dioceses, as the said Bishops shall appoint; and that upon this occasion, the Ministers in each parish do effectually excite their parishioners to a liberal contribution, whose benevolence towards carrying on the said charitable work shall be collected the week following at their respective dwellings by the Church-wardens and Overseers of the poor in each parish...

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