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formed to aid the masters of the French tongue, not to instruct them.

It is next proper to speak of the sources from which the contents of the Book of Versions are drawn. These, it will be perceived, with some exceptions, are the best French Classics, extracts from which have been prepared and adapted to the intended purpose. The reason of the preference is obvious: it is necessary to go to French mind for French expression, and an attention to the one cannot but lead to the acquirement of the other. Neither is there a better way to attract a pupil possessed of the seeds of taste and discrimination, than by convincing him of the pleasure which he may derive from the literature of the language he is studying. Lord Chesterfield's opinion of the inducement is evident, by his using it as an argument to his son, whom he advises to learn French, if only to read Buffon in his native tongue. To give the more effect to these selections, a slight sketch is afforded of a certain number of the best French authors, both in prose and verse. By this means the learner will acquire the standard opinion of their respective merits, as well as be guarded against their defects. The contents of the Book of Versions are, of course, pure and unimpeachable; but it would be vain to deny that genius in all countries is frequently misemployed, and to point out the fact when it occurs, is both useful and necessary.

It only remains to be observed, that the Book of Versions is closed with some specimens of French poetry from leading authors, with free translations. When some progress has been made in a language, there is no better way to perfect it than by a comparison of choice passages with good translations.

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-Traduction de l'Ode de -Discours de Phoenix 206

Pope sur la Solitude 182 Speech of Phoenix .

Ode on Solitude

183 -Réponse d'Achille . . 210

--La Pêche


Achilles' Answer


-Prière Universelle ib. -Tout l'Univers est un Sys-



tème de Société . 212

The Universal Prayer

ib. The whole Universe one

-Description du Cheval 188 System of Society . 213

Description of the Horse 189 -Discours du Cardinal

-Description d’Adam et

Wolsey à Cromwell, 214


190 Cardinal Wolsey's Speech

-Le Bonheur d'Eve. ib. to Cromwell


Description of Adam and - Description du Rocher


191 escarpé de Douvres 216

Eve's Happiness

Description of Dover Cliff, 217

-Discours de la Mollesse, 192 -Avis d'un Père à son Fils,

Speech of Sloth

193 qui va voyager


Description de l'Idylle, A Father's Advice to his

de l'Elégie, et de

Son, going to travel ib.


194 -Soliloque du jeune Dou-

Description of the Pastoral, ış, glas dans la Forêt


Elegy, and Ode 195 Young Douglas's Soliloquy


198 in the Wood


-Rencontre des Armées de -La Chasse du Cerf. .220

César et de Pompée . ib. Stag Hunting


Sonnet to Night

199 -Apostrophe de Satan au

Meeting of Cæsar and Pom-



ib. Satan's Speech to the Sun, 225

- Description de l'Inven- -Description d'un Combat

tion de l'Ecriture. 202 dans une Boutique de

-Le Courroux d'Achille ib. Libraire .


Invention of Letters de- Description of a Combat in



a Bookseller's Shop, 231

Achilles' Wrath

ib. -Ode, tirée du Pseaume

-Discours de Nestor 204 XIX.


Nestor's Speech

205 Psalm XIX.


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