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won't you?

Her State of Mind but Auntie is sick at the hotel and I just

had to see this. You'll look after me, (Continued from Page 30)

??” lava stones.

There was so much confidence in the Preston watched her go.

face she lifted to him that Preston's heart His hands clenched and unclenched. He

contracted. longed to take her by the shoulders and

“I surely will," he managed to say in shake her until she cried and then to kiss away the tears.

a level voice. He felt tremendously fierce about it. He didn't offer to follow. denly. "I have a caracasa somewhere.

"Why, it's raining,” said Virgie sudHe felt that she would resent that more

Oh, here it is. Let's sit down here. It's than his protest. His miserable eyes fol

a tremendous caracasa, but so quaint. I lowed her down the path—that brave, de

feel like the tiny stem of a very enormous fiant little figure. He doubled his fists

mushroom when I carry it. and turned in rage in the direction of a

They sat down, and fell silent. man who remarked admiringly, “Pipe the

Darkness seemed to come like the droppeach, will you?”

ping of a black velvet curtain. The lava He saw her dabbling joyfully with a

cliffs of the crater stood in silhouette long stick into the molten mass of lava, shielding her face with her arm to keep smoke. A thousand demons played in the

against a background of apricot colored off some of the heat.

fountains of spouting lava. A ukelele Presently she started back, waving a small black object triumphantly aloft on

player near them began the pathetically the end of her stick, the guide following the words softly. Virgie unconsciously

sweet music of "Like No A Like," singing close at her heels.

leaned nearer Preston. Without warning there came a signifi

"Oh," she whispered. "It's so wondercant and sickening cracking and the part

ful it makes me ache queerly in my of the ledge where Virgie had been stand

throat.” ing so firmly but a minute before was Preston seized her hands in a grasp swallowed up in the lava stream with a

that hurt. hideous 'sucking noise as of a hungry animal. With a gasping cry Virgie sank chokingly, "I love you. I feel as if I had

"Oh, Virgie, dear little Virgie,” he said down on the path quite helpless with always loved you. Of course you don't fright, her eyes like a frightened rabbit's fixed with a fascinated stare on the mon

know anything about me, but won't you

take me on trust?" ster behind her.

Virgie's reply was to lift her luminous Preston's feet ceased to be petrified.

eyes and her tremulous smiling lips to his. He bolted down the trail, and before the

"Nothing on earth can describe my guide could lift her he had taken that trembling little figure up in his strong, shakily.

state of mind at this moment,” she said tender arms. She clung to him sobbing.

"Don't cry, Virgie, dear," he com An Arctic Superman forted. “It's all right, little girl."

(Continued from Page 23) There was something strangely comforting and sweet in the tightening hold coral. To make a home happy had he of those strong arms.

But Virgie strug come, this fragment of dawn, this little gled to get down and stood dabbing her harbinger of sunshine, with his thin eyes pathetically.

pipings—who was to bear the given name All but a few of the tourists had al- of Jason, and to receive from his godready gone so there were not many father a store-house of furs! And the curious eyes on the little scene.

door opened, and into the night, before “You will want to go back to the the beryl and ruby streamers of Aurora, hotel?" Preston asked solicitously. "No," came Jason Finley, whose voice trembled said Virgie. "I told the driver not to as he addressed a score of opaque forms come back until after dark. I suppose in the inkiness: it isn't at all proper to be here alone, "I guess he'll be all right now, boys!"

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An Established Industrial Organization of many years successful operation, offers a limited number of shares of its capital stock. Investors are guaranteed eight per cent (8%) with participation in net profits.

Money is to meet demands of increased and increasing business. For particulars address,

Care Overland Publishing Co., 257-259 Minna Street, San Francisco, Calif.

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The Stolen Melody

concluded she was the owner—she had

told me her destination was Spokane. (Continued from Page 52)

Within two weeks I go to Spokane on

business. Mr. Westerly Silverthorn—your and Koruloff promised to produce the uncle-is a personal friend of my father. symphony in the autumn. He was so im- I have told him the story of the exchange. pressed that he postponed his vacation He is to give me a letter of introduction several days to help Mascal, and within to your family in general—to you, in partwo weeks the work was scored. Koruloff ticular, and I shall take pleasure in calltook the manuscript with him that ing on you all, incidentally to get my summer.

property out of cold storage; especially The symphony was not presented until to meet you. Give my regards to your late in the winter, and what happened at

friend and tell her for me: its presentation is common knowledge. “ 'Fate that often plays queer pranks, The number of times Mascal was called sometimes masquerades as Cupid.' Corout to acknowledge the demonstration can

dially yours, be equaled only in the annals of grand opera, when a Patti or a Galli-Curci is

"LARRY H. WESTON, forced to show herself twenty times in

"Bachelor." front of the curtain after repeating some unusually lovely aria.

How the critics hailed the work as the supreme triumph of orchestral music,

WALLACE IRWIN'S NEW BOOK how the composer leaped at one bound to be the recognized leader of the musical

The fruit of Wallace Irwin's summer world, how this super-Beethoven brought American music into its own—all these

"vacation" in California is shown in his things are well known. But what the serial, “The Seed of the Sun," running world has never known is why Mascal

in the Post. When he told such of his chose a tawdry ragtime melody as the intimates as expressed curiosity about his theme of his sympathy. Some critics have new book it was on a Japanese subject, seen in it an attempt to prove that no the majority of them immediately jumped melody is tawdry, and they use specious to the conclusion that the motif was reasoning to show that Mascal took the something on

something on the lines of "Madame most trivial tune he could find and de

Butterfly,” “The Darling of the Gods," veloped it into one of the majestic themes of music. Others argue, with equal heat,

or (perhaps) "Patria." But nothing of that Mascal built on a popular theme to

that poetical or sensational sort of motif

for Wallace Irwin. The first installments prove that the music of the people is really the only great music after all. But

of the serial show him as a keen and what none of them has understood—and common-sensical observer of one of the that is why this account is written—is that big problems California is facing now. the melody was never tawdry. It was a The scenes of the story are laid partly in noble melody from the first, and Mascal New York, and partly in Bly, a small farm simply restored it to its primal estate.

center in our State, where Japanese rent or work most of the farms. To say more might spoil the reader's interest in this

story which is the "biggest" thing Wallace In Cold Storage Irwin has done for a long time. Though (Continued from Page 65)

his "Trimmed With Red" in its breezy

slaps at parlor bolshevism may be conway disturbed the contents of her suit

sidered strong stuff-if it cured three of On a large bundle of letters that these amateur reds it was a benefaction met my eye, I read a lady's address and to our country.


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Dept B. Oakland, Calif.


POMONA 33 W. Colorado St. 357 W. Second St.


Cabrillo Theater Building SACRAMENTO

SANTA CRUZ 422 K Street

96 Pacific Avenue. BAKERSFIELD

1923 I Street

[blocks in formation]

SAN FRANCISCO, 41 Grant Ave. LOS ANGELES, 636 S. Broadway OAKLAND, 408 Fourteenth St.


SAN JOSE 531 East Main St.

285 S. First St. VISALIA

104 West Main Street SANTA ROSA

FRESNO 523 Fourth St.

1228 J Street

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From A Clear Sky It would be something to get this thing

off my conscience; and if I ever saw (Continued from Page 41)

Carmen Rois again

Yes! And if I saw her again, what Her answer was slow in coming; and

then? She was more than indifferent to then it was not satisfactory.

me; she—she was callous! What could I "Perhaps one of the girls would rather, do to interest her in me? as they've known you longer.'

What-could-1-do! "All the more reason," I ventured, “so

[To Be Continued) that we can all brag of the same length of acquaintance. I feel as if I'd spoiled your evening by butting in.”

“I should say not!” Miss Wade replied. Beautiful Hands “And if Carmen won't ride in with you, I will. The air is getting cool and we

(Continued from Page 61) must get started."

“Miss Rois," I said, in a voice I hardly "Not today," objected Rollins mildly. recognized myself, “won't you please ride "You see I make it a point never to in with me? If you will,” I coaxed, “I adopt a baby on Tuesday. Now, if it promise to get you your lost letter." were Monday or Sunday, I might con

She clapped her pretty pink palms sider it—but on a Tuesday; Oh, dear together.

no!” “Will you promise?"

His visitor looked unconvinced. "That “I have promised."

baby is coming right into this house, for "Thanks just the same! But really, I

you are going to step out on the porch must get in to Peggy. I think, too, she'll and bring in the basket before the rain feel hurt if the three of us don't go in soaks through." together."

Rollins pondered. Something told him There was nothing left for me to say;

that Martha's quicksand temper would so I helped them into their car, after ossify into hard mud, should she breeze packing their cooking outfit.

home to discover that she had become a I followed, after they were well started. The night, a little chilly but graced by a

step-parent without her knowledge and

consent. Rollins was not much impressed perfect moon high above the ghostly out

with the idea as presented and yetlines of the eastern mountains, made me long for—what? The one I had waited

The Blonde was leaning over his chair for all my life. Her beautiful image kept

now; gently her hands clasped themcoming between me and the night; and

selves around his neck. He moved as if then, clearly—for sounds on a still night her grip. Ardently she drew him closer

to push her aside but she only tightened travel far-I heard Carmen Rois say: “Because I didn't want to! Why didn't

—closer in a mad caress, despite Rollins'

feeble efforts to free himself. And then you, then? He's your friend, not mine."

like flash he understood. Great Miss Wade's voice answered: "Because he wanted YOU!"

Heavens! She was trying to strangle

him! I thought of a million-and-one things I wished I'd said—and hadn't. There was

“Scat!" The words burst from one thing that I could do—that I should Martha's lips like a hiss of steam. Rollins have done. I would call on the little opened confused, sleepy eyes as a furry Widow Mason and her daughter, Peggy,

gray ball shot itself off his shoulder and and put matters right for the Doctor. I

the room followed by his wife's turned my car loose, and waving good- slipper. bye, was off.

"Shiftless," she stormed. "That cat There was a light in the living room, and

are good-for-nothing and also in the room of the sick girl. I dreamers, but thank my stars, the cat can took the steps, but not three at a time. sleep without snoring.



you both

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