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Thousands of bats infested the laby- sea-grass, dusts of former monarchs, rinthian windings of the cavern, and great musty and green. globules of moisture oozed from the walls. "Konakua showed me the tomb where A feeling of awe came over me as I stood his remains were to rest; and yet another, amidst the remnants of departed mon next to his own, which was reserved for archs.

With a brief blessing he motioned "There were rows of packages, all em me away. He stood in the mouth of the browned and mossed with age. Old relics cave, in likeness to a wave-beaten rock, and the accumulation of ages lay in jars singing his death-chant ere he departed and upon shelves—fans from the breast on his willful slumber-journey to the feathers of the purple humming bird; Highest." crude and primitive utensils of cooking; I shifted my seat, fumbling at the same great carved calabashes of whale-oil, mil- time for a cigarette.

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dewed and leaky; tapas, and makaola “Are you getting a trifle-bored?" he mats, that were rare and ancient; canoes, asked. and paddles of the costly koa-wood, in I hastily assured him no; only impalaid with shell and carved in grotesque tient to hear more. designs.

His wandering gaze seemed to concen“There were piles and heaps of malos trate upon the distant Molokai, whose (loin-cloths), holokus (dresses), and hills seemed to melt into the silky softness lilinas (linens), with the faded petals of of the night. the roke-lei (rose-garlands) still within “Once again,” he continued, “I stood their folds; poi-pounders and bowls of in the dim opalescence of the moon, in kauila-wood; and bundles of bones nights that were wine-blue and strewn wrapped in tana and tied with cords of with stars. Once again I beheld the

radiance of morning, when all the sky bring more squid to the surface than any was mother-of-pearl and tender, and two Kanaka men. And they surf-boarded. laden with the poignant scent of mountain A mile out, at the bathing beach, went the flowers. Again I heard the ever-whisper- Lily, beyond the reef, till her head was ing palm-fronds, and most musical of but a mere dot in a vastness of blue. music to my ears, the tender whisperings Then in she came, upright on a board not of the Lily of Maui. Then did time cease six feet long, astride the milky crest of a to exist.

wave, poised as a nymph, whose graceful "Of course, in respect to Konakua, we length of limb was buried to the knees in could not marry till a reasonable length wreaths of spray, till the board grated on of time elapsed; but to the betrothed the sandy beach. time passes quickly, and soon prepara "And there were horse races. The tions for a colossal celebration were riders and steeds from the mountain in order. A day was set for every sport ranches; the perfect crescent of a mile-dancing, racing, swimming, and feats of long beach, the course.

long beach, the course. I can see them strength.”

now as they then came! Around the proAgain Kanalie paused, his eyes radiantjecting cliff, which hid the starting-point as the lights and shadows of reviving from view, they burst a riot of color. A memory crossed his face.

splash of white surged ahead for a mo“The day of the commencement ar ment and gave way to a flash of golden rived! And with its dawn of bewildering brown. Then as a lightning-bolt, from beauty came the sun, fresh and golden, the center, sprang Skagerrak. Shades of sending its supernatural radiance down Pegasus !-how that horse could run! He upon a scene of great activity. Every was pure Arabian and black as night, where were old, and young, filled with from his snow-cold muzzle to his five-foot gaiety, merriment, joy, and hilarity.

tail. Aye! He was night-born, that "The day of the dancing! Out from

wizard, on the Rubeu Wood ranch at an opening in the tangled greenery came

Puunene. And he gained. An inch! A a bevy of maidens—the hula dancers, led

foot! He broke the tape a full length by the Lily. A score of dancing girls with

ahead of Friar Tuck, the favorite. the freshness of foreign-flowers and virgin

"Never shall I forget those nights-engrace! Grass-girdled and flower-crowned, chanting, scented, and silent! The stillthey advanced and retreated in rhythm, ness broken only by the love-laugh of swaying and gliding, castanet-bracelets some hillside couple and the mate-calls clicking with every quiver of muscles of the night-birds. Then would I and plump and high-bosomed they danced as

Mine forsake the gatherings for the green daughters of Terpsichore. With a ringing of the lagoon; its tranquil bosom unshout they broke up in a bedlam of mirth, ruffled, unbroken, save by the canoe's each to the arms of a lover. Till the fol prow as it drifted its languid way. No lowing morn did we dance, from old to Shahrazad ever unfolded such tales as young.

were told to me. No Chopin or Beethoven “Participants and challengers were ever composed such oriole-melodies as I plentiful in the aquatic sports. Experts heard. My lips sought hers often and all were they, for they gleaned their sub- again, for she was mine—my queensistence by the paddle and net; from the born!—from her tendrilly tresses to the men who manned the double high-sterned golden-brown of her feet. So passed the war canoes, which came from the wind time, till the marriage day." ward of Kahoolawe to the lads in the There was a space of silence. Kanalie single outriggers. They tcok prizes, seemed to ponder how to continue. For from poi-bowls to herds of long-horned several moments I heard the low moaning cattle, and the prize of prizes, kisses from of the wind in the banana fronds. Finally their women.

he again opened up. "Nor were the women to be left out. “Herbert, how I wish you could have We had devotees of Neptune who could been there. It would have reminded you go down in seven fathoms of water and of the old days of football ard track meet.

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No county fair ever beheld such an aggre "The assemblage was gathered about in gation. All the gamui oí a painter's little knots. The elders spoke wisely of palette! From every mountain and valley' ranches and cattle; the young they came. From grandchildren to grand- boasted of love conquests; and from father, from one-sixteenth to three-quar under the monkey-pod trees came the ters haole they were. From Hawaii, sweet pipings of child-voices, while their Oahu, Kauai, and as far away as Niihau older, gossiping sisters exchanged secrets. came maidens of queenly beauty, in But the babble of voices ceased at the holokus of the finest cloth, adorned with blowing of a conch-horn. It the leis and flowers; and the men in white signal for the participants to be in their trousers and gorgeous raiment of scarfs places. and sashes.

“The stage was the shadow-checkered “They came with things to eat. There sward, walled by an amphitheater of were calabashes of palm tree wine, spring's luxuriant verdure; the crystalline baskets filled with pineapples, golden- sky canopy. The audience was the careskinned mangies, red bananas, full free children of Hawaii, eager to witness juiced melons, kukui-nuts, mellow alliga- the far-heralded spactacle. tor pears, guava, and taro, fresh that day "Again the conch notes! With a shout, from the slopes of Haleakala. And of the a score of youths, supple-muscled and meats of bird and beast, there were scores merry-hearted, threw themselves upon the of varieties from the distant lao Valley, ground. They made a human carpet to such as often graced the table of the good the ceremonial arch where I stood with Queen Liliuokalanai.

the high priest.

"Over their muscular bodies she came, lips: The blood stopped in my veins! I softly and lightly. Never before had she was paralyzed with horror! She read it looked more beautiful! She wore, like in my ashen face; and she cuddled closer some exotic flower, around her slender to my breast, the color draining from her form, the dainty draperies of a princess. cheeks. I felt the hot tears falling, and There was a benign tenderness about her her arms tighten convulsively around me. face as she came, escorted by twenty Slight! Oh, so slight, was it!-but unmaids of honor, who waved long-handled mistakable—the telltale of darkening of kahilis over her.

the skin, just above the eyebrows "In another instant she was enfolded in leprosy, the curse of the South Seas. my arms. The high priest encircled us "The haole laws are strict, and they with a lei from the white down of the sea took her away to Molokai. I saw her debird--the bond that made us one. She part on the Mana, the boat that separated flung back her head and surrendered, full mothers from their babes, sweethearts, to me, throat and face, and I rained


and friends. Well can I see now, as she sionate kisses upon her unturned submis then looked at the rail, weeping and sive lips."

praying, arms outstretched to me appealAn inarticulate sound suspiciously like ing, my lei of blood-red hibiscus on her a sob came from Kanalie's lips as he sud- Aowing hair. . And the band played denly rose and strode away to the beach 'Oloha oe,' the sad 'Farewell. where he could be alone with his thoughts, “I, in my canoe, followed her far out and I sensed the end of his tale was near. beyond the reef, till the waves threatened When he returned there was a bitterness to swamp me. Yet it is ever fresh in my in his face and moisture in his eyes. memory, that last, thrown love-kiss. No,

“That is not the-end?" I faltered. never was there such love as ours! Never

"No, not the end," he said, low-voiced, shall I forget! And every night, I sing "there is more: Our eyes met, with our

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By Henry Fitzgerald Ruthrauff

Sleep on old Tamalpais in the sun-
Sleep on all through the long white August days;
At dawning robed in softest silver mists,
At evening wrapped in gold, and plum-bloom haze.
Sleep on, though men may toil—what cares are thine!
Thy sheltering forests hide thy creature-things-
The world's harsh hours of turmoil touch thee not-
Old lazy giant sprawling in the sun,
And when from greater heights than thy bold crest-
Rough-hunched against white, idle, hanging clouds,
Long burning shafts fall hot upon thy slopes
Where yellow barley dreams and brown bees drum-
Young breezes come to play across thy breast;
And down between thy ridges, where cool streams
Leap laughing toward the sea, the timorous deer
Drinks deep, and wood-doves call among the pines.
Sleep on, old Tamalpais, in the sun-
Sleep on all through the long white August days,
At dawning, robed in softest silver mists-
At evening, wrapped in gold, and plum-bloom haze.

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Query: When is an opal lucky? He never even thought of caring for FaAnswer: When it is black.

tima-Miss Mallory. And as for his wearing the scarab to keep off bad luck,

that was all nonsense! He just talked had

gone out into like that to lead on Dr. Gordon." W

the night, Aunt Fiske and Charlotte "Um! I suspected as much." She took

were taken in charge by a dumpling up her bag and fumbled among the conof a gray-haired woman, who was prop tents. “Sit down on this stool, Charlotte, erly excited at the prospect of a wedding close to me. There! I guess you won't at the unheard hour of eleven, P. M. They get any handsomer wedding gift than removed their automobile coats; and Aunt that." Fiske, sinking into a splint-bottomed rock It was Charlotte's turn to shriek. ing chair that was drawn up before the "Your pearls, Auntie! But, I thought glowing range, kicked off her sodden satin —the burglar-" slippers. The gray-haired woman, Mrs. “There wasn't any burglar,” said Aunt Smith, pattered about, putting the kettle Fiske, calmly. on to boil for tea.

"No burglar!" All at once Aunt Fiske sat bolt upright. "Certainly not! Mr. Holt, the man who

“Lottie!" she shrieked. “Your ring- owned the house before I did, explained your diamond ring! Aren't you engaged everything. It seems that, before he went to the doctor?"

away, his wife paid a visit to her people. Charlotte in blue— Jack's favorite color She is strongly prohibition, the same as I -held out lovely hands, bare of any or am. He knew that she wouldn't approve nament save the black opal.

of the temporary use of the cellar by a “No! I broke the engagement just after friend who wanted to store some wine luncheon. That's why he whisked my there, when prohibition went into effect; mamma away—to get even. Aunt Fiske, so he didn't say anything about it. Then it didn't take ten minutes for everything she came home, and he went away; and to be cleared up between Jack and me. she sold the house with all the wine in

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