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HE YELLOW MOON stole over the into the butcher's on the corner and his T Berkeley hills and cast its soft, unparalleled escape with a huge pork

mellow light on the shimmering chop. How often on dreary winter days, waters of the bay, as Bob-tailed Kitty she had watched him as he slinked past raised her melodious voice in a rhapsody her window and had been seized with of love.

joyous cataplexy as he shot her a side"Me-ow," she called amorously across long glance from his manly, yellow eye. the Palidinni's disreputable back-yard. Often during the spring time, she had lain

Then sleeking into the shadow of a awake nights and listened with greenhalf-overturned ash can, she awaited the eyed jealousy while he sang his love arrival of One-eyed Dick, whose great lyrics to the older and more forward of bulk and single glinting eye had long been the alley's mouse-catching population. her secret maidenly sorrow.

Never before had she dared to dream The beat of her heart quickened, as of having him for her own. Never before his answering call sounded far down the had she dared to steal forth under the alley. In maidenly modesty, she crouched Palidinni's basement door and tell him of lower in the shadow of the ash-can and her love. Every hair on her back watched the irregular top of the Pali- quivered as she waited. dinni's back yard fence. Breathless with Anxiously her dilated eyes scanned the excitement, and kneading the dirt before fen, e-top. her from sheer nervousness, she spas “Me-ow," she cooed softly once more modically lashed her tail from side to in notes tremulous with passion. side. It was her first night-time flirtation. "Ahr-r-r-r” sounded from the other side

Would he come?" she asked herself. of the fence; and in a moment more his

The very thought of it sent a new thrill magnificent physique was silhouetted down her spine. All afternoon she had against the moonlight. been working laboriously over her toilet Bob-tailed Kitty stopped her kneading -rubbing her fur with first one paw and of the earth, crouched lower and watched then the other until its glossy sheen was him with a futtering heart. Her virgin reflected back to her from the Palidinni's modesty forbade her uttering another tin wash boiler. Now, the great moment sound. She could only peep at him from had arrived. Would her charms be suf- the darkness, while the love-thrill gripped ficient to win for her this idol of her her soul and transported it into a galaxy dreams?

of celestial joy. In a soprano voice, vibrant with love, For a second, he balanced himself on she called again.

the fence-top. Then; with tail erect and The answer was nearer this time

his glossy black coat gleaming in the She trembled as she recognized his moonlight, he gazed passionately into the fearless bass.

yard. From his eye shot forth all the He was coming-One-eyed Dick, the ardent love-light she had hoped for. catch of the season, the envy of every But to Bob-tailed Kitty's surprise, he feline in the alley. She knew by heart gazed beyond her to a patch of shadow the story of his daring exploits. She beneath the Palidinni's rickety back could recite, verbatim, the tale of his varanda. She turned; there, nonchalantly famous fight with Terrible Tom. She re smoothing her fur, sat Maltese Sal, the membered every detail of his bold entry alley's vampire.

Prefers Poetry to Politics

Richest Bachelor of the West and His Fine California Villa.

By Henry Meade Bland

HE VILLA MONTALVO margins ease and air, with the quiet and gentle, a T the east slope of the Santa Cruz life generally bustling with stern realities. range of mountains.

Speaking Even the closer friends of Senator strictly geographically, it is bounded on Phelan do not know that, when a young the north by the "healing waters of

man, he planned to devote himself exSaratoga,” on the east by the gardens clusively to poetry. He was scarcely of the Santa Clara Valley," on the south

under way in his new adventure when his by Los Gatos, “Gem City of the Santa father died, and the management of a Clara foothills," on the west by the ferns huge estate devolved upon the son, thus and “Sequoia Sempervirons of the blue putting an end to literary dreaming. His Coast Range."

hunger for things romantic and beautiful, Montalvo itself is naturally wooded however, was not stilled; but rather with truly Western trees. Here grow the burned quietly till he determined to satisfy sempiternal redwoods, live-oaks, tan-oaks, it in heightening the natural beauties of madrona, buckeye, white-oak, the medici- Montalvo. nal cascara; and, perhaps the most ro In building his ideal retreat, which was mantic of all, the toyon, the western

to be his country home, he chose Christmas berry.

"Montalvo" because in the early eras of The spirit of Villa Montalvo has been Pacific Coast exploration the imaginative created by that Californian of Califor- Ordonez de Montalvo, an author of old nians, James D. Phelan, who, a naturally Spain, had seen a vision of rolling hills poetic soul, loving quiet contemplation along a far shore “West of the Indies,” with friends, chose this garden-land to which flamed with broad stretches of red

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poppies. He called the country Cali- with its marble balustrade reflects the fornia, which, we may imagine, after the Italy of Boccacio and Dante. Many of manner of the original user of the name, the exquisite and interesting decorations signified "The Land of Fire;" for are not and furnishings were brought direct from our hills covered with stretches of fiery the old world. Indeed Senator Phelan, poppies.

like a true son of California, searched Montalvo was a Spaniard of the early every book and art-piece he could find, sixteenth century. He wrote a continua to bring out the threads of relationship tion of the famous


between California and the Old World. “Amadis di Gaul," and entitled his book The buildings are touched also with the "The Deeds of Esplandian, Son of architectural atmosphere of old Spain, Armadis of Gaul," It was published as from the low-tiled roof and over-hanging early as 1510. The story was very

casements to the exquisite, vine-grown, attractive, and went through five editions. sunlit, open patio reminiscent of the It contained the word California printed Spanish mission. for the first time.

Centers of interest are well-defined at This fabled country was an island of Montalvo. There is the pergola. There exquisite beauty, rich in gold, and yield

is the broad veranda, with inviting easy ing priceless gems. It was ruled over by chairs, overlooking the wide fruit-forested Amazons. They had a queen of striking stretches of the valley, across the hills to appearance, bold and fearless. The the white-domed Mount Hamilton: there island wonderfully fertile, and are the sun-kissed patio, the casino; the Montalvo said it lay on the borders of

full, rich library; the swimming pool, with Eden.

clear limpid water reflecting the azure of This description from the ancient the skies; and there is the open-air Spaniard touched the imagination of Mr.

theatre with audience-space of green lawn Phelan; and, in honor of this poetic sloping up and back to the fringe of the writer, he built his country home, and forest where one may lie in the shade of grew his wonderful garden naming the

the sempervirons and listen to pageant or whole "Villa Montalvo."

story. The name is recorded in the patio on a

You may wander back up the hill past sculptured brass fountain, in the following

the well-appointed reservoir, and, in a musical language:

moment, be hidden in a winding trail

verged by fern, flower, oak, and alder. KNOW

If you take the path and circle the acres ORDONEZ DE MONTALVO'S of lawn in front of the east entrance you


are lost in a maze of miniature lakes IN FANTASY

covered with pond lilies and fed by OUR CALIFORNIA GROW

springs and dripping streamlets through OUT OF OLD SPAIN

mossed rocks and clumps of ferns, while CONFERRED HER NAME

cool shade invites you to watch for the FORETOLD HER GOLD

nymph or faun which the fanciful author A PARADISE

dreamed of in the "Deeds of the FOR EAGER EYES

Esplandian." Then there are the manyHIS DREAM CAME TRUE

colored macaws homing in the patio, that FOR ME AND YOU

gaze at you with such curious interest; The making of Villa Montalvo has been

and last there is the deer-paddock, where a labor of love. Step by step, under his

the mother-deer, gentle as a pet rabbit, own eye, and following his vision of what cares for her two spotted fawns. a corner in Montalvo's California paradise

This is the delectable land to which the should be, the stately walls and corridors

esthetic senator retreats for the pure joy of the Villa have been wrought.

of living. To the shaded quietude he The building mirrors the reposeful brings his host of friends bidding them spirit of romantic Italy. The broad, tile to possess their souls and be at peace. floored, Ionic-columned, portico in front,

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Under The Yellow Flag

Hop Tahiti's Population Was Decimated by Epidemic

By J. B. Thomas

Its com

INCE the natives settled their differ- California, but Autumn when we reached S ences with France many years ago,

the South Seas a short time later. there has been but little to disturb Take a brief look at Tahiti as we apthe peaceful coming and going of the days proach her shores.

proach her shores. There are her high and seasons in Tahiti, that beautiful gem peaks covered with vegetation almost to of the Pacific lying three thousand six their tops, which rise over seven thousand hundred miles southwest of San Francisco.

feet above sea level. Along the shores is Its history, prior to the coming of the level ground, in width varying from the discoverer, Wallis, in the closing years of mere road between cliff and sea to a the eighteenth century-followed soon by mile or more. At intervals, fertile valleys the English missionaries, is one of savage extend into the interior. Everywhere are warfare and rites such as one would ex the cocoanuts. Where planted and cared pect of a people who know no God of

for are bananas, vanilla, pineapples, and love-only gods which demanded frequent other fruits. Many varieties of shade human sacrifices. These sacrifices were trees abound_most of them evergreen. offered on the “Maraes,” or great mounds From a few yards to a mile from the of stone, which are still seen throughout island is the natural breakwater, or reef, the island. The Tahitians were, how which furnishes safe harbor. Into the ever, never cannibals.

harbor, nature has provided passages at The French came and took over the scores of places around the island. Over group of islands as a colony.

there, only ten miles distant, loom the merce increased. Its copra and vanilla peaks of Moorea—another Tahiti, though were carried, first in sailing vessels, then smaller. by steamships, to the American and The departure, from time to time, of a European markets. Its pearls and pearl score or two of “Tahiti boys” for the shell became a source of income of no front, or the return of the survivors after small magnitude. Tahiti was prosperous, years

of service these and the rare visits lazy, sleepy, and content.

of transports to or from Australia or New The world-war came. In September Zealand, furnish the only diversion. of the first year of the conflict, two Ger In lieu of a newspaper, the Governman warships bombarded Papeete, the ment distributes a daily "radio"-a few capital city, destroying a large part of the paragraphs of news received during the business district. But three persons were night hours. The wireless station was killed, the people fleeing to the cover constructed at the opening of the war. of the woods outside the town. The In October came the first news of the vessels did not come into the harbor, and epidemic. The New Zealand papersit is thought that their commander be- received every few weeks at Tahiti lieved the passage to be mined.

stated that seventy-five of a shipload of The town was rebuilt in a manner more colonial troops on their way to France had substantial than before the bombardment, died of Spanish influenza. Little did we leaving no traces of the uncalled for think that this was our first inkling of a attack, and therefore we three tourists pestilence that was to extend around the found here a place much like the pre-war the world. Tahiti, when we arrived in the spring of Within the week following the news of the year of the war-spring when we left the armistice with Germany, and before

all the program of celebration had been more apparent that Tahiti was doomed to carried out, came a steamer from San pass through the most terrible times in her Francisco, but she brought no mail for history. Here and there a white person this port, as she was not a passenger boat was taken ill. Among the first to die was and not under charter to convey mail. the proprietress of the Tiare hotel. AnyShe brought news of the epidemic in Cali one who has visited the island, or has fornia, and, having no letters, we immedi known anything of it, has heard of ately interviewed the captain and got hold "Lovina's,” which is the only name by of newspapers. Our fears were quieted which the hotel is referred to, though the of the deadliness of the disease we should name Tiare (flower) appears at the gate. not have been so easily set at rest. It is an appropriate name, as the building

A victory service was held at each of (a bungalow surrounded by porches on the three churches that week, and on which all the meals are served) is set in Saturday a banquet in celebration of the a beautiful garden. Allies' triumph was held at the old bar Within a week, nearly every home con

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racks. In this same building a few days tained victims of the plague. One of the later, a temporary hospital was opened large stores was able to keep open during for native victims of the epidemic. the epidemic, but every other place of

The events leading up to the complete business or amusement was closed for prostration of the town and island fol about two weeks. lowed on swiftly and terriblly.

The natives have always fallen easy On the day of the banquet rumor victims to any epidemic brought to the spread that a number of natives had con islands. In times past, measles took heavy tracted the influenza, yet no one antici toll. The influenza carried off natives by pated the fatal nature of the ailment and scores, every day for weeks. On one of little attention was given to the matter, the first days of the epidemic, a business but from that day on, it became more and man, in going around with others on a

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