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rooms revealed enough plunder to connect the prisoner with all of the previous robberies. All of the White jewels were recovered, no effort having been made to dispose of them in San Francisco.

"But how in the world did you evolve the theory which enabled you to catch the fellow?" asked Goodhew, when he and the detective were alone again in his office.

"It was this way,” replied Brice. “In reading over the newspaper accounts of the various robberies, I was struck by the fact that in each instance the man robbed was the last person seen to have entered his office. From this I reasoned that all of the robberies had been committed by the one thief impersonating the owner.

Feeling sure that the thief would utilize every means to perfect his disguise, I examined the police reports of petty robberies and found that in many cases the very wearing apparel of the robbed men had been previously taken from their homes. In this case, the fellow stole your photograph to enable him to study your face before working out his disguise. With this clew, the rest was easy."

“It's all very wonderful, Mr. Brice," replied Goodhew, admiringly. “And I want to say that my house will duplicate the reward offered by Mr. White, for you have rendered us an inestimable service in preventing this robbery, which otherwise would undoubtedly have been successful.


By Milo Baker.

We traveled 'round this world together, Bill and me;
We've been 'bout every place, an' sailed 'bout every sea.
Sober or drunk, when flush or broke, good luck or bad;
Bill was a friend to me, the best friend what I had.
In scrapes old Bill would stick by me until the end;
For all his faults, I never asked a better friend.

Until—he cheated me at cards.

We'd just come back from whalin' up near Behring Soun'
And so our roll was big when we reached Frisco Town.
We hit a gamblin' joint, to play a game or two-
Bill he lost a bit but that was noth' noo.
Now once I drew four tens, beside a lonely "Jack";
This card I couldn't use; so threw it in the stack.
The bids went clear around and all was bettin' high,
Four tens is hard to beat-I raised 'em to the sky.
There was a cool four thousand on the board that night,
And I was down-right sure I'd rake 'em in alright;
When Bill he shows four “Jacks" and that takes tens, you know,
How could he have four "Jacks" when I had let one go?

Old Bill—had cheated me at cards!

I made no row, but took my hat and went away;
And I ain't seen nor heard of Bill up to this day.
So that's the rhyme of how my best friend did me dirt;
And how my faith in men was cut as with a quirt.
When now and then I think of Bill: it makes me sad,
Because you see, he was the best friend what I had.

But still he cheated me at cards.

Educated Pessimists

They Rail at Political Conditions, Yet Fail to Do Their Civic Duty.

By Sarah Williamson



HEN the newspapers are presenting Those bloodthirsty old patriots of W

so many different political views France, publicly, and with elaborate cere

these days, readers of the last of monies, worshipped Reason and paid a the "Jean Cristophe" books, must recall Parisian actress to impersonate the godwhat Oliver said, when asked if he did not dess. With all that outward show of use his rights as an elector:

ideal patriotism, as exemplified by the

democratic protestations of “Liberty, Why should I take part in a comedy Equality and Fraternity,” the next shuffle which I know to be futile ? Vote?

of the political pack of cards made the For whom should I vote? I don't see

king of clubs the trump. Napoleon, the any reason for choosing between two

personification of ruthless force, mounted candidates, both of whom are unknown

a throne of imperial autocracy and made to me, while I have only too much

all France an armed camp. reason to expect that, directly the elec

Now, after all those years of strife and tion is over, they will both be false to their professions of faith. Keep an eye

endless change, France is no nearer to on them? Remind them of their duty? Eutopia. The tax collecter is the busiest It would take up the whole of my life,

man in the nominal republic. The horde with no result. I have neither time,

of taxeaters is not smaller than in the nor strength,

the rhetorical days of King Louis XIV, the "Grand weapons, nor sufficient lack of scruple, Monarch,” with all his mistresses and

royal extravagances.

In book adnor is my heart steeled against all the disgust that action brings. Much better

dressed to the intelligent and educated, a

clever Frenchman expresses the prevailing to keep clear of it all. I am quite ready


pessimism of his class: "Vote! to submit to the evil. But at least I

whom should I vote!” Etc., etc. won't subscribe to it.

The same sentiment has spread amongst Oliver lived in France. But there are the educated in America. It is indefensmany Americans who look upon politics ible. Pessimism of that sort may become and elections much as he did. Perhaps a national danger. If the educated negthat is why politics is the kind of game lect their civic duties, most assuredly the it is..

ignorant and dangerous classes will Notwithstanding all her political con assume the direction of misgovernment. vulsions, France is not nearer to govern If the white race should lose heart, the mental perfection than the English-speak- colored races would quickly relieve us of ing countries, that complain of many im the white man's self-assumed burden. perfections. The French orators of the

Civilized man should remember that it has Reign of Terror, denounced royalty and taken him more than a million years to adopted as their motto, “Liberty, Equality reach his present stage of political imand Fraternity," but their actions belied perfection. What he seems to lack, now, their professions. Force was their real is rational education and hope, that, lever of human betterment. One after having put ignorance and superstition beanother their political factions went to the hind him, he may reach a much higher guillotine, around which the peasant plane. Let us remember the admonition: women sat knitting, and between stitches

'Tis not in mortals to command success counted the heads of the decapitated

But we'll do more Sempronius, statesmen, as they fell into the basket.

We'll deserve it.




Splendid Philanthropy of the
American Jewish Relief


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Good Samaritans Are Generous in Aid of the

Benevolent Nonsectarian Work.

By B. G. Barnett

Chapin in the St. Louis Start

HE GIGANTIC TASK of relieving acquainted with the great operations than Tsufferers from the world war, which

the people of the Pacific Coast, but the has been set for itself by the relief campaign has now reached the exAmerican Jewish Relief Committee, is treme West, and our people here will have one to excite amazement as well as facts brought to their attention that admiration.

should be studied by benevolent citizens This philanthropic undertaking is non everywhere, regardless of all considerasectarian and of the millions already tions save those of humanity. raised and applied, about 50 per cent has The national headquarters of the come from non-Jewish sources. It is ex American Jewish Relief Committee are in pected that a relief fund of $35,000,000 New York, with Henry H. Rosenfelt, will be obtained.

National Director in charge, associated That sum may appear large, but to with many other noted financiers and those who know the extent of the field to philanthropists including Jacob H. Schiff, be covered, and the dire distress of the Felix M. Warburg, Louis Marshall, starving populations the anticipated relief Nathan and Oscar Straus and Julius fund appears pitifully small. The expendi Rosenwald. Out of his own great fortures, however, are being made with such tune Julius Rosenwald started the Jewish a thorough knowledge of the charitable war sufferers' relief fund with a princely requirements of every distressed section contribution of one million dollars. that the money will go as far as possible In the business world he is identified in ameliorating the woes of suffering with the enormous mail-order house of humanity.

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, and in The systematic and effective manner in the sphere of benevolent enterprise with which the Jewish people have organized the building of schools for the negro the gigantic plans of assistance for de children of the South, the establishment spairing multitudes in Europe, reveals of Y. M. C. A. houses for colored people the genius of their race for financial enter in several cities, the endowment of a prise on a large scale. Numbers of non medical department of the Chicago UniJewish American public men in the versity, the establishment of dental clinics Eastern States, and newspapers by the in Chicago public schools, and the popuhundred, have united in praise of the larization of art knowledge amongst those benevolent work being done, by the who have least opportunities to attain it. American Jewish Relief Committee. The In his busy and successful life he has acpublic of the Atlantic seaboard is better complished much that entitles him to

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public approbation, and in no field of exemptions from military service, reactivity more than in the breaking down quested by Jews, was smaller than it of the old outworn barriers of creed and was for the whole mass of citizens. race. Mr. Rosenwald has shown that While it is only natural that starvation while he has not forgotten the people of

and suffering among the Jewish popuhis own blood, he realizes that the nar lations of Central and Eastern Europe rowness of sect, which has brought the should appeal powerfully to the symworld so much suffering, should no longer pathy of American Jews, the actual limit the boundaries of benevolence. responsibility is just as much ours as With a man of such breadth of vision, as theirs. These Jewish civilian populanational head of the American Jewish tions are peace loving and industrious. Relief committee, the work of the organi Their frightful losses in the war arose zation has necessarily assumed a non-sec out of the fact that they—like the Beltarian character. Never before has the gians-happened to live in the path of United States seen such national unity of armies advancing to get at the lands purpose, displayed even in a project of beyond. Their sufferings are part of benevolence. Let us hope that the ex the price of our victory, and we ought ample of brotherly co-operation in the to help them in the same spirit as we accomplishment of human uplift may do our own wounded. have many imitators in the coming years.

The Relief Committee does not ask imCommendations of its philanthropic possibilities of a community, already purpose have reached the American somewhat worn out with war drives Jewish Relief Committee from citizens and war appeals. If those appealed to eminent in every important community in will only respond in the same way our America. In the successful campaign Jewish neighbors responded when we conducted in St. Louis, B. F. Bush, presi called on them, we shall be more than dent of the Missouri Pacific Railway ren satisfied. dered valuable service. He took part in

The response in St. Louis was most the organization of the field force, and in gratifying and so it has been in many of a letter to a prominent business man of

the large cities east of the Pacific Coast. St. Louis, who accepted the post of team The broad and generous spirit evinced by captain he wrote:

the president of the Missouri Pacific RailPermit me to express my high apprecia way has been emulated wherever an ap

tion of your willingness to serve as a peal was made.
team captain in the Jewish War Relief It is impossible for residents of America
Campaign. I am sure you will register in its affluence and material prosperity to
real success.

There are hundreds of realize how terrible are the miseries that St. Louis business men who, during the war sufferers in Europe have been comperiod of the war, had occasion to pelled to endure. Only a faint idea of solicit the Jews of St. Louis for_pa the appalling reality can be gained from triotic and charitable causes. They pictures, like those which are reproduced will undoubtedly be glad of the chance in these pages. The destruction of homes to show their appreciation of Jewish can be illustrated, but the portrayal of the liberality and public spirit. This is mental sufferings of the homeless, torn up

based on my own personal experience. by the roots, as it were, and Aung on the Not only did I find our Jewish neighbors, roadside to starve is impossible. Only

poor as well as rich, willing to help the relief commissioners who went abroad
practically to the last man in the var to study conditions have an accurate
ious war drives, but often they ex conception of them.
pressed regret that they could not do The countries in which the plight of

the homeless and starving Jews was found It is no more than a square deal for us to be most lamentable were Poland,

now to take hold in the same spirit Czechoslovakia, Jugoslavia, Roumania, they showed throughout the period of Servia, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, the war. They did not stop with giving and Siberia. In the Polish town of Vilna their money either. The average of the Jewish population was found to have


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