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It proves to be a Physical and Mental Impossibility for the Judges in the Selected Verse Competition, of the Overland Monthly, to announce the prize-winners in the July Number.

The task of examining all the Selections is being performed with Great Care and Absolute Impartiality, and cannot be finished before the magazine goes to press.

The Winning List will Positively Appear in the August Number of the Overland Monthly.

Judging by the Flood of Selections that has been received by the Overland, its readers are Representative of the Large and Increasing Class, who can Discriminate in Literature and Appreciate the Best in Poetry.

The winning Selections, as well as the names of the winners, will appear in the Overland Monthly for August.

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HE severity of the military methods

Strange to say, there have Tadopted by Sir Michael O'Dwyer in been more dissatisfaction with the crawl

suppressing an incipient revolution ing order than the taking of life. Parof Hindoos at Amritsar in the Punjaub, ticularly have the Hindoos been resentful last April, continues to be a subject of of that humiliation. bitter discussion both in England and The Amritsar affair

the India.

entire white race. It brings before them Sir Michael appears to be a soldier of the fact that the yellow race is growing the old school—and in truth a soldier of less submissive to the white man's big any school, is the same now as hereto stick, which he has wielded so belligerfore and evermore. His best argument is ently in Asia and Africa. The yellow physical force, and he would be but a man is beginning to argue that he has poor soldier if he exerted it in a puerile human rights, and when numerical fashion.

strength is taken into account, that he is There was no puerility in the applica doubly entitled to a safe place in the tion of military arguments by Sir Michael Perhaps at present his numerical O'Dwyer's soldiers to the Hindoo revo superiority counts for less, as he lacks the lutionists at Amritsar in the Punjaub. engines of war, but the white man has The subordinate commander, to whom Sir taught him how to use such engines, and Michael intrusted the pacification of the he is not entirely hopeless that he will riotous Hindoos, turned the machine remain unarmed. The phenomenal progguns on them with such merciless vigor ress of Japan has widened the horizon of that nearly four hundred were killed and

the Asiatic races. three thousand wounded. The dwelling If little Japan, apparently a national places of the rioters were bombed by pigmy, cculd leap into international aviators, and a military decree was issued prominence as a giant, what may not a that, in the street where the riot started. great country like India accomplish in all natives should crawl through it on transformation? That is no doubt the hands and knees for thirty days, to re present trend of thought in India, and mind them of their racial inferiority. other Asiatic countries of large popula

Many philanthropic people in England tion. Such occurrences that of have demanded the punishment of Sir Amritsar, are therefore a menace to the Michael O'Dwyer and his energetic staff. white race in Asia. Influential newspapers have been out It cannot be denied that the governspoken in their condemnation of such ment of India by Great Britain, has been military severity, and few people in civil an advantage in many ways to the Hinlife have been found to approve of such doos. Education on the western plan has



been given them. They have been taken smashed. To teach the Egyptians a out of the control of petty Indian despots, lesson, their head men were either hanged, and they have been freed from many flogged, or given long terms of imprisoninjurious and debasing superstitions. ment—some life terms.

The affair creBut

may not all this enlightenment ated a profound sensation in England, lead to the expulsion of the Anglo-Saxon and was made the most of by George Berconquerors from India ? A subject race nard Shaw and his associates of the radiis never grateful for the benefits of edu cal Socialist party. cation and a better government. The

Another African case, where the white educated natives continue to demand man's rule is not over-considerate of the larger part in the government, and are colored man, is now being discussed by never satisfied except with complete the independent journals of England. A control.

colored official, falsely imprisoned for For years the British policy has been theft, has been denied redress in a way to increase the opportunities for the edu- that would have been unlikely had the cated Hindoos. Formerly the British victim been white. plan was to give the natives only small At Badagry, Nigeria, a sum equal to government clerkships. Now the edu- $175 was stolen from a government cated Indian can aspire to judgeships and

office, and an educated African named important commissionerships. Yet the Philip Croker, who had the office key, friction between the Asiatic natives and was tried before the chief justice and the British conquerors increases.

three assessors. By the assessors he was Before the Amritsar affair, a prominent unanimously held to be innocent; but the Indian jurist had spoken to Sir Michael chief justice, overruled them, sentenced O'Dwyer of the increasing racial an him to nine months' imprisonment. On tagonism. The Indian attributed it to the his release, ruined and outcast, Croker masterful methods of the military. It entered upon the uphill task of clearing were better, he argued, that Sir Michael his character. He collected funds, mortshould place more trust in soul-force. On gaged family possessions, and appealed to that line of argument the English Knight both local and Imperial Governments. was in accord with the aesthetic Hindoo His effort was continued for five years; and doubling up his fists exclaimed: and then, at the end of 1915, the supreme “I'd have you understand that there's

court reviewed the case and, without something more effective in quelling qualification, declared Croker innocent. rioters than mere soul-force. You'd better in setting aside the conviction, the chief not arouse it."

justice, Sir Edwin Speed, said there had Sir Michael showed what he placed been a miscarriage of justice and that the most reliance on, when the machine guns

victim was entitled to compensation for and bombs were called into action and the

a grievous wrong. terrified natives of Amritsar were fleeing Every consideration of fairness would for their lives.

suggest that the victim of wrong imprisonIn Africa as well as Asia the methods ment should receive his pay for all the of the military have increased bitterness years he had lost, and should also be rebetween the natives and the white race. stored to the pension list from which his Newspaper readers have not forgotten conviction had removed him. After all that affair, where several Egyptian vil the years of his struggle for justice he lagers were hanged, because they killed received only $500, given as an act of some young officers who were shooting grace. their pigeons. The white subalterns had Commenting on this unfairness to the stationed themselves on the edge of the colored man, the Manchester Guardian, Egyptian village and were shooting the one of the great newspapers of England, domestic pigeons when attacked by the remarked in a recent issue: native owners of the birds. Those of the We make two comments upon this affair, young soldiers who were not killed were which touches the fundamental prinbound and imprisoned. Their guns were ciple of British colonial rule. First,






that any man, of whatever race all Asia and Africa, his throne might becolor, who could carry through a fight gin to totter. Numerically, the colored for self-vindication against odds so races outnumber the white, in the ratio heavy has proved himself to possess of two to one. Intellectually the edupersonal qualities of a noteworthy cated Orientals are as acute as Europeans. kind. Secondly, that the refusal of the Physically the yellow man is formidable fullest measure of recompense to a in war, and efficient in peaceful industry. public servant in the position of Croker In the twelfth century, Jenghiz Kahn, a leaves on the British name

petty Mongolian chief, born in a tent on which should be instantly and com the banks of the Onon river in Siberia, pletely removed.

conquered Asia and threatened the The white man should disabuse his extinction of white civilization in Europe. mind of the belief that he is master of The military feat of that medieval barthe world by divine authority, which takes barian was more difficult than would be no count of his deeds against other races the overrunning of war-torn Europe toor his own. He holds his place in crea day by Asiatic hordes, equipped with tion only by virtue of his ability to over modern weapons and led by another come all rivals. But if he should con Jenghiz Kahn. centrate on himself the bitter enmity of

-Westwood Ellis.

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Genius Often Sechs the Unatlainable.

By Stanton A. Coblentz

ERHAPS few men who excel in one brilliant plays, and their no less brilliant P field do not crave for mastery in prefaces

, which have placed him among several. This reflection is aroused the foremost living satirists. Another by the death of William Dean Howells, notable example is Longfellow who, , the celebrated noveltst. For though he while perhaps

while perhaps the most popular poet was in the forefront of American fic- America has produced, yearned to be a tionists, Mr. Howells was not content to dramatist as well, and was deeply diswrite fiction only. He desired also to be appointed by the failure of his tragedies. successful as a playwright, and accord- Still more striking is the instance of the ingly made several excursions into the poet Shelley, whose lyrics are unsurpassed drama. But in spite of his success as a in the English language, yet who believed novelist, his plays remain practically that his real business in life was the unknown.

writing of philosophical and political In this respect, Howells is by no means essays. unique. Many another novelist has de The examples might be multiplied insired to be a dramatist, many a dramatist definitely in passing; I might mention to be a poet, many a poet to be a novelist. Shakespeare, who seemed to regard his This is perhaps one manifestation of the sonnets as his masterpieces, and was human propensity never to be contented, careless of his unrivalled

unrivalled dramas; the tendency always to wish to be in one's Voltaire, who devoted much time to neighbor's place. It is as if a lion should


of epic dimensions, yet is now relong to be an eagle, and an eagle to be a membered chiefly for his satirical lion, a shark to be a walrus, and a walrus romances; and Dr. Johnson, who toiled to be a shark.

over ponderous disquisitions now long forLiterary history abounds in instances of gotten, while his “Rasselas," written in eminent writers who aspired for positions two weeks, is still read and enjoyed. into which they could not fit. Jack What is the explanation? It appears London, according to his own confession, that men of genius, like most other men, hoped to be first of all successful as a do not and cannot follow that presumably poet, next as a writer of plays and of simple motto, “Know thyself;" they can economic and philosophical essays, and test themselves neither absolutely nor lastly as a writer of fiction. Had his comparatively; they can ascertain neither experience and training been different, the actual extent of their capabilities, nor he might have been eminently qualified balance those capabilities against the to write poetry, and incapable of pro powers of other men. ducing stories with the element of reality; Or even when they are able correctly perhaps the ghost of his stifled potenti to weigh their ability, men of genius are alities was haunting him, and urging him often led astray by extraneous considerto be a poet.

ations bearing no direct relation to that Likewise, Thomas Hardy, one of the ability. Desire for fame, desire for greatest of English novelists, craves pri power, desire for wealth, are factors marily for poetic success; having devoted that may explain why we have so many his earlier years to creating masterpieces novelists that would be poets, so many of fiction, he is now giving himself to poets that would be novelists, so many poetry exclusively. On the other hand, dramatists that would be essayists, and so his younger contemporary, Bernard Shaw,

many essayists that would be dramatists. began his career by writing novels that

Men who are

masters in

one sphere failed, and has since won fame for his are induced to become misfits in another.

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