Love and duty, by the author of 'Basil St. John'.


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Seite 44 - We wandered to the Pine Forest That skirts the Ocean's foam, The lightest wind was in its nest, The tempest in its home. The whispering waves were half asleep, The clouds were gone to play, And on the bosom of the deep The smile of Heaven lay...
Seite 259 - Alas! they had been friends in youth; But whispering tongues can poison truth; And constancy lives in realms above; And life is thorny; and youth is vain; And to be wroth with one we love Doth work like madness in the brain.
Seite 276 - Thou cam'st not to thy place by accident, It is the very place God meant for thee ; And shouldst thou there small scope for action see, Do not for this give room to discontent ; Nor let the time thou owest to God be spent In idly dreaming how thou mightest be, In what concerns thy spiritual life, more free From outward hindrance or impediment ; For presently this hindrance thou shalt find, That without which all goodness were a...
Seite 221 - Man's love is of man's life a thing apart, 'Tis woman's whole existence ; man may range The court, camp, church, the vessel, and the mart ; Sword, gown, gain, glory, offer in exchange Pride, fame, ambition, to fill up his heart, And few there are whom these cannot estrange ; Men have all these resources, we but one, To love again, and be again undone.
Seite 169 - O! many a shaft at random sent Finds mark the archer little meant! And many a word at random spoken May soothe or wound a heart that's broken!
Seite 112 - And up and down the people go, Gazing where the lilies blow Round an island there below, . The island of Shalott. Willows whiten, aspens quiver, Little breezes dusk and shiver Thro' the wave that runs for ever By the island in the river Flowing down to Camelot.
Seite 36 - And though that he was worthy he was wise, And of his port as meke as is a mayde. He never yet no vilanie ne sayde In alle his lif, unto no manere wight. He was a veray parfit gentil knight.
Seite 36 - A KNIGHT ther was, and that a worthy man, That fro the time that he firste began To riden out, he loved chevalrie, Trouthe and honour, fredom and curtesie.
Seite 66 - MANY a green isle needs must be In the deep wide sea of misery, Or the mariner, worn and wan, Never thus could voyage on Day and night, and night and day, Drifting on his dreary way, With the solid darkness black Closing round his vessel's track ; Whilst above the sunless sky, Big with clouds, hangs heavily...
Seite 102 - World's an ugly world. Offend Good people, how they wrangle! The manners that they never mend, The characters they mangle! They eat, and drink, and scheme, and plod, And go to church on Sunday; And many are afraid of God — And more of Mrs. Grundy. The time for Pen and Sword was when " My ladye fayre," for pity Could tend her wounded knight, and then Be tender at his ditty.

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