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The first Column contains the first line of the Psalm; the second

the number of the Page, and the third the name of the Tune. In this Indes such Tunes are annexed as best suit the Psalm, and are supposed to be generally known. In the Appendix other Tunes are named under the article of each Metre, for the purpose of variety.

Page. Tune. ALL people that on earth do dwell 100—Old 100. All hail, Messiah, mighty Prince.. 18-Angels' H. All bail, victorious Lord ... .110_Swithins Alas! and did my Saviour bleed..202—Burford All hail! triumphant Lord ...

...... 208–Swithins All glory to God, let angels pro ..259_Old 104. And are we now brought nigh to ..282–Irish Arise, O King of grace, arise ....132-Abridge Arise, 0 Sun of righteousness....178-Evening H. Arise, my soul, with wonder see ..198—Angels' H. Arise, my soul, with joy obey....234–Irish Arise, O glorious King..., ...241-Swithin's Arise, O Lord, reveal thy face....181-St. Matthews Arise, O Lord, revive my heart ..332——Bedford As pants the hart for cooling ..., 42—Bedford As pants the hart fatigued, dis 42—Angels' H. At God's right hand the Church., 45—Warekam Ascribe immortal praise

.228-Swithins Awake, my soul, and with the sun 151–Morning H. Awake, O sword, the Father cries 199-Old 100. Awake, my soul, and grateful sing 219–S. Ann's A wake a tune of lofty praise

....243— Truro Awhile remain'd the doubtful strife 327-Old 100. Awake, my soul, in sacred lays 40-Wareham Awake, my heart, with joy record 45—Truro Almighty God, in mercy shine 67-Bedford

Page. Tune.
All nations join in themes of praise 100—113 Proper
Arise, O Lord, into thy rest...... 132-Evening H.

BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne ..100-Old 100.
Behold th' amazing sight........203-Sutton
Behold the Saviour of mankind ..204—Burford
Behold the glorious day arise ....258 Evening H.
Behold, the Lamb in glory stands 271Old 113
Behold the glories of the Lamb ..277–Irish
Be merciful, 0 thou Most High .. 56-Old 100.
Behold, O God, on Zion's land... 79-Old 100.
Begin, my soul, th' exalted lay ..148Old 113.
Blest is the man whose heav'n.... 1-Old 100.
Bless God, my soul: Thou, Lord..104-Waréham
Bless God, ye servants, that attend 134-Bedford
Blest are the undefil'd in heart....119-Bedford
Blest be Jehovah, mighty Lord ..144-Old 113.
Bless'd angels, whilst we silent lie 153—Evening H.
Bless'd be the God of Israel......159--Irish.
Blest is the man,

blest of...... 32-Winchester
Blest is the man whose heart .... 41-Paddington
Blest is the man who fears the.... 128-Abridge
Blest is the man who fears the....112-Angels' H.
Blessed be the pow'r who gave us 344-St. Peter's
Blest be the Father and his love ..229—Angel's H.
Blest are the dead in Christ who..291-Old 100.
Blest is the man whose heart ex..333—Bedford
Born to fulfil all righteousness....287—Bedford
Bow down thine ear, O Lord, and.. 86old 100.
Bring to the Lord the mighty King 29-Old 113.
By'all the hosts of heay'n ador'd..251-Wareham
By angels in heav’n of ev'ry de ..314-Old 104.

CAPtives by proud Euphrates' ..137-St. Ann's
Christ the Lord is ris'n to-day .... 207—Easter H.
Christ being rais'd by pow'r divine 238Abridge
Come, sound his praise abroad 95-Falcon St.
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls ....222-Evening H.
Come, Holy Spirit, God of might 223-Bedford


Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come 224-St. Matthew
Come, Holy Spärit, come.

Comfort my people, saith your.

.;. , 268-Irish
Come, thou incarnate Word..

Come, let our voices join ... ...,334_Old 148.
Creator, Spirit, by whose aid ....225—Carey's

Day of judgment

.185- Trumpet

ETERNAL Lord of truth 256-Evening H.
Eternal Source of ev'ry joy ......173— Ditto
Except the Lord the city keep...,127-Nottingham

FATHER of all, eternal mind ....156-Old 113.
Father of all above, below . 233-Ditto
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss..248-Bedford
Father of mercies, in thy house.,265Ditto
Father of all, thy care, we bless ..290-Winchester
Father of mercies, God of grace. .325–Irish
Father of all, whose tender love ..338_Old 112
For thee, O God, our constant.... 65_Wareham
From all that dwell below the skies 117Old 100.
Fret not thy anxious heart 37-Paddington

Give ear, O Lord; hide not thy 55_St. Ann's
Give thanks to God, he reigns....107–Evening H.
Give to our God immortal praise, .136_Adeste
Give to the Father praise..... ..308_Peckhant
Give ear, 0 people, and record 78-Warehar
Give ear, great Shepherd.. 80_St. Ann's
Give thanks unto the Lord, your..107-Swithins
Give thanks unto the Lord, invoke 105_Falcon St.
Glorious things of thee are spoken 87—St. Paul's
Glory to thee, my God, this night 152-Evening H.
Glory to God on high, let earth. 215Trinity
Glory to God on high, the God ..230—Old 148.
Glory be to God on þigh..299.& 339—Pleyel's
Glory to God the Father give ....312-Carey's
God of my life, look gently down 39-Burford

Page. Tune.
God in the seat of judgment stands 82-Old '100.
God is our refuge and defence.... 46-Old 113.
Go, teach the nations, and baptize 288–Old 100.
God moves in a mysterious way..320-Abridge
God sees the good man's ways.... 37Paddington
Great is the Lord our God

48-Mt. Ephraim
Great God to thine omniscient....139Old 100.
Great God, from thy exhaustless.. 65–Winchester
Great God, we own thy sov'reigu..171-Burford
Great Judge of all, eternal King ..190—Old 100.
Great God of peace, and God of..206–Irish
Great God of wonders, all thy....235—Carey's
Great God, this sacred day of. 249 Ditto
Great God, what hosts of angels ..269-Winchester
Great God, what do I see and hear 331-Luther's H.
Great Jehovah, God of glory ....337-St. Paul's
Great God, unchangeably the same 325_Old 113.
Great is the Lord, his.praise ex 48-Wareham

HAPPY the man whose tender.... 41-Bedford
Hail! thou Source of every ......177-St. Paul's
Hail! sacred day of praise and. ...122_Warchum
Hail! thou once despised Jesus ..195–St. Paul's
Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord...... 232-St. Matthew's
Hail! divine, eternal Spirit......257-Trumpet
Hail! mighty Saviour, how divine 261-Bedford
Hail! thou long-expected Jesus ..264-St. Paul's
Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour 162-Cambridge
Hark! the herald angels sing ....166—Sicilion H.
Hark! the harmony of heav'n.... 167–St. Paul's
Hark! the voice of love and mercy 201-Trumpet
Hark! eternal praise ascending ..276_St. Paul's
Have mercy on me, O my God.... 51-OW 100.
Hear, O Lord, on thee I call......141- Pleyel's H.
Hear my voice, O God, in prayer. 64—Sicilion H.
Flear me, O God, my heart's.... 61-Burford
Hear thou my right, O Lord 17-Angels' H.
Hearken, all mankind, give ear .. 49-Sicilion H,
He that hath God his guardian..., 91-Old 113.


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He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour...97–Winchester
He dies, the Friend of sinners. 213Old 100.
Here is the spring where . 298–Irish
High let us swell our tuneful notes 262-Bedford
Holy wonder! heav'nly grace .... 40–Sicilion H.
Holy Ghost! inspire our praises. .226—Haydn's
How are thy servants bless d......107Abridge
Holy, holy, holy Giver....

..336–P. M.
Holy, holy, holy Lord

How blest the sight! the joy . 133-Old 113.
How good, how pleasant is the....133-Ditto.
How lovely is thy dwelling ... 84-Bedford
How long wilt thou forget me 13—Barford

JEHOVAH reigns on high. 93—Peckham
Jehovah reigns, his throne is high 244-Old 100.
Jesus Christ is ris'n to-day ....205—Easler H.
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 72-Truro
Jesus, how glorious, is thy name. . 246—Carey's
Jesus invites his saints,

.280— Paddington
Jesus, who once was dead... 209—Peckham
Jesus, Saviour of


soul. 323—Sicilion H.
I love the Lord, he heard........116-Wareham,
Immortal God, ascend thy throne.. 72Old 112.
Immortal King, thro' earth's wide 239—Carey's
In blessing thee with thankful.... 63–Evening H.
In thy distress the Lord attend.... 20-Ditto
In thee, O God, my Lord... 71-Paddington
In Judah is Jehovah known

76-Old 113.
In Judah is Jehovah known 76-Evening H,
Infinite grace, almighty love......197-Winchester
In scenes of woe, in depths of ....130-Old 100.
In every trouble, sharp and strong 321-St. James
In a world of sin and sorrow .326-St. Paul
In thee, O Lord, I trust, 31-Paddington
In thee, O Lord, I put my trust .. 11-Abridge
Judge me, O God, and plead my.. 43—Wareham
Judge me, O Lord, my trust...... 26-Bedford
I will praise my God and King ..145.- Sicilion H.

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