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4 The hosts' of God encamp around

The dwellings of the just; Deliv'rance Ile afford's to all,

Who 'on His isúccout trust. 3, c.i} ] 5 O make but trial of His love, a

Experience will decide How bless'd they are, and only they, ()

Who on His truth confidé, li tisto 6 Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then

Have nothing else to fear;
Make you His service your delight,
He'll make your wants His care

· PSA L M XXXV. (LM) This Psalm, as the xxii, personates Messial in his stateof humiliation; predicts the confus sion of his enemies, his triumph, and ther exultation of the faithful, DLEAD Tlou my causé, o Lórn, my God,

Fight Thou against my pow?rfa foes; Extend Thy shieldy, draw out Thy spear,

And all their fierce assaults oppose. 2 Rise, great'JEHOVAH, mighty Lord

Guard me by Thine omnipotenbe; 17 ) Say to my soul, I am thy God,

Thy strength, salvation, and defence. ! 3 All they, who hate Thy saints shall fall,

Confounded by Thy potent word, Driv'n like the chaff before the wind,

Chas'd by the Angel of the LORD, 1.'' A My soul shall triumph in Thy name,

From ev'ry foe, from death set free;
My very bones shall praise, and say,

Who, is a GOD O LORD, like Thee?




5 O shout for joy, ye saints of God,

Who love MESSIAH's righteous cause : Shew forth" the honor of His name,

Maintain His truth, revere His Laws. 6. The Lord of hosts be magnified,

Who in His servants' bliss delights. My tongue shall speak His righteousness, Whose mercy endless praise excites. PSA L M XXXVI.,

(L, M.) The Prophet, lamenting the principles and con. versation of the wicked, ruiseth his thoughts to Heaven and celebrates the mercy of Jehorah. 1 Y heart, oppress'd with deep concern,

Beholds the men, who truth despise, Whose multiplied transgressions prove

No fear of God before their eyes.
2 High as the heav'ns, Thy mercy shines;

High as the clouds Thy faithfulness;
Firm as the mountains stands Thy truth,

Deep as the seas Thy righteousness. 3 How excellent Thy mercy Lord!

Parent of all, Thou bounteous King,
Children of men shall learn to trust

Under the shadow of Thy wing, 4 Fed with abundance in Thy house,

With joy divine their hearts shall glow; While heav'nly pleasures they partake,

Where streams of life perpetual flow." 5 Fountain of life, where shall man

True life obtain, where but in Thee?

Where else, o uncreated light,

Truth in its own pure radiance see?

6 Preserve me from the snares of pride,

Hold thou me up, my soul restore, While workers of iniquity

Inglorious fall to rise no more.


(S. M.)

Adrice and consolation to the Church and people of God, oppressed and afflicted. 1 PRET pot thy anxious heart,


Soon, like the grass before the scythe

Shall every foe be gone. 9 Put thou thy trust in God,

Intent on doing good ;
In heav'nly pastures thou shalt dwell,

Sustaind with living food. 3 Delight thou in the LORD,

And to His glory live;
Then all the good thy heart desires

God will most richly give. 4 To Him commit thy cause.

Confide and mark His way;
Thy righteousness shall shine light,

Thy judgment clear as day, 5 The meek possess the earth,

Their joys shall never cease ; Content and calm delight insures, Th' abundance of their peace.

6 Though little in this world

The righteous may possess,
"Tis better far then Ophir's gold,

For God their store doth bless.


7 God sees the good man's ways,

And in him takes delight;
E'en tho' he falls, he falls to rise,

Strong in JEHOVAH's might, 8 As he, by mercy taught,

„Hath pitied the distress'd; Thus mercy shall on him descend,

And on his offspring rest. 9 From sin depart, do good,

The Law of God adore;
Wait thou on Him, observe His way, ,;

And dwell for evermore,

10 Behold the upright man,

In death his joys encrease;
White sinners fall, he soars to blise,

His end is perfect peace.
11 The Lord His people loves ;

They trust His sacred word,
Their refuge, strength, in all distress,


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PS A L XL XXXVII. L.M.) The third penitential Psalm, an act of deep Nue miliation and confession of sin.

LORD, rebuke me not in wrath,

Thy just displeasure, LORD, withdraw; 'I hine arrows pierce my inmost soul,

Oh, stay the terrors of Thy Law. 2 Bereft of peace and rest and hope,

Guilt presseth dowo my wearied soul;
No hand but Thine can heal the wound;

No grace but Thine my fear's controul. 3 Bow'd down beneath th' oppressive load,

Mourning I pass the wearied day;
My groanings are not hid from Thee,

In mercy také my sins away..
4 My strength decays, my sight hath failid,

LORD bid Thy just displeasure cease ;
God of Salvation plead my cause,

Thy grace alone restores my peace. 5 Farsake me not, O LORD my God,

My foes repol, my sins subdue;
Thou art my hope, on Thee I wait,

Thy mercy's great, Thy promise true.

PSALM XXXIX. .C. M. Appointed by the Church for a funeral Psalm, a meditation on the shortness of life, combined with faith, hope, and submission, 1 Y God, the transient life of

man My pensive heart dismays;


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