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5 In times of deep distress we trace

Thy kind compassion, mercy, grace;
Thou didst redeem, uphold, set free;

Great is Thy mercy shewn to me,
6 Shew me some token, LORD, for good;

Strengthen my soul with beav'nly food;
Then shall my foes behold and own
JEHOVAH was my help alone.

PSALM LXXXVI, II. Metre (C. M.) I To my complaints, O LORD my God,

Thy gracious ear incline; Hear me, distrest and destitute

Of all relief but Thine,

2 Thou, LORD, art good, supremely good,

And ready to forgive ; Plenteous in mercy, to all those

Who on Thy mercy live. 3 Teach me Thy way, O LORD, that I

May ne'er from truth depart; To fear Thy awful, sacred name,

Unite and fix my heart.
4 Tbee will I praise, O LORD my God,

Praise Thee with heart sincere;
And to Thy everlasting same

Eternal trophies rear.

5 Tby boundless mercy shewn to me

Transcends my power to tell;
For Thou hast oft redeem'd my soul
From lowest depths of hell.

6 Do Thou Thy constant goodness, LORD,

To my assistance bring;
Of patience, mercy, peace, and truth,

Thou everlasting spring.


(P. M. 8,7.)

This Psalm celebrates the stability, and felicity of Sion, foretels the accession of the Gentiles to the Church, and their enrolment among her Citizens.

1 GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken,

Favour'd city of our God; Firm foundations, never broken,

Mark JEHOVAH's blest abode! Thee the God of consolation

More than Jacob's tents approves; Guards thy dwellings with salvation,

And the gates of Zion loves.

2 Worship, honour, glory, blessing,

Now Messiah's courts adorn;
Hark! ten thousand tongues confessing

There the heirs of bliss were born,
Let Philistia sing His praises,

Let the Indian swell the theme:
All the earth the chorus raises,

All resound Messiah's name.

3 Hail, Thou Fount of living waters !

Sion, lift thy joyful eyes;
Countless ranks of sons and daughters

Rise triumphant to the skies.

Saints in earth and heav'n adore Thee;

All the springs of life are Thine; Thine the kingdom, pow'r and glory,

Thine the praise, for ever Thine.


(L. M)

Appointed by the Church for Good Friday, as applicable to the unexampled sorrows of our blessed LORD. 1 O

God of my salvation, hear;

By day, by night to Thee I cry: My soul is troubled, hear my prayer,

My life unto the grave draws nigh.

2 Berest of strength, to Thee I call;

My hands are stretch'd to Thee to save ; Forgotten 'midst the dead I fall,

Sunk by afHiction to the grave.

3 Friends, late belov'd, their aid withdraw,

Companions take themselves away; Thy terrors fill my soul with awe,

Darkness, and dread, and deep dismay.

4 Yet still, O LORD, I look to THEE;

Ah, why cast off my anxious soul? Why hidest Thou Thy face from me?

Withdraw Thy wrath; my fears controul. 5 God of my life, my days, my breath,

Thy mercies I will still declare;
Thy wonders shall be known in death;

Thine arm shall prove its triumphs there.

6 Thy promis'd aid my soul implores,

Thy hạnd from lowest depths can raise ; Thy faithfulness my life restores,

And fills my heart with joy and praise.

PSALM LXXXIX. (Old 113. Proper.)

Appointed by the Church for Christmas-day. It celebrates the mercies of Gop in CHRIST, and the Covenant made with David as the representattve of Messiah.

ROCLAIM the mercies of the LORD,

His faithfulness, His truth record,
His love, eternally the same:
All heav'n His wonders shall declare,
Assembled saints the triumph share,

And ever praise His boly name.

2 Who, mighty God, is like to Thee, The God, who rules the raging sea,

By wbom its furious wayes are stay'd? Thine are the heav'ng, the earth is 'Thine, Thy works proclaim Thy pow'r divine,

Thy hand the universe hath made.

3 O blessed people, blest of Heay’n,
To whom, by grace divine, 'tis giv’n,

To know the Gospel’s joyful sound;
They walk, O LORD, by light divine,
Exalted they in bliss shall shine,

Before Thy thrope, with glory crown'd.

4 Their joy, their triumph is Thy name, Thy righteousness their constant theme,

Thy praises their delight to sing: Their happy lives shall pass away, In Thee rejoicing all the day,

Thou holy ONE, our LORD and KING,

5 In sacred visions from His throne,
God spake unto His Holy ONE,

Anointed in His sacred name:
Help on the MIGHTY I have laid,
In Him th' eterual Cov'nant made,

As God unchangeable, the same.

6 His seed for ever shall endure,
His throne abide eternal, sure,

Establish'd by my faithfulness :
Glorious in Him His saints shall riso,
And live, and reign above the skies,
• Exalted in His righteousness.

7 Yet see, oh, see Thy Zion mourn; Return, O LORD of hosts, return;

Thy loving-kindness call to mind: Oppress'd, reproach'd, Thy servants see, Where, MIGHTY God, where but in Thee,

Shall fallen Israel mercy find ?

8 From heav'n Thy high exalted throne,
In tender pity, LORD, look down,

Revive Thy Church, Thy cause maintain.
For ever faithful is Thy word!
For ever blessed be our LORD!

Resqund His praise. AMEN, AMEN.

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