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Proclaim the praises of the LORD,

His mysteries reveal'd of old.
2 Extol JEHOVAH's mighty name;

Let future generations own;
Let children's children sound His fame,

And chaunt the works our God hath done. 3 JEHOVAH's pow'r by day, by night,

In works of wonder was display'd;
The cloudy pillar gave them light,

Their guide throughout the dreary shade. 4 The seas divide at His command,

Rais’d as an heap from their abode;
The tribes march through as on dry land;

The waters saw the mighty God.
5 He clave the rocks, the waters flow'd,

The streams their parching thirst supplied ; The rivers all their path pursued,

Desarts beheld the flowiog tide.
6 Yet still they sinn'd; they turn’d aside,

Distrustful of His faithful word;
They tempted GOD, His power defied,

Nos fear'd His arm, nor owo'd their LORD. 7 Incens'd, the mighty Soy'reign rose,

The thunders mark'd His high abode :
The fire came down and smote His foes,

Who dar’d distrust their mighty God. 8 Rebellious Israel now He spurns,

From Shiloh's tents their God withdraws; Indignant now His anger burns,

And vindicates His sacred Lawe.


9 Mercy still guides His lifted hands,

And Judah’s tribe He calls His owa;
Sion He loves ; His temple stands

Firm and establishd as His throne.

10 From the sheep-fold, of Jesse's seed,

David He chosen the warlike youth,
Him rais'd' on high, His flock to feed,

And guide with prudence, pow'r, and truth.


PSA L M LXXIX. (L. M.) The Church, persecuted and afflicted, implores parlon, protection, and deliverance. 1 EHOLD, O GOD, on Zion's land,

The heathen troops invading sland;
Armies encompass us around,

And trample down Thy hallow'd ground. 2 Return, O God of hosts, return;

How long shall 1 hy just anger burn?
Oh bid Thy vengeful anger cease,

Remove our sins, and grant Thy peace. 3 O God of our salvation, hear;

The heathen teach Thy name to fear;
Thy glory in our sight make known,
Say, Thou art God, and Thou alone.


4 Oh, deign to hear Thy captive's cry,

The contrite pray’r, the pris’ner's sigh;
So shall Thy flock Thy praise proclaim,
Give thanks, and bless Thy holy name.


(C. M.)

The Church in captivity, implores help and protection, and prayeth for the advent of Messiah, the true and living Vine.

1 GI

IVE ear, great Shepherd of the sheep,

Who dost Thine Israel lead;
In safety deign Thy Church to keep,

And raise her drooping head.
2 The vine once planted by Thy band,

Extended wide its root; And spread its boughs through Salem's land,

Laden with richest fruit.

3 Zion now mourns; in dread array,

Surrounding foes annoy ;
Like the wild boar, or beasts of prey,

Impetuous to destroy.
4 Exalt Thy BRANCH of great renown,

The Man of Thy right hand;
Strong in Thy strength, exalt His throne,

Glory then fills our land.
5 Turn us again, LORD God of hosts,

Oh, cause Tby face to shine;
In Thee alone Thy Zion trusts, .

Behold and guard this Vind.
6 So shall we live with grateful heart,

Thy mercies to proclaim ;
From Thee sball never more depart,

And ey er praise Thy name.


(P. M. 8, 7.)

Probably designed to be sung at the feast of trumpets, and an exhortation to observe the festivals of the Church. JEHOVAH herein expostulates with his people on account of their mercies and ingratitude.

ISING aloud JEHOVAH's praises,

Sing aloud to God our strength;
Boundless love the chorus raises,
Through eternal ages' length:
Let the trumpets brilliant sounding,
Lute and harp, with psalt’ry join;
Every heart and voice surrounding,
In JEHOVAH's praise combine.

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2 By the LORD thy God redeemed,

Israel, join the sacred lay;
Zion's race,

so long esteemed,
Sav'd from Egypt's tyrant sway.
God, in all thy tribulation,
Heard iby prayer, dispell’d the night;
In thy anguish sent salvation,
Life immortal brought to light.

3 Oh, let all the people hearken,

Walking in JEHOVAH's ways;
Gloomy clouds the foes shall darken,
While on them shine brilliant rays:
God will feed His favour'd nation,
Feed with honey from the rock,
Guide His sheep, protect their station,
God their shepherd-they His flock.



The Psalmist reminds magistrates, here designated gods, of the presence of JEHOVAH, to whom they are accountable. He prayeth for the manifestation of the righteous kingdom of MESSIAH.

OD in the seat of judgment stands, ,

And thus th' Almighty Judge commands; Defend the poor, the fatherless,

The needy and afflicted bless.
2 They know not, nor will understand,

Darkness o’erwhelms the guilty land;
And though as gods exalted bigb,

Degraded, they as men shall die.
3 Arise, O God, with power divine,

Judge Thou the earth; the right is Thine;
Messiah, reign ; the heathen bless
With fruits of peace and righteousness.


(C. M.)

Zion complains of the rage, malice, and subtilty of her enemies, and prayeth for the manifestation of almighty power. Israel was a figure of the Christian Church, and this Psalm applies to her spiritual adversaries O KEEP not silence, mighty God, ,

Our enemies annoy:
Zion they hate, Thy blest abode

Impatient to destroy.


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