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Confir'd and seald for evermore,

Th' eternal Cov'nant stood. 3 Strengthen, O LORD, our feeble souls,

Conform us to Thy will ; . Settle our hearts to stray no more,

But keep Thy precepts still.
4 Glory to Thee, Great Son of God.

Glory to Thee be givin,
Forever, and for evermore,

Thro' all the days of 'heav'n.



Matta xviii. .? isoil T1

HRIST THE LORD is rig'ri fo-day

Sons of men and angels say
Raise your joys and triumphis high,

Sing ye heav'ns, and earth reply.
2 love's redeeming work is done, bili v

Fought the fixnt, ithe battle won; 10
Lo! our Sun's eclipse s'o'er,

Lo! He sets in blood no more.
3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal,

CHEST hath burst the gates of hell;
Death in vain forbids His rise,

CHRisr hath open'd Paradise. 3 Lives again our glorious King,

Waereo death is now ihy sting
Ogre He lied our souls to save,

Where's thy victory. O grave?!!!
5 May we rise where Christ hath led,
Following our exalted Head;

Our's the cross, the grave, the skies,


6 King of glory! soul of bliss, , , , ,

Everlasting life is this -
Thee to know-Thy pow'r to prove,
Thee to serve, adore, and love.

Psalm cxviii, 24.

Old 148th. 1 LL hail: triumphant Lord!

A To Thee' all praise belongs ;

The wonders of this day

Demand our noblest songs.
Auspicious morn! thy blissful rays,
Brighit Seraphs hail in songs of praise. “I!

in itu
2 At thy approaching dawn,
Reluctant Death resign'd

The glorious Prince of life,

Her dark domains confin'd,
Th' angelic host around Him bends,
And 'midst their shouts, the God ascends,

3 All hail ! triumphant LORD!

Heav'n with Hosannas rings;
While earth, in humbler strains,

Thy praise responsive sings: -
Worthy art Thou, who once wast slain,
Thro' endless years to live and reign.

Rev. i. 18.

$. M. 1 ESUS, who once was dead,

The LAMB for sinners slain ; He lives, and lives for evermore,

O'er death and hell to reign.

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2 Rejoice, ye saints, and sing,

His love and pow'r proclaim';
Ten thousand, thousand praises bring.

In honor of His name.


Matt. xxviii. 6.

Old 119th.

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THE LORD, is risen ! He who came

To suffer death and conquer too:
The LORD is risen! loud proclaim

The praise to our REDEEMER due:
He lives, He lives, who once was dead

Let glory crown the Conq'ror's head, 2 The Lord is ris'n to His abode;

Aided by grace, be our employ
To die to sin, to live to God;

To serve with fear and holy joy.
He lives, He lives, who once was dead

Let glory crown, the Conq'ror's head, 3 The LORD is ris'n! let hosts above,

Triumphant now,, proclaim His praise;
Let saints on earth adore His love,

And consecrate to him their days.
He lives, He lives, who once was dead
Let glory crown the Conq'ror's head.
When life is past, when time is o'er,

O may we all 'to glory rise;
There dwell with Him for evermore,

With countless myriads in the skies,
And sing his spraise, who once was dead,
And ever crown our Conq'ror's head,

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1 W Where once my fayloug delgu'd to lie,

Psalm xvi. 9. 12.
Nisri,aroiter 1:17:57 II

I see fulfilld wbat prophets say,

And all the powr's of death defy.
2 This empty temb shall now proela in

How weak the bands of conquer'd death ; Sweet pledge, that all who trust His name

Shall rise, and draw ipamortal breath! 3 Our surety freed, declares us free, 71

For whose offences He was seiz'd;
Our pardon in his hands we see?:)!

And shout to view Jchovan pleas'd: 4 Jesus, once number'd with the dead,

Unseals His eyes, to sleep no more,
And ever lives pur cause to plead,

For whom the paitis of death He bore. 5 Thy'risen Lord, my soul adore,

See the rich diadem He wears!
Thou too shall bear an harp of gold,

o crown thy jwhen He appears. A 6 Tho'l in the dust I lay my head,

Yet, gracious God, Thou wilt not leave
My flesh for ever with the dead,

Nor lose Tliy children'in the grave.


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L, M.

1 1 ET joyful nations, hail the day,

That crowns theirKing with loud acclaim: Let saints their grateful homage pay

To their Almighty SAVIOUR's name. Resound, resound in joyful strains, Jesus' the King of glory reigns !

2 Sing how He vanquish'd all your foes ;

He came to save, He reigns to bless; From Him our ev'ry comfort flows,

Life, liberty, and joy, and peace Resound, resound in joyful strains, Jesus the King of glory reigns fivé.

3 Yes, Thou art worthy, gracious LORD,

Of universal, endless praise ;
With ev'ry pow'r to be ador’d

That men or angels e'er can raise.
Resound, resound in joyful strains,
Jesus the King of glory reigns an??

11 4 He comes, He comes, with triumph crown'd,

In dazzling robes of light array'd'.
Faith views the splendor dawning round,

Earth's fairest lustre sinks in shade.
Resound, resound in joyful strains,
Jesus the King of glory reigns,

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