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$ Behold the wonders of His power,

CHRIST triumphs in His dying hour!
Our life He purchas' when He fell

And overcame the pow'rs of hell.
6 Thus were the hosts of death subdued,

And sią atop’d, by Jesus blood:
Then He arose and reigąs above,
And conquers sinners by His love.

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NFINITE grace almighty love!

Stand in amaze, ye rolling skies!
Jesus, the LORD, extends: His arms

Upon a cross of love, and dies ! 2 Did ever pity stoop so low,

Dress'd in divinity and blood ?
Well may the Church triumphant bow,

And, sing to their incarnate God. s There glory shines in every face ;

There friendship shines in ev'ry eye;
There shall our tongues relate the grace

That led us homeward to the sky,
A O'er all the names of CHRỊst our King

Shall our melodious voices rove:
Our harps shall sound, from ev'ry string.

The wonders of His dying love., 5 O LORD, for bounty so divine

We ne'er can equal" honors raise !
Saviour, may all our hearts be Thine,

And all our tongues.proclaim-Thy praise !

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RISE, my soul; with wonder see

What love divine for thee hath done! Behold, thy sorrows, sin, and grief,

Are laid on God's Eternal Son.


2 See! from His head, His hands, His feet,

Sorrow.and love flow mingling down; Did e'er such love, such sorrow meet,

Or thorns compose so bright a crown!

3 My soul, survey the wond'rous cross,

On which the Prince of glory died,
And count thy richest gain but loss,

And pour contempt on all thy pride.

4 Forbid it LORD, that I should boast,'

Save in the cross of Christ my God; All the vain things that please me most,

I'd sacrifice them to His blood.

5 Were the whole realm of nature mine,

That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,

Demands my soul, my life my all.

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The Sword awakes

, and Jesus dies ;

WAKE, O " ;

sword a He 'bows His head beneath the stroke, To free our soưls from Satan's yoke,

2 What mingled dignity and grace

Appear'd in our REDEEMER's face,
When He forsook the courts abuve,
And swiftly flew on wings of love!

3 Our nature with His own He joins,

And thus fulfils His grand designs;
The Son of ihan, the Son of God,
Redeems the Church with His own blood.

4 How great the price MESSIẢH paid,

When He His soul an off'ring made
Behold redemption all complete!
Behold the SAVIOUR's love how great!

5 See grace and justice both combine! :.

United now, how bright, they shine!
God's glory in the cross appears.
And Mercy's voice dispels our fears.

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Isaiah liii.
THO hath our report believed ?

Shiloh come, is not received.
Not received by His own;
Promis'd branch from root of Jesse,
David's offspring sent to bless ye,

Comes too meekly to be known.

2 Like a-tender plant that's growing Vi bere no water's friendly flowing,

No kind rains.refresh the ground: Dropping, dying we shall view Him, See no charm to dra v us to Him,

Thene no beauty will be foundi 3 Lo! Messiah umrespecferl, :. Man of griefs, respised, rejected;

Wounits His form disfiguring, Marr'd His visage more tliani any, For He bears the sins of niany. 1

All our sorrows carrying.

4 No deceit His mouth bath spoken, Blameless. He no law had broken;

Yet was number'd with the worst; For, because the LORD would grieve Him, We, who saw it, did believe Him For His own offences curst.

5 But while him our thoughts accused He for us alone was bruised,

Stricken, smitten for our guilt : With His stripes our wounds are cured, By His pains our peace assured,

Purchas'd with the blood He spilt.

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6 Love amazing, so to mind us, Shepherd come from heaven to find us,

Wand'ring sheep all gone astray ! Lost, undone by our transgressions ! Worse than stript of all possessions,

Debtors without hope to pay. nó.

7 Fear our portion, slaves in spirit,
He redeem'd us by His merit,

To a glorious liberty:
Dearly first His goodness brought us,
Truth and love then sweetly taught us:

Truth and love have made us free.

8 Blessed be the pow'r who gave us,
Freely gave His Son to save us ;

Bless'd the Son, who freely came:
Honor, blessing, adoration,
Ever from the whole creations

Be to God, and to the Lam-B

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