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PSALM Civ. II Melre. (L.M.) 1 RLESS GOD, my soul ; Thou, LORD, alone,

Possessest empire without bounds; With honour Thou art crown'd, Thy throne

Eternal majesty surrounds.
2 With light Thou dost Thyself enrobe,

And glory for a garment take;
Heav'ns curtains stretch beyond the globe,

Thy canopy of state to make.
3 In praising God, while He prolongs

My breath, I will that breath employ; His grace extol in all my songs,

And praise my God with holy joy. 4 His glorious majesty adore ;

My soul, praise thou His holy name; Till with my song the list’ning world

Join concert, and His praise proclaim.

PSALM CV. (S. M.) An exhortation to praise JEJIOVAH for his works of mercy and power, his covenant made with Abraham, the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, and their establish. ment in the land of promise, the type of the heavenky Canaan. VIVE thanks unto the LORD,

Invoke His sacred name;
In psalms of praise His grace record,

His mighty deeds proclaim. 2 Glory and make your boast

In His great name alone;
Resound, with heav'n’s exalted host,

The wonders He hath done.


3 Praise Him with joyful voice,

His marv'lous works record; And let the heart of them rejoice

Who humbly seek the LORD. 4 For ever stands His word,

Upchang'd by time or space ;
Th' eternal Cov'nant of the LORD,

Ordaip'd in truth and grace. 5 For Israel God provides,

Guards with His mighty arm;
Through hostile nations safely guides,

Secure from ev'ry harm. 6 The cloud protects by day,

A guide of fire by night;
Israel pursues the dreary way,

Led by the sacred light.
7 So shall the church of God,

Guarded, upheld, and blest,
Advance with joy to His abode,

The land of heav'nly rest..

PSALM CV. II Metre. (C. M.)


RENDER thanks, and bless the LORD,

Invoke His sacred name;
Acquaint the nations with His deeds,

His matchless deeds proclaim.
2 Sing to His praise in lofty hymns,

His wondrous works rehearse;
Make them the theme of your discourse,
And subject of

your verse.

3 Rejoice in His almighty name,

Alone to be ador'd;
And let their hearts o'erflow with joy,

That humbly seek the LORD.
4 Seek ye the LORD, His saving strength

Devoutly still implore;
And, where He's ever presert, seek

His face for evermore.
5 His Cov'nant God has kept in mind,

For num'rous ages past;
His Cov'nant thousand ages more,

Eternally shall last.
6 His statutes then may we observe,

His sacred laws obey ;
For benefits so vast, may we

Eternal praise display.

P = A L M CVI.


The Psalmist commemorates the Divine benefits, reproves the ingratitude and idolatry of the people, and prays for their recovery. 1 PRAISE ye the LORD, give thanks and raise

Your sacred themes above;
What tongue can speak JEHOVAH's praise,

Or celebrate His love?
2 How blest are they who keep His word

In truth and righteousness!
With mercy visit me, O LORD,
With Thy salvation bless.

3 Grant me Thy favour, LORD, to see,

Elate with joy divine; That I, in full felicity,

In endless praise may join.
4 Alas, we have Thy laws despis’d,

Averse to Thy command,
Nor judgments fear'd, nor mercies priz'd,

Forgetful of Thy hand.
5 Prest by affliction, oft we fear'd;

Thy hand deliv'rance gave;
On Thee we call’d; Thy voice was heard

Omnipotent to save.
6 Then we believ'd Thy sacred word,

And joyful sang Thy praise; But soon, alas, forgot our LORD,

Regardless of Thy ways. 7 Thy just displeasure then, O GOD,

Ordain'd our pain and grief; Successive changes mark

our road,
Oh haste to our relief.
8 Save us, O God, exalt Thy name ;

Thy mercies we'll recotd;
Amen, let all the earth proclaim,

Praise ye, oh, praise the LORD.

PSALM CVI. II Metre. (L. M.)


RENDER thanks to God above,

The fountain of eternal love,
Whose mercy firm through ages past
Has stood, and shall for ever last.

2 Who can His mighty deeds express,

Not only vast, but numberless!
Wbat mortal eloquence can raise

His tribute of immortal praise ? 3 Happy are they, and only they,

Who from Thy judgments fear to stray,
Who know what's right, not only so,

But aim to practise what they know. 4 Extend to me that favour, LORD,

Thou to Thy chosen dost afford:
When Thou reiurn’st to set them free,

Let Thy salvation visit me.
5 Oh! may I in Thy presence see

Thy saints in full felicity!
That I the joyful choir may join,

And count Thy people's triumph mine. 6 Let Israel's God be ever blest;

His name eternally confest;
Let all His saints, with full accord,
Sing loud Amens. Praise ye the LORD.


(Old 148)

The redeemed of the LORD are exhorted to praise
Him for his goodness, in various instances,
I WIVE thanks unto the LORD,

Your noblest anthems raise ;
His mighty deeds record

In sacred themes of praise:
Let the redeem'd of God proclaim
The triumphs of JEHOVAH's name.

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