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habitant ; hence neighbour, i.e. a nighbour, or one that. lived.

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putting a body into a hole under ground, to bury or burrough it, a barrow or burrough being a place dug for that purpose.—Cur

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his death. He sometimes offers a hint of their being legend

ary tales; but in general he recounts the idle stories as if he gave them credit, and imagined they were to be regarded with religious reverence. - Alnwick Castle, and the family of the Percys, is a subjećt on which our Author descants through many pages, not entirely, perhaps, without some appearance of adulation, especially when he finishes the whole, by inserting an oration spoken at Guildhall, Westminster, by the Rev. Mr. Bennett, in the year 1776, on placing the pićture of Earl Percy in the council

chamber. Soon after a particular description of the fine seat of Seaton Delawal, and coher places belonging to the family of that name, - WC

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