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* Mark i. 35. iv. 35. vi. 1. John vi. 15. After healing great numbers, and preaching the Sermon on the Mount, he entered Capernaum, and went the next day to Nain. Luke vii. i. 1 1. t A:ts vii. 51. | Math. xi, zo–22, . - F f 3 convinced

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Art. XI. Philosophical TRANs actions of the Royal Society of London. Vol. LXX. For the Year 1780. Part I, and II. continued from Page 278, Rev. for April, and concluded.


Art. 1. Calculations to determine at what Point in the Side of a Hill its Attradiion will be greates, &c. By Charles Hutton, LL.D. and F. R. S.

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