The History of the Popes,: From the Foundation of the See of Rome, to the Present Time. ...


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Seite 78 - whether the hair of the priests and monks should be clipped or shaved on the fore part of the head, from ear to ear, in the form of a semicircle, or on the top of the head, in form of a circle, to imitate the crown of thorns which our Saviour wore, and of which it was thought to be an emblem. The Scots shaved the fore part of their heads, and the missionaries from Rome the top, calling that the tonsure of St.
Seite 370 - Hearken, therefore, to me, TO ME PETER THE APOSTLE and servant of Jesus Christ ; and since I have preferred you to all the nations of the earth, hasten, I beseech and conjure you, if you care to be cleansed from your sins, and to earn an eternal reward, hasten to the relief of my city, of my church, of the people committed to my care, ready to fall into the hands of the wicked Lombards, their merciless enemies. It has pleased the Almighty that my body should rest in this city ; the body that has...
Seite 301 - THE LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee; 2 Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion; 3 Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah.
Seite 370 - ... flock from the jaws of the ravening wolves, ready to devour them. My vicar might, in this extremity, have recurred, and not in vain, to other nations; but, with me, the French are, and ever have been, the first, the best, the most deserving of all nations ; and I would not suffer the reward, the exceeding great reward, that is reserved in this and the other world, for those who shall deliver my people, to be earned by any other.
Seite 365 - Lombards,) has not yet yielded to him one foot of ground ; nay, unmindful of his oath, and actuated by the devil, he has begun hostilities anew, and, bidding defiance both to you and St. Peter, threatens us, and the whole Roman people, with death and destruction.
Seite 370 - The thrones and dominions, the principalities and the powers, and the whole multitude of heavenly hosts, entreat you, together with us, not to delay, but to come with all possible speed, and rescue my chosen flock from the jaws of the ravening wolves ready to devour them. My vicar might, in this extremity, have recurred, and not in vain, to other nations ; but with me the French are, and...
Seite 8 - do you think that we have not our gods in our minds, when we employ them to fight with us against our enemies ?" Ignatius answered him : " You do wrong to designate as gods, the Demons whom the heathen worship. There is One GOD, who made the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them; and there is One JESUS CHRIST, the SON of GOD, the Only-begotten, of whose kingdom I am an expectant.
Seite 28 - ... something concerning that people. Before Mohammed's time they were idolaters. They were always a warlike people, seldom being at peace either with one another or their neighbours. They were divided into two classes ; some of them lived in towns and villages ; others, having no fixed, settled habitations, lived in tents, and removed from one part of the country to another, according as their necessities compelled, or conveniences invited them. Their chief excellence consisted in breeding and managing...
Seite 365 - God might himself have defended his church, or raised up others to ascertain and defend the just rights of his apostle St. Peter. But it pleased him to choose you, my most excellent son, out of the whole human race, for that holy purpose. For it was in compliance with his divine inspiration and command that I applied to you, that I came into your kingdom, that I exhorted you to espouse the cause of his beloved apostle, and your great protector, St. Peter. You espoused his cause accordingly ; and...
Seite 242 - To him accordingly he wrote a very prefling letter, conjuring him to aflift his worthy fon the exarch, and, for the love of the holy faith, to attempt with him the recovery of the exarchate, which the wicked nation of the Lombards had unjuftly taken from his fons Leo and Conjfantine emperors.

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