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By the same Author.

STRAY LEAVES from an ARCTIC JOURNAL. Ву Lieutenant SHERARD OSBORN, R.N., Commanding H.M.S.V. Pioneer in the late Expedition, 1850-51, under Capt. Austin, to rescue Sir John Franklin, With Map and 4 coloured Plates...

...... Post 8vo. 128. “Those who with the latest map in feelings. The impressions produced by hand like to follow the course of the navi- the scenery-the hopes and fears as the gators, may learn in what directions a ice, that is as the weather, fluctuated-the search has been made, and where in all rivalry of the different squadrons, for four human probability Franklin's expedition or five expeditions were navigating those is not. But these things are more readily seas-the amusements to vary the monoascertainable from Lieutenant Osborn's tony of the winter-the cordiality, and the book and its companion map. It also enthusiastic feelings that animated the brings the daily life of the expedition men for the objects of the expedition-are before us, not only in its details but its | all vividly brought out." Spectator,

THE DISCOVERY of the NORTH-WEST PASSAGE by H.M.S. Investigator, Captain R. M'CLURE, 1850-54. Edited by Captain SHERARD OSBORN, C.B., from the Logs and Journals of Capt. M'Clure. With Chart, and coloured Illustrations from Sketches by Commander S. G. Cresswell, R.N. Second Edition, thoroughly revised; with considerable Additions to Chapter on the Hybernation of Animals in the rctic Regions, a Geological Paper by Sir Roderick I. Murchison, and a Portrait of Captain M'Clure.

8vo. 15s. “The history of this famous discovery! This is one of the books which form is well entitled to a special work; and we part of the nation's title-deeds to greatfeel certain that among the numerous ness. It commemorates the achievement volumes descriptive of Arctic enterprise, of one of the grandest exploits on record. which have swelled to the proportions of Sir Robert M'Clure and his crew were the a library, none will rank higher, or be first men who ever passed from the Pacific more generally read, than that now pub- to the Atlantic.” Saturday Review, lished."



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Q U E D A H.


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India Twenty Years ago.-Singapore in the Month of May.

Chinese Junks ready for Sea. Prahus. Singapore Boats. - Miniature Junks. Origin of the Form of Junks. - Sound Reason for Junks having one Eye on each Side. — Arab Boats. — Sampan-puchats. — Singapore of old. – Commercial Singapore. — A Sepoy Martyr. — Court House. - Churches with Steeples. — The “Hyacinth” in Port.

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On the 29th of May, 1838, the “Hyacinth," one of
Her Majesty's 18-gun ship-rigged corvettes, made
her number to the signal-staff over the Governor's
residence at Singapore, and, aided by the light airs
peculiar to that latitude, flapped, rather than sailed,
into the anchorage.

Twenty years have made vast improvements in
that great emporium of the Eastern Archipelago;


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