A General History of Voyages and Travels to the End of the 18th Century, Band 9

J. Ballantyne & Company, 1813

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Seite 27 - Japan, with their ships and merchandise, without any hindrance to them or their goods ; and to abide, buy, sell, and barter, according to their own manner with all nations ; to tarry here as long as they think good, and to depart at their pleasure.
Seite 21 - The nine-and-twentieth, at night, we ' found here a garrison of three thousand soldiers, maintained by the emperor, to keep Miaco and Ozaco in subjection. The garrison is shifted every three years, which change happened to be at our being there, so that -we saw the old bands march away, and the new enter, in most soldierlike manner, marching five abreast, and to every ten files an officer which is called a captain of fifty, who kept them continually in very good order. First their shot, viz., calieners...
Seite 427 - That if it were ill in the Portingals to doe so to the Alcoran, it became not a King to requite ill with ill, for that the contempt of any Religion was the contempt of God, and he would not be revenged upon an innocent Booke.
Seite 425 - Banians, whereof about foure hundred thousand people go thither of purpose to bathe and shave themselves in the River, and to sacrifice a world of Gold to the same River, partly in stamped Money and partly in...
Seite 278 - I had presented him, giving some of it to those about him, and then sent for a full bottle, and drinking a cup, sent it to me, saying it soured so fast it would be spoiled before he could drink it, and I had none.
Seite 31 - I heartly embrace, being not a little glad to understand of your great wisdom and power, as having three plentiful and mighty kingdoms under your powerful command. I acknowledge your Majesty's great bounty in sending me so undeserved a present of many rare things, such as my land affordeth not, neither have I ever before seen, which I receive not as from a stranger, but as from your Majesty, whom I esteem as myself. Desiring the continuance of friendship with your highness — and that it may stand...
Seite 370 - ... they had never a Boat, our Commander replyed, he would send them one, and immediately caused his Barge to be manned, and sent off to them, which brought backe one of their Officers, and two other meane fellowes with this bold message from their Captaine; that he had promised not to leave his ship, and therefore forced he might, but never would be commanded out of her. Captaine Joseph received the Message, and used them which...
Seite 319 - But this observation may serve universally for the whole of this country, that ruin and devastation operates every where for since the property of all has become vested in the King, no person takes care of anything ; so that in every place the spoil and devastations of war appear, and nowhere is anything repaired.
Seite 13 - They sung several songs, and played on certain instruments, one of which resembled our lute, being bellied like it, but longer in the neck, and fretted like ours, but had only four gut strings.
Seite 275 - The King commanded one of his brother's sons to touch a lion on the head. But he refused it, being afraid ; on which the King desired his youngest son to touch the lion, which he did, without receiving any harm. On this the King commanded his nephew to be taken to prison, whence he is never likely again to be released.

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