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Item, I give, will, bequeath, and devife, unto my daughter Susanna Hall, for better enabling of her to perform this my will, and towards the performance thereof, all that capital meffuage or tenement, with the appurtenances, in Stratford, aforefaid, called The New Place, wherein I now dwell, and two meffuages or tenements, with the appurtenances, fituate, lying and being in Henley-ftreet, within the borough of Stratford aforefaid; and all my barns, flables, orchards, gardens, lands, tenements, and hereditaments whatsoever, fituate, lying and being, or to be had, received, perceived, " or taken, within the towns, hamlets, villages, fields, and grounds of Stratford-upon-Avon, Old Stratford, Bishopton, and Welcombe, or in any of them, in the faid county of Warwick; and alfo

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6 received, perceived, ] Inftead of these words, we have hitherto had in all the printed copies of this will, referved, preferved. MALONE.

7-old Stratford, Bishopton and Welcombe, ] The lands of Old Stratford, Bishopton, and Welcombe, here devifed, were in Shakspeare's time a continuation of one large field, all in the parish of Stratford. Bishopton is two miles from Stratford, and Welcombe one. For Bishopton, Mr. Theobald erroneoufly printed Bufkaxton, and the errour has been continued in all fubfequent editions. The word in Shakspeare's original will is fpelt Bushopton, the vulgar pronunciation of Bishopton.

I fearched the Indexes in the Rolls chapel from the year 1589 to 1616, with the hope of finding an enrolment of the purchase-deed of the eftate here devised by our poet, and of afcertaining its extent and value; but it was not enrolled during that period, nor could I find any inquifition taken after his death, by which its value might have been afcertained. I fuppofe it was conveyed by the former owner to Shakspeare, not by bargain and fale, but by a deed of feoffment, which it was not neceflary to enroll. MALONE.

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