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of; and all letters brought to any post-office, half an hour before the time of making up the mail at such office, thall be forwarded therein; except at such post-offices, where, in the opi. nion of the Postmaster-General, it requires more time for making up the mail, and which he fhall accordingly prescribe; but this shall, in no case, exceed one hour.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That

from and after the firft day of June next, the Allowance Postmaster-General shall be allowed, for his to post

fervices, at the rate of two thousand four hunmaster-general and dred dollars per annum, his affiftant, at the rate of one thousand two hundred dollars

per annum, and the Postmaster-General shall be allowed four clerks, whose compensation fhall be regulated in fuch manner, as not to exceed five hundred dollars per annum to each: All the abovementioned compensations to be paid quarterly out of the revenues of the poft-office; and no fees or perquisites fhall be received by any person employed in the general post-office, on account of the duties to be performed, in virtue of his appointment.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the deputy postmasters and persons authorized by

the Postmaster General, shall demand and repostage.

ceive for the conveyance of letters and packets, except such as are hereinafter excepted, the following rates of postage : For every single letter conveyed by land, not exceeding thirty miles, fix cents; over thirty miles and not exceeding fixty, eight cents ; over fixty, and not exceeding one hundred, ten cents, over one hundred miles, and not exceeding one hundred and fifty, twelve cents and a half; over one hundred and fifty miles, and not exceeding two hundred, fifteen cents ; over two hundred

Rates of

miles, and not exceeding two hundred and fifty, seventeen cents; over two hundred and fifty miles, and not exceeding three hundred and fifty, twenty cents; over three hundred and fifty miles, and not exceeding four hun. dred and fifty, twenty-two cents, and more than four hundred and fifty miles, twenty-five cents; and for every double letter, double the faid rates; for every triple letter, triple ; and for every packet weighing one ounce avoirdupois, at the rate of four single letters ; and in that proportion for any greater weight.

Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That for Rates of all letters and packets passing by fea, to and letters, pasfrom the United States, or from one port to

ling by sea. another therein, in packet-boats or vefsels, the property of, or provided by the United States, postage shall be charged as follows: For every fing!e letter, eight cents; for every double letter, fixteen cents ; for every triple letter, or packet, twenty-four cents; and for every letter or packet brought into the United States, or carried from one port therein to another, by sea, in any private ship or vessel, four cents, if delivered at the place where the same shall arrive ; and if directed to be delivered at any other place, with the addition of like postage, as other letters are made subject to the payment of, by this act. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That if

Penalty on any deputy postmaster, or other person autho- demanding rized by the Postmaster-General to receive the or receivpostages of letters, shall fraudulently demand nipulated or receive any rate of postage, or any gratuity pollage. or reward, other than is provided by this act, for the postage of letters or packets, on conviction thereof, he fhall forfeit, for every such offence, one hundred dollars, and thall be ren

port, &c.

collectors herein.

dered incapable of holding any office or ap

pointment under the United States. Duty of

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That no masters of ship or vessel arriving at any port within the viftels pre- United States, where a poft-office is establishmaking re-ed, shall be permitted to report, make entry,

or break bulk, until the master or commander shall have delivered to the postmaster, all letters directed to any person or persons within the United States, which, under his care, or within his power, shall be brought in such ship or vessel, except such as are directed to the owner or consignee of the ship or vessel, and except

also such as are directed to be delivered at the port of delivery, to which such ship or

vessel may be bound. And it shall be the duty Duty of

of the collector, or other officer of the port empowered to receive entries of ships or vefsels, to require from every master or commander of such ship or veffel, an oath or affirmation, purporting that he has delivered all

such letters, except as aforesaid. of post

Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That the Feceipt of postmasters, to whom such letters may be deforeign let- livered, shall pay to the maiter, commander or

other person delivering the fame, except the commanders of foreign packets, two cents for each letter or packet, and shall obtain from the person delivering the same, a certificate specifying the number of letters and packets, with the name of the ship or vefsel, and the place from whence she last failed; which certificate, together with a receipt for the money, shall be, with his quarterly accounts, tranfmitted to the Postmaster-General, who shall credit him with the amount.

Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That if any person, other than the Poitmaster-Gene


ral, or his deputies, or persons by them em- Penalty on ployed, shall be concerned in setting up, or persons ofmaintaining any foot or horse-post, stage-wag- gain this gon, or other stage-carriage, on any established act. post-road, or any packet-boat or other vessel, to ply regularly from one place to another, between which, a regular communication by water shall be established by the United States, and shall receive any letter or packet, other than newspapers, magazines or pamphlets, and carry the fame by such foot or horse-post, stagewaggon or other stage-carriage, packet-boat or vefsel, (excepting only such letter or letters as may

be directed to the owner or owners of such conveyance, and relating to the same, or to the person, to whom any package or bundle in such conveyance is intended to be de. livered) every person, so offending, shall forfeit, for every such offence, the sum of fifty dollars: Provided, That it shall be lawful for any person to fend letters or packets by a fpecial messenger. Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That the

Deputies to deputy-postmasters and other agents of the account Postmaster-General, shall duly account, and with postanswer to him, for all way-letters, which shall neral for come to their hands : And for this purpose, way-letthe post-riders and other carriers of the mail, receiving any way-letter or letters (and it shali be their duty to receive them, if presented more than two miles from a post-office) shall deliver the fame, together with the postage, if paid, at the first post-office, to which they shall afterwards arrive, where the postmaster shall duly enter the same, and specify the number and rate or rates in the post-bill, adding to the rate of each way-letter, one.cent, which shall be paid by the deputy-postmaster, to the mailVOL. III,



to account


carrier from whom such way-letter shall be received. And that letters, directed to persons living between post-offices, inay be delivered, and the postage thereof duly collected, it shall be the duty of the carriers of the mail, to take charge of, and deliver all such letters, as fhall, for that purpose, be committed to them, by any deputy-poftmaster, and collect the postage thereof, which shall be paid over to such deputy-postmaster, on demand : And for


letter, so delivered, the mail-carrier delivering the fame, shall be allowed to demand and receive two cents, to his own use, besides the ordinary postage. And if any deputy-postmaster, or

other agent of the Postmaster-General, shall Penalty on deputies

neglect so to account, he or they fo offending, neglecting fhall, on conviction thereof, forfeit for every fyr way-let

such offence, a sum not exceeding fifty dollars : Provided, That no mail-carriers shall make such deliveries at any place not on the postroad : Provided also, That the receipt and delivery of letters on the way, between postoffices, shall not be required of the mail-carriers, in cases where, in the opinion of the Poft malter-General, the timeormanner of carrying the mail, or the speed of conveyance, is incompatible with such receipts and deliveries.

Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That if

any person employed in any of the departments ing or seereting let- of the general post-office, shall unlawfully de

tain, delay or open any letter, packet, bag or mail of letters, with which he shall be entrusted, or which shall have come to his possession, and which are intended to be conveyed by poft ; or if any such person shall secrete, embezzle or destroy any letter or packet entrusted to him, as aforesaid, and which shall not contain any security for, or assurance relating

On detain


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