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Establish. Court-house and Sampfon Court-House: From poft roads Salem, by Bethania, Huntsville, Rockford and after firit Wilkes, to Morganton, in North Carolina; and June next. from Morganton, by Lincolnton, to Pinckney

Court-house, in South Carolina; From Cheraw Court-house to Georgetown:) From Camden, by Statesburg, to Charleston. From Charles ton, by Coolawatchy to Sister's Ferry, on Savannah river, and thence to the post-road from Augusta to Savannah; and from Coofawatchy to Beaufort: From Columbia by Orangeburg, to Charleston : From Columbia to Newbury Court-houseandLaurens Court-house, toGreenville Court-house:From Edgefield Court-house to Cambridge, and thence by Abbeville Court. house to Pendleton Court-house: From Columbia, by Winnsborough, Pinckney Court-house, SpartanCourt-houseandGrenvilleCourt-house, to Washington Court-house : From Washington Court-house, by Pendleton Court-house, to Hatton'sford, on Tugeloo river; and thence by Franklin Court-house, Elberton and Petersburg, to Washington, in Georgia : From Augusta to Washington, thence to Greenborough ; and thence, by the great falls of Ogechee and Georgetown, to Augufta.

Provided, That until the Postmaster-General shall have made provision for the regular

transportation of the mail from Wheeling to Kentucky Limestone, the present post-road from Abinghow long

ton to Danville in Kentucky, shall be continued: And if such provision cannot be made within a reasonable time, then the post-road shall be extended from Danville, to Frankfort and Lexington ; and thence to Washing'ton.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it fhall

Certain road in

to continue.


be lawfulfor the Postmaster-General to provide, Postmaster by contract, for the carriage of a mail on any road on which a stage-waggon or other stage- vide for

may pro carriage shall be established, on condition that carrying the expense thereof shall not exceed the reve- tain roads. nue thence arifing.

It shall alfo be lawful for the Postmaster-Ge. And enter neral to enter into contracts for a term not ex. into con

tract not ceeding eight years, for extending the line of

exceeding & posts, and to authorise the perfons, fo contract- years for ing, as a compensation for their expenfes, to re- chend ceive, during the continuance of such contracts, posts. at rates, not exceeding those for like distances established by this a&, all the postage which fhall arife on letters, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and packets, conveyed by any such poft. And the roads defignated in fuch contracts fhall, during the continuance thereof, be deemed and considered as post-roads, within the provifions of this Act: And a duplicate of every fuch contract, shall within fixty days after the execution thereof, be lodged in the of. fice of the Comptroller of the Treasury of the United States. Sec.

3: And be it further enacted, That there General shall be established at the seat of the Govern- Poft Office ment of the United States, a general poft-office, governand there shall be one Poftmaster-General, who ment. fhall have authority to appoint an affiftant, and deputy-postmasters at all such places, as he shall General his find necessary: And he shall provide for carry- powers. ing the mail of the United States, by stagecarriages or horses, as he may judge most expedient: and as often as he, having regard to the productiveness thereof, as well as other circumstances, shall think proper, and defray the expense thereof, with all other expenses arising on the collection and management of the reve

at seat of


To settle accounts

nue of the post-office: He shall also have power to prescribe such regulations to the deputypoft-masters, and others employed under him, as may be found necessary, and to superintend the business of the department, in all the duties, that are or may be assigned to it, and also to direct the route or road, where there are more than one, between the places above established; which route or road shall be considered as the post-road.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the

Poftmaster-General shall, once in three months, quarterly. obtain from his deputies, the accounts and

vouchers of their receipts and expenditures, and the balance due thereon, and render to the Secretary of the Treasury a quarterly account of all the receipts and expenditures in the said department, to be adjusted and settled, as other publicaccounts; and shall pay, quarterly, into the treasury of the United States, the balance in his hands : And the Postmaster-gene

ral, and his affiftant, the deputy-postmasters, persons em and such as they may employ in their offices, ployed by before they enter upon the duties, or be enti

tled to receive the emoluments of their offices; and the contractors for carrying the mail, and their agents or servants, and all others to whom the mail shall be entrusted, before they commence the execution of the said trust, ihall respectively take and subscribe before some juftice of the peace, the following oath or affirmation, and cause a certificate thereof to be filed in the office of the Postmaster-general: “ I do

fwear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I Take oath, will faithfully perform all the duties required of

me, and abstain from every thing forbidden, by the law in relation to the establishment of postoffices and post-roads within the United States."

and with

contract for

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That if any Penalty na person shall obstruct or retard the passage of the mail the mail, or of any horse or carriage carrying and negli

. the same, he shall, upon conviction, for every ierrymen. such offence, pay a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars : And if any ferryman fhall, by wilful negligence or refusal to transport the mail across any ferry, delay the same, he shall forfeit and pay for each half hour, that the same shall be so delayed, a sum not exceeding ten dollars.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Postmaster-General, to Portmastergive public notice in one or more of the newl- General to papers published at the seat of government of previous to the United States, and in one or more of the making newspapers published in the state or states, carrying where the contract is to be performed, for at the mail. least fix weeks before the entering into any contract for the conveyance of the mail, that fuch contract is intended to be made, and the day, on which it shall be concluded, describing the places, from and to which, such mail is to be conveyed; the time at which it is to be made up ; the day and hour at which it is to be delivered, and the penalty or penalties for non-performance of the stipulations : He fhall, moreover, within thirty days after the and lodge making of any contract, lodge the same, toge- tract in ther with the proposals, which he shall have Comptrolreceived, respecting it, in the office of the Comptroller of the Treasury of the United States : Provided, That no contract shall be entered into, for a longer term than four years.

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That every deputy-postmaster shall keep an office, in Deputywhich one or more persons shall attend, at such postmaster hours, as the Postmaster-General shall direct, office. for the purpose of performing the duties there


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