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An A&t allowing Licutenant-Colonel Toufard an
Equivalent for his Pension for Life.



An Act to establish the Post-Office and Post

Roads within the United States.

Enablishment of

Sec. 1. DE it enacted by the Senate and House

Dof Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress asembled, That

the following be established as post-roads, poft-reacis namely : From Paffamaquoddy, in the difJune next. trict of Maine, to Saint Mary's in Georgia,

by the following route, to wit' : From Paílamaquoddy, through Machias, Gouldsborough, Sullivan, Trenton, Bluehill, Penobscott, Frank fort, Belfast, Ducktrap, Camden, Thomaston, Warren, Waldoborough, Bristol, Nobleborough, Newcastle, Wiscassett, Bath, Brunfwick, North Yarmouth, Portland, Biddeford, Wells, York, Portsmouth, Newburyport, Ipswich, Salem, Boston, Worcester, Brookfield, Springfield, Hartford, Middletown, New-Haven, Stratford, Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford, New-York, Newark, Elizabeth-Town, Bridge. town, Woodbridge, Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bristol, Philadelphia, Chester, Wilmington, Christiana, Elkton, Charlestown, Havre-de-Grace, Harford, Baltimore, Bladensburg, the city of Washington, GeorgeTown, Alexandria, Colchester, Dumfries, Fredericksburg, Bowling-Green, Hanover Courthouse, Richmond, Petersburg, Goldson's, Warrenton, Lewisburg, Raleigh, Averysborough, enabli Fayetteville, Lumberton, Cheraw Court-houle, ment of Camden, Columbia, Edgefield Court-house, alter tirnt Augusta and Wayne'lborough, to Savannah; June next. and thence by Newport-Bridge, and SaintSavilla, to the town of Saint Mary's : From Portland, by New Gloucester, Green, Monmouth, Winthrop, and Hollowell Court-house, to Pittstown on the river Kennebeck: From Portsmouth, by Exeter, Chester, Amherst, Keen, and Walpole, to Charlestown: From Chester, by Concord and Plymouth, to Haverhill: From Exeter to Hampton-falls: From Salem to Gloucester : From Salem to Marblehead : From Boston to Plymouth, Sandwich and Falmouth ; and from Falmouth to Edgar-town on Martha's Vineyard : From Sandwich to Barnstable and Yarmouth : From Boston to Taunton and New Bedford, and thence to Nantucket : From Boston to Hartford in Connecticut, by Dedham, Mendon and Pomfret : From Boston to Keen : From Bofton, through Andover and Haverhill, to Chefter: From Taunton to Providence; and from Taunton, by Dighton and Somerset, to Warren: From New-Bedford to Newport: From Boston, by Providence, Norwich, New-London, Saybrook and Guilford, to New-Haven : From Newport, by. Bristol and Warren, to Providence : From Newport, by East-Greenwich, to Providence: From Newport, by Westerly and Stonington-point, to New-London : From Springfield, by North-Hampton, Greenfield, Brattleborough, Westminster, Charlestown, Windfor, Hanover and Haverhill, to Newbury: From Springfield, by Stockbridge, to Kinderhook : From Brookfield, by North-Hampton, Pittsfield and New-Lebanon,

ment of post-roads after first

ERablith- to Albany: From Hartford, by New-Hart

ford, through Norfolk, Canaan, Sheffield, and

Hillsdale, to the city of Hudson : From HartJune nezt. ford to Norwich : From Hartford, by Middle

town, to New-London : From Hartford, by Farmington, Harwinton, Litchfield, NewMilford, Newtown,Danbury,Ridgefield, Poundridge, Salem, North Castle, and White-Plains, to New-York : From New-York, by Peekskill, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Redhook, Clermont, Hudson, and Kinderhook, to Albany: From Albany, by Lansingburg, Bennington, Manchester, Rutland, Middlebury and Vergennes, to Burlington, on Lake Champlain : From Rutland to Windsor, in the state of Vermont : From Albany, by Schenectady, Johnston, Connojoharrie, and Whitestown, to Kanandorque; and from fome convenient point in that line, through Cherry-Valley, to the court-house in Cooper'stown, in the county of Otsego : From the city of New York, by the most useful route, to Sagg-harbor: From Newark or Elizabeth-town, by Morristown and Rockaway, to Sussex court-house; and from thence, by Hacket'stown and Morristown, to Elizabeth-town or Newark: From Woodbridge to Amboy : From Trenton, by Allentown, Monmouth Court-house, Shrewsbury and Spotswood, to Brunswick; and from Brunswick, by Somerset Court-house, New Germantown, Pittston and Flemington, to Trenton : From Philadelphia, by Bethlehem, Easton, Suffex Court-house, Goihen, Ward'sbridge, and Kingston, to Řhinebeck : From Bethlehem to Reading : From Philadelphia, by Woodbury, Sweedsborough and Salem, to Bridgetown, in West New-Jersey : From Phikadelphia, by Norristown, Pottsgrove, Reading, Lebanon, and Harrisburg, to Carlisle: Enablia. From Reading to Lancaster : From Philadel- inent of phia, by Lancaster, York-town, Carlisle, Ship- after firit

polt-roads pensburg, Chambersburg, Bedford and Greenf- June next. burg, to Pittsburg : From Pittsburg, by Washington in Pennsylvania, West-liberty in Virginia, and Wheeling, on the Ohio, to Lima Itone and Fort-Washington : From Limestone, by Bourbon-town, Lexington, Frankfort, and Harrodsburg, to Danville, in Kentucky: From Danville, by Bardstown, to Louisville : From York-town, in Pennsylvania, by Hanover, Petersburg and Tawney-town, to Frederick. town, in Maryland, and thence to Leesburg, in Virginia: From Wilmington, in the state of Delaware, New-Castle, Cantwell's bridge and Duck-creek, to Dover ; and from thence, by Frederica, Millford, Daggsborough, Snowhill, Horntown, and Accomack Court-house, to Northampton Court-house; and thence, to Norfolk, Hampton or York-town: From Philadelphia, by Wilmington, Middletown, Warwick, Georgetown, Cross-roads, Chester-town, Chester mills, Easton, Vienna and Salisbury, to Snowhill; and from Snowhill to Princess-Ann; and thence to Salisbury; and from Chestertown to Baltimore, at all times, when a stage passes between those two places: From Elkton to Warwick: From Harford to Bellair: From Baltimore to Annapolis, Upper Marlborough, Piscataway, Port Tobacco, Allen's Fresh, Newport, and Chaptico, to Leonard-town: From Baltimore to "York-town in Pennsylvania : From Baltimore, by Frederick-town and Hagar’s-town, to Chambersburg : From Hagerstown, by Sharpsburg, to Shepherd's-town: From Frederick-town, by Peterstown, and Montgomery Court-house, to Georgetown, on

Establ: A2ment of


Połowmac : From Hagerstown, by Hancock, polt roads Oldtown, Cumberland, Morgantown, in Vir: after first ginia, and Union-town in Pennsylvania, to June next. Brown'sville on the Monongahela : From A

lexandria, by Salisbury, Leelburg, Shepherdl-
town, Martinsburg, Winchester, Stevensburg,
Strasburg, Woodstock and Rockingham Cour-
house, to Staunton: From Fredericksburg, by
Portroyal, to Tappahannock; thence across the
Rappahannock, to Richmond Court-house,
Westmoreland Courthouse, Kinsale on Yeoco-
mico, and Northumberland Court-house, to
Lancaster Court-house; thence recrossing the
Rappahannock, to Urbanna, and from Urbanna
to Gloucester Court-house : From Fredericks-
burg, by Culpeper and Orange Court-houses,
to Charlottesville : From Richmond, by New
Castle, Aylett’s Warehouse, and Todd's bridge
to Tappahannock : From Richmond, by Wil-
liamsburg, York-town and Hampton, to Nor-
folk : From Richmond, by Columbia and
Charlottesville, to Staunton; thence to Lex-
ington, Fincastle, Montgomery Court-house,
Wythe Court-house, and Abingdon, to Jones-
borough, in the territory southwest of the Ohio;
thence by Greensville and Jefferson Court-
house, to Knoxville: From Staunton to Bath
Court-house; thence to the Sweet Springs; and
thence to Greenbriar Court-house: From Rich-
mond, by Powhatan Court-house, Cumberland
Court-house, Prince Edward Court-house,
Lynchburg, New-London and Liberty, to Fin-
castle: From Prince Edward Court-house, by
Charlotte Court-house, Halifax Court-house
and Pittsylvania Court-house, to Martinsburg;
and thence to Bethania : From Martinsburg to
Liberty: From Osborne's to Bermuda Hun-
dred: From Petersburg, by Cabin-point, Smith-

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