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* That our Readers may the better determine the importance of these gentlemen's transformations, the altered, omitted, and transposed parts, are distinguished by Italics. . - - - -


advertise him, to add to the directions here given, two ounces of salt of tartar. It will hardly be imagined, that we have had leisure to examine critically every article in these volumes; what we have already mentioned, chance threw in our way ; and these we apprehend, in a great measure, sufficient to support our accusation: if further evidence should be thought necessary, we may refer to the articles, Reprodućtion, Reptile, Rhubarb, Scale in music, Sophism, Stable, Tin *, Truffles, Verditer, Vermilion, Understanding, Undulation, and Weight; from all which, and many others, this Society of Gentlemen can derive no other honour than that of being deemed servile copiers. However, if the merit of a work of this sort ought to be determined by the quantity it comprehends, these gentlemen are entitled to a considerable share of the public esteem; for never, to our remembrance, was more matter, or a greater variety of subječts, comprehended in so narrow a compass. The addition of the duties payable on exportation and importation, to the articles of commerce, though not properly appertaining to a Dićtionary of Arts and Sciences, is not unuseful; but their topographical infertions are too slight to satisfy an inquisitive reader. With respect to the plates, they are very numerous, and, in general, tolerably executed; but there is reason to believe that no great sums were expended for original drawings, as most, of them appear, to be no other than copies from other Dićtionaries, and the Magazines.

* In this article even a typographical error is copied from Barrow. Where it is said, the virtues of tin, as a medium, given internally, &c, which undoubtedly was intended for medicine.

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