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The first Geological Survey record setting forth the history of the boundaries of the United States and the several States and Territories was prepared by Henry Gannett, assisted by Franklin G. Butterfield, and was published as Bulletin 13 of the Geological Survey in 1885. The second edition, revised and enlarged by Henry Gannett, was published as Bulletin 171 in 1900. The third edition, also revised by Gannett, was published as Bulletin 226 in 1904. A revision and enlargement of Bulletin 226, which included additional matter incidentally connected with boundaries, was prepared by Edward M. Douglas and issued in 1923 as Bulletin 689. It was again revised by Douglas in 1930 as Bulletin 817.

The present bulletin, prepared in 1964, is a revision of the 1932 edition of Bulletin 817. The revisions include clarification and modification of descriptions of certain boundaries, some of which are based on court decisions or international agreements; they also include more accurate figures for certain statistical data and numerous minor additions and deletions as appropriate.

Many Government agencies and officials, particularly the following, supplied useful information : Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior; Office of Territories, Department of the Interior; Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce; Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury; Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce; Oceanographic Office, Department of the Navy; U.S. Antarctic Programs, Department of Defense; The Geographer, Department of State.

Special acknowledgment should be made to Mr. William H. Richards of the Bureau of Land Management and Messrs. H. S. Lewis, W. E. Baird, and A. T. Munson of the Geological Survey for their substantial contributions that greatly facilitated the preparation of the volume.

To aid in the maintenance of current data for this publication, readers are requested to report any errors or obsolete information that comes to their attention.




Expansion and growth of the United States.-

Boundary problems...

How boundaries are established and changed..-

Boundaries of the United States.----

Provisional treaty with Great Britain, 1782.

Treaty with Great Britain, 1783.--

Treaty of London, 1794.----------

Treaty of Ghent, 1814.------

Convention with Great Britain, 1818.------

Arbitration by King of the Netherlands.

Webster-Ashburton treaty with Great Britain, 184

Treaty with Great Britain, 1846..

Treaty with Great Britain, 1908..--

Treaty with Great Britain, 1910.--------

Survey and marking of the northern boundary ---

Treaty with Great Britain, 1925..

Treaty with Spain, 1795.-----

Distances along the boundaries of the United St

Additions to the territory of the United States -

Louisiana Purchase..

Florida Purchase----

Texas accession.----

First Mexican cession.

Gadsden Purchase..

Alaska Purchase.

Hawaiian Islands..

Palmyra Island...

Puerto Rico.-----


American Samoa

Wake, Midway, and Johnston Isl

Canal Zone ---

Virgin Islands of the United States --

Guano islands----

Interests of the United States beyond its borders.


Military and naval base leases -------

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands ----

Territorial waters and the Continental Shelf

The public domain and the changes made therein.

Cessions by the States ---

Territory northwest of the Ohio River..

Territory south of the Ohio River.--

Louisiana, the areas formerly belonging to Mexico, and the Oregon


Payments to the States

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