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Directors' liabilities 16,038. Taxes paid to the State 1,500 dollars. Dividend three per cent. Stockholders 43,—This bank owns of its stock 7,500 dollars. Also the bank relies upon 7 or 8,000 dollars more of its stock for security of its notes. Cashier thinks there is not much doubtful paper in the bank. Certain it is, individuals have had loans in sums too large; there is too much past due;—nearly half the deposit is on time and interest.

(3.) Washington County Bank, chartered March 21, 1835, has Directors, Seth Emerson, President, Rendol Whidden, Stephen Emerson, Luther Bracket and Bion Bradbury, all of Calais, -Harrison Tweed, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate,

322 15 Bills in circulation, 29,310 Discounted paper, 69,629 94 Deposites,

5,214 55 Due from other b’ks, 7,376 69 Dividends unpaid, 388 Bills of other banks,

202 Profits on hand, 1,389 32 Specie,

1,262 09 Io the hands of an Agent,



$79,301 87

$79,301 87 Liabilities of Directors 15,756 dollars. Stockholders 34. Probably 30,000 dollars or more of the discounted paper are past due. To secure a loan of 10,000 dollars made to." A. Reed & Co." as principal, and A. Reed one of the same firm, surety, there are pledged 225 shares of the Capital Stock of this bank; also 3,000 dollars were loaned to said Reed, and Lucius Bradbury, endorser; and July 27, 1836, 4,000 dollars discounted to Directors of American House, payable in ten years, secured by mortgage of 3,000 dollars. Amount of taxes paid to the State, 2,013 dollars 19 cents.

At Camden is one bank, the Megunticook, chartered April 1, 1836, with a capital of 50,000 dollars, -whereof only 49,000 dollars were filled. Its Directors are William Carleton, President, Joseph Jones, Samuel G. Adams, Elisha Gilkey, Robert

Chase, Jacob Trafton, Joseph C. Stetson, all of Camden,Nathaniel Dillingham, Cashier.


Cr. Capital Stock, 49,000

Real Estate,

218 12 Bills in circulation, 25,810 Discounted paper, 58,788 89 Deposites,

2,210 70 Loan to the State, 10,720 Dividends unpaid, 239 Due from Suffolk Profits on hand, 801 50 Bank,

2,779 68 Bills of other banks, 385 Specie,

5,169 51

$78,061 20

$78,061 20 Liabilities of two Directors, 11,505 dollars,-of all, 15,738 dollars. Last year's dividend five and one-half per cent. Amount paid to the State 1,203 dollars 95 cents. The discounted paper in this bank appears to be in good order-quite a small amount thought to be doubtful. As there are not less than 150,000 casks of lime manufactured in Camden, yearly, and mostly exported; it is said, the “Cargo Notes," as they are termed, consist of the best paper discounted, for they are given by purchasers, on time--when a sale will probably be effected, and a remittance made,-often collaterally secured by a policy on the vessel and cargo.-Stockholders 78.

In Eastport is the Frontier Bank only, chartered April 1, 1836, has Directors, Aaron Hayden, President, Charles Peavy, John A. Balkham, Jonathan Buck and Lorenzo Sabine, all of Eastport, and Jeremiah Fowler of Lubec,—and Edward Ilsley, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 100,000

Real Estate, 2,500 Bills in circulation, 40,965 Discounted paper, 148,704 61 Deposites,

24,044 75 Loan to the State, 12,400 Due to other banks, 13,141 44 Due from other b’ks, 15,229 05 Profits on hand, 4,274 21 Bills of other banks, 319


3,272 74


$182,425 401

$182,425 40 Liabilities of Directors, 29,329 dollars. Last year's dividend six per cent. Amount paid in taxes to the State, 2,890 dollars 19 cents. Stockholders 37. Of the Stock 19,600 dollars are owned in New Brunswick. There are in the British Provinces, at St. Stephens, the St. Stephens Bank; at St. Andrews Charlotte County Bank ; at St. Johns, Commercial Bank; Bank of British North America, and Bank of New Brunswick; at Fredericton, Central Bank, and Fredericton Bank, and two private banks, viz. B. Smith's and M. & A. Connell's bills. These latter are taken and sent home. The others are received at par in payment of debts and in deposite by this and the banks at Calais—and these exchange bills with those monthly, and generally have balances, which are paid in specie, or drafts on Boston; by which means our border Banks are sufficiently replenished with specie. The Provincial Banks are examined every year by a Commissioner, pay no tax, are sound,-issue bills in pounds and shillings.

At FRANKFORT is only the Frankfort Bank, incorporated April 1, 1836. It has Directors, Benjamin Shaw, President, Nehemiah Rich, Elisha Chick, Jr., all of Frankfort, William B. Reed of Bangor and Jones Shaw of Northport;-Benjamin Johnson, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 50,000 Discounted paper, 74,121
Bills in circulation, 19,769 Bills of other banks, 1,632


3,081 37 Dividends unpaid, 330 71 Other dues to the Due to Suffolk Bank, 5,209 49 bank,

255 17 Profits on hand,

131 34


$79,089 54

$79,089 54 Directors' liabilities 13,725 dollars. Dividends of last year four per cent. Amount of taxes paid the State 1,560 dollars. Number of Stockholders 41: of demands, 73. Doubtful paper is supposed not to exceed 5,000 dollars; yet slow and hard of collection in a large amount. Towards security of different

debts, 150 shares of the bank are pledged-and also real estate is mortgaged or attached to secure others.

In Gardiner are two banks, (1) the Franklin, and (2) the Gardiner, with an aggregate capital of 150,000 dollars.

(1) Franklin Bank, chartered March 7, 1832—has directors --Henry Bowman, President, Ebenezer F. Dean, both of Gardiner, Stephen Young of Pittston, Joseph Eaton of Winslow, and John Otis of Hallowell; and Hiram Stevens, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate,

Bills in circulation, 21,409 Discounted paper, 68,979 29
Deposites, 11,988 79 Loan to the State, 5,000
Dividends unpaid, 430 Due from other
Profits on hand, 128 26 banks,

4,267 13 Bills of other banks, 2,578 Specie,

2,831 63


$83,956 05

$83,956 05 Liabilities of two Directors 15,004 dollars; of all, 16,511 dollars, reduced. One Director had overdrawn about 500 dollars. Last dividend was in April, 1839, of 4 per cent. Amount paid to the State, 1,760 dollars. Stockholders, 33. of the discounted paper, more than 15,000 dollars are dated prior to January, 1839, though not always past due, the time being extended on paying the discount, without giving new paper. There may be 5,000 dollars doubtful, though supposed to be mostly collectable.

(2) Gardiner Bank, chartered January 31, 1814, and continued by special act, April 1, 1831, was allowed to reduce its capital to 50,000, but did not. Its Directors are, Samuel C, Grant, President, Samuel B. Tarbox, Frederic Allen, Arthur Berry, all of Gardiner; and Edward Swan, Cashier.


Cr. Capital Stock, $100,000

Real Estate,

$2,400 Bills in circulation, 50,592 Discounted paper, 131,217 80 Deposites,

21,785 34 Loan to the State, 10,272 Dividends unpaid, 1,809 Due from other b’ks, 13,025 83 Profits on band, 2,555 73 Stock in other banks, 3,254 26

Bills of other banks, 8,815 49 Specie,

7,686 69 $176,672 07

$176,672 07 Liabilities of Directors, 1,980 dollars. Last year's dividends, 6 per cent. Taxes paid to the Stale, 18,000 dollars. Of what is as above “ due from other banks,' 10,426 dollars were in Tremont bank, Boston. Of the discounted paper, it was stated, that not more than 6,000 dollars are doubtful. Though many notes appear to be past due by the date, they are virtually renewed--that is, time extended on payment of discount. Stockholders 47--a strong bank.

In HALLOWELL are two Banks, (1) the Central, and (2) the Northern, with an aggregate capital of 160,000 dollars.

(1.) The Central Bank, when first chartered, February 22, 1825, was the “Vassalborough Bank,” and located in that town. It was removed to Hallowell in February, 1829; and by act, April 1, 1831, the charter was continued and name changed to that of Central Bank. Capital stock increased 35,000 dollars, January, 1832.


Capital Stock, $35,000 Real Estate,

3,150 26 Bills in circulation, 43,037 Discounted paper, 87,909 70 Deposites,

29,062 94 Loan to the State, 5,300 Dividends unpaid, 920 Due from Suffolk b'k, 10,773 61 Profits on hand, 6,321 95 Stocks and assign


48,778 13 Specie and bills of

other banks, 1,043 Other dues,

10,687 19

$167,641 89

$167,641 89
* Jade about once a month.

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