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Cr. Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate, 8,000 Bills in circulation, 17,458 Discounted paper, 55,964 83 Deposites,

11,096 05 Loan to the State, 10,000 Dividends unpaid, 259 50 Due from Suffolk Due to other banks, 100


432 64 Profits on hand, 1,574 57 Bills of other banks, 4,200


1,920 65

$80,518 12

$80,518 12 Liabilities of Directors $10,924,-none as principal. Last year's dividend three per cent. Amount of taxes paid to the State $4,067.84. Capital stock reduced to $50,000, May 25, 1839, under Act of March 22d preceding, by taking so much from the Stock, and hence making each share $50 instead of $100, Number of Stockholders 28. The notes and bills of this Bank are in number 50—in general, quite good.

(4.) The Globe Bank, chartered April 1, 1836, has Directors,—Solomon Parsons, President, Joseph Bryant, Benjamin Wiggin, Francis Shepherd and Samuel Smith, all of Bangor, and Daniel M. Howard, Cashier,




Capital Stock, 100,000 Discounted paper, 98,145 75 Buis in circulation, 11,247 Loan to the State, 5,000 Deposites,

3,896 12 Stock in this bank, 15,130 Due to Suffolk B’k, 3,868 42 Debts and Bills of Profits on hand, 1,433 62

other banks,

648 24 Specie,

1,521 17

$120,445 16

$120,445 16 Liabilities of one Director 3,994 dollars, of all 6,524 dollars. The only dividend of this Bank, was April 3, 1837, of two per cent. Amount of taxes paid to the State $3,069.86. Within the period of eight months prior to the 11th of October last, 1,200 shares changed hands. The present number of Stockholders is 29. The discounted paper consists of 73 demands; more than 50,000 dollars of which are thought to be doubtful,

the same man who is delinquent 10,000 dollars in the Bangor Commercial Bank, is owing the Globe Bank 22,000 dollars. Towards securing, however, 11,000 dollars of another failing concern, 139 shares of this Bank stand pledged.

(5.) The Kenduskeag Bank, chartered Feb. 22, 1832, with a capital of 50,000 dollars, increased May 2d, 1833, to 100,000 dollars,-has Directors, John Wilkins, President, George W. Pickering, Abner Taylor, John Godfrey and Elisha H. Allen, all of Bangor. Theodore S. Dodd, Cashier.




Capital Stock, 100,000

Real Estate,

6,000 Bills in circulation, 30,994 Discounted paper, 125,843 14 Deposites,

15,510 14 Loan to the State, 4,500 Dividends unpaid, 798 Bank Stock,

12,997 50 Due to other banks, 8,083 39 Bills of other B’ks, 3,625 Profits on hand, 1,676 71 Specie,

4,096 60

$157,062 24

$157,062 24 Liabilities of Directors 25,000 dollars. Last year's divi. dend two per cent. Amount of taxes paid to the State 6,887 dollars. More than 500 shares have changed owners within the last year; present number of Stockholders 60. The discounted paper consists of 149 demands-one-sixth of which may be doubtful,—the rest quite good. Of the above “Bank Stock," 11,210 dollars are shares in this bank at par, and 1,789 dollars in Bangor Commercial Bank at 70 per cent.

(6.) Lafayette Bank, chartered April 1, 1836,—has Directors, Joseph C. Stevens, President, Thomas A. Hill, Joseph Carr, all of Bangor, George Waugh of Levant, and William T. Savage of Pembroke, County of Washington,-Charles A. Stackpole, Cashier.


Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate, 10,500
Bills in circulation, 14,191 Discounted paper, 36,720 41

6,952 05 Loan to the State, 4,000
Dividends unpaid, 498 Stock of this bank, 17,000
Due to other banks, 42 Do. in Kenduskeag
Profits on hand,

47 55

Bills of and dues

from other banks, 1,708 30 Specie,

1,201 89

$71,730 60

$71,730 60 Liabilities of two Directors 11,092 dollars; of all, 11,192 dollars. A dividend of two per cent. declared the last year. Amount of taxes paid the State 3,036 dollars. Under Act of Feb. 8, 1839, the Capital Stock was reduced from 100,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars, by placing the other moiety in the hands of Trustees, dividing it among Stockholders, and reducing each share to 50 dollars. At the same time the affairs of the bank underwent a judicious renovation, when the above Stocks of 17,600 dollars were taken in payment of debts, and 310 other shares of its Stock were pledged in the hands of trustees to meet other liabilities and debts. Of the discounted paper there are 93 pieces,—30 past due.

(7.) Mercantile Bank, chartered Feb. 21, 1833,-has Directors-John Hodgdon, President, Samuel Farrar, Henry Warren, Oliver Frost, all of Bangor, Asa Warren of Guilford, Hezekiah Williams of Castine, and Francis G. Butler of Farmington, -John S. Ricker, Cashier..

TRIAL BALANCE. Capital Stock, 100,000 Real Estate,

9,000 Bills in circulation, 18,754 Discounted paper, 104,585 37 Deposites,

3,516 34 Loan to the State, 5,133 33 Dividends unpaid, 831 Due from other Due to other banks,


1,030 67 (mostly to Suffolk

Stock in this bank, 5,000 bank,)

7,047 21 Bills of other banks, 3,592 56 Profits on hand, 932 86 Specie,

2,739 48



$131,081 41

$131,081 41

Liabilities of three Directors 27,039 dollars; of all, 28,735 dollars. Only three per cent. dividend declared since April, 1837. Taxes paid to the State 6,146 dollars 63 cents. Of the discounted paper there are 70 demands, 22 of which are of 1,000 dollars or upwards—and half the last number undoubtedly good-most of the other half may be collectable; yet a considerable amount of the whole, though good, will probably be slow.

In Bath are three banks, (1) the Commercial; (2) Lincoln; (3) Sagadahock-aggregate capital 200,000 dollars.

(1.) The Commercial Bank, chartered Feb. 16, 18.32,-has Directors, Jacob Robinson, President, Gilbert Trufant, William D. Sewall, all of Bath, Thomas M. Reed of Phipsburg and William Patten of Richmond and Thomas Agry, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate,

550 Bills in circulation, 21,117

Discounted paper Deposites,

2,349 63

and Interest, 59,368 74 Dividends unpaid, 735 50 Loan to the State, 6,120 Profits on hand,

Due from other b’ks, 4,765 04
Bills of other banks, 1,571

1,827 35


74,202 13

$74,202 13 Liabilities of three Directors, 14,930 dollars-of all 16,680 dollars. Last year's dividend six and one-quarter per cent. Taxes paid to the State 3,250 dollars. Number of Stockholders 58. Of the discounted paper, the Cashier says, there are not exceeding 1,000 dollars considered doubtful. Books and by-laws very good. The Act of Feb. 1833, to increase the Capital, was not accepted.

(2.) Lincoln Bank, chartered Feb. 11, 1832, (a continuation of the one incorporated in 1813,) has Directors, George F. Patten, President, Levi Houghton, Joshua Page, William Richardson, Ammi R. Mitchell, Samuel Gray, William M. Rogers-and Green Richardson, Cashier.

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Capital Stock, 100,000 Real Estate,

3,000 Bills in circulation, 50,403 Discounted paper, 114,026 97 Deposites,

30,655 37 Loan to the State, 12,272 Dividends unpaid, 333 50 Due from other Bills of old Lincolo


40,306 bank,

1,300 Bills of other banks, 4,639 Due to other banks, 1,621 73 Specie,

12,791 64 Profits on hand, 2,792 1

$187,035 611

$187,035 61 Number of Stockholders 57. Last year's dividends eight per cent. Amount of bank tax paid to the State, by the old bank 13,000 dollars, by the present 7,000 dollars. Discounted paper is in remarkably good order, nearly every piece being secured by three names.- -Not a single note deemed doubtful. Stock in this bank is said to be five per cent. above par. There is probably no better bank in the State than this.

(3.) Sagadahock Bank, chartered April 1, 1836,-has Directors, Joseph Sewall, President, Thomas D. Robinson, John Smith, William M. Reed and Thomas Harward, all of Bath, William Purrington of Bowdoinham, and Moses Riggs, of Georgetown.-Daniel F. Baker, Cashier.


Cr. Capital Stock, 50,000 Discounted paper, 67,088 08 Bills in circulation, 30,095 Loan to the State, 5,750 Deposites,

16,851 46 Due from other b’ks, 21,510 32 Dividend unpaid, 961 Bills of other banks, 946 Due to other banks, 215 39 Specie,

2,905 13 Profits on hand, 206 68 Other Debts due, 130


$98,329 53

$98,329 53 Liabilities of the Directors, 19,774 dollars. Dividends of last year seven per cent. Amount of tax paid to the State 1,424 dollars 25 cents. Number of Stockholders 64. Of the Discounted paper,” most of it is secured by three names, and the President thinks none is doubtful Discounts are

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