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The Inspectors, after a careful and critical examination of the concerns of the Prison, believe its present condition to be more prosperous than at any former period ; this will be shown by the account between the Prison and State.

Since April 26th, 1839, when the present Warden took charge of the institution, it has come within $560 84 of paying all its expenses, officers' salaries included, except the Wardens'; and the Inspectors 'confidently believe for the present year, it will fully meet its expenses.

The Warden expresses the opinion that the deficit of last year of $560 84, will be met without calling on the State, should the debts now due the Prison, be promptly paid.

The amount expended for building and repairs during the past year has not been large. It was found necessary to build a small house for the only female convict in the Prison, there not being a suitable room in the Prison buildings for her. The fence enclosing the Prison yard has required and received some' attention, by being propped and braced to sustain it for the present time.

The Inspectors believe it would be good economy for the State, to commence a more permanent wall of stone around the yard—(a part of which might be built yearly,) of refuse rock now on hand. A great part of the work might be done by the convicts and team.

To answer the question so often asked—"why does not our Prison pay its expenses ?"-we say, a great number of convicts are sent here for short terms—the expenses for transportation, and for their fitting out on the expiration of sentence, generally is much more than their earnings while in the Prison. It will also be borne in mind the general arerage of the terms of sentence in our Prison, is for a much shorter period than in most other Prisons.

A large proportion of convicts sent here cannot be profitably employed till they are instructed in some branch of business carried on in the Prison. The time taken up in this instruction is almost a dead loss to the State.


The health of the convicts, during the past year, has been generally good. This we should hardly expect, when we take into consideration the construction of the cells.

The Chaplain, the Rev. Mr. Washburn, attends to religious services in the Prison on the sabbath. The convicts have also the benefit of a school on that day.

We find by examination of the several departments, their net income to be as follows : officers' salaries not included. Shoe DEPARTMENT.-Net income since April 26,

$1,511 24 Each convict earns per day, 52 cts. 5 + mills. WheelWRIGHT DEPARTMENT.-Net income,

870 64 Each convict earns per day, 49 cts. 3 + mills.' QUARRY.-Net income,

1093 74 Each convict earns per day, 33 cts. 1 mill. Smith's DEPARTMENT.-Net income,

375 33 Each convict earns per day, 44 cts. 3 mills. COOPER'S SHOP.--Net income,

430 46 Each convict earns per day, 41 cents.

We find also that it costs for subsistence for each convict per day, nine cents; and one and a quarter cents per day for each convict for clothing.

By the above estimates, it will be seen that it costs for clothing per year, for each convict, $4 56-and for subsistence,

$32 85.

In closing this Report, the Inspectors will only add, that the books of the Prison appear to be well kept, and that the general management of its affairs appear to be well conducted. Respectfully submitted by

JOHN MERRILL, State Prison.

of the


Number of Convicts, December 31st, 1838,

73 Whole number of Convicts committed since
Received since,
36 July 20, 1834,

Discharged on expiration of sentence,

109 Died,

16 Discharged on expiration of sentence,


Pardoned since,
10 Escaped, not retaken,


0 Remaining December 31st, 1839,

68__707 Escaped, not retaken,


Remaining number,

Of the whole number discharged, 92 have been returned on a second commitment. Of the 68 now in Prison, 46
are Americans, 12 Irish, 4 English, 2 Nova Scotians, and 4 Mulattoes.


Crimes for which they were committed. 46 Adultery,

3| Manslaughter, 2 Assault to kill,

Arson, 1 Assault to ravish,

5 Murder, sentence commuted, 2 Maiming,

1 Receiving stolen goods,

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Dr. The State Prison in account with the State of Maine, Cr.

April 26 *For amount of stock on hand, $9554 28 Dec. 31. *By amount of stock and tools on hand, $9719 29
paid for materials for coopering,

693 74
«'difference of appraisal,

400 00
46 Lime quarry,

5 received and charged for coopering, 1376 21
1684 69


1713 74 Blacksmiths, 645 16

Lime Quarry,

1651 56 Team with pay of Teamster, 454 73


1006 94 “ Fuel, (sales deducted,)


419 66 Subsistence,

3575 14

Shoemaking, " Expense account, (do.).

“ Clothes to convicts disc'd & to als, 367 42 Building and repairs, (do.)

346 67
" Fees from Visiters,

44 02
912 57

P'd out on old acc'ts more than rec'd
“ Clothing,

67 73 Convicts discharged,

308 62 6. Balance against the Prison,

560 84 “ Transporting convicts,

$20901 55 20901 55

*Tools deducted from the whole 9719 29 *Tools in the different departments de


1658 49 ducted,

Leaves available funds to the State, $8060 80 Wheelwright,

341 30

443 39

1708 87 (do.)

208 391

272 87 " Officers' salaries except Warden's, 3326 27

9554 28 Shoe department,

132 33

521 82 Blacksmith,

369 05 Coopering,

26 00) Team,

423 12 Lime Quarry,

116 17 Arms,

70 00

$1658 49 Available funds to the Stato,

$7895 794


Lime Quarry Department.

April 26 For amount of stock on hand at this

Dec. 31 By amount of stock on hand at this

date, amount purchased since,

amount of sales, Balance,

[blocks in formation]

The available funds in this department are full as large now as they were April 26th, although by the above table it would appear otherwise. In the account of stock, taken by the Commissioners, a lot of Ledge work was appraised by them at 44 dollars, and not appraised by us. Also, a lot of tools that were used in the manufacture of Lime, that now have been transferred to the other department. Also, 457 casks of Lime, appraised by Commissioners at 75 cents per cask, which sold for only 50 cents per cask, making a loss of 116 dollars to the above department.


Wheelwright's Department.

April 26 For amount of stock on hand to this

Dec. 31 By amount of stock on hand at this

} $3,323 06

date, « amount purchased since,

1,684 69
" amount of sales,

1,713 74

$5,036 80

$1,082 69

341 30

1,093 74

$2,517 731

$2,481 47

870 64 $5,036 80

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