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To the Senate and House of Representatives :

The Inspectors of the State Prison having made their Report to this Department, a copy of the same is herewith laid before you.


January 13th, 1840.


To the Governor and Executive Council

of the State of Maine : The Inspectors of the State Prison, having completed their annual examination of its affairs, present the following

REPORT. They find the accounts of the Warden with the State, to stand thus :The Warden has received from the State Treasury, to Dec. 31, 1839,

$2,565 39 For sales of manufactures,

2,785 10

$5,350 49 He is credited for disbursements for the same time, 5,471 66

Leaving a balance in his favor of

121 17 The account between the Prison and the State, is thus shown :For the amount of all disbursements for purchases

for the several departments, officers' salaries included, except the Warden's, and for stock on hand April 26, 1839,

20,901 55 He is credited for amount of sales, stock and tools on hand, Dec, 31, 1839,

- 20,340 71

Leaving a balance against the Prison of

560 84

In this account, the amount of tools is

$1,658 49 Which deducted from the gross amount of stock and tools, leaves the sum of $7,895 79 as available funds for the Prison.

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