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people that should remain would lose their industry and arts-capital and industry would vanish-and England would be little better than a sand heap. To this country, as well as to Europe in general, such an event would be a fatal catastrophe and barbarous must be the man who can wish for it.

“There is no one point in which men are so much deceived as in supposing that revenge is satisfaction. Įt replaces no loss of property-it indemnifies for no loss of happinessIt is impossible for an American to read the Cannibal's Progress, published by Porcupine, without emotions of horror. That wretch, however, should have been the last to publish in this country, the horrid accounts of the French barbarițies in Germany, because it calls to recollection similar cruelties perpetrated in our country by his fellow soldiers—the violations of women-the murder of Mr. Caldwell and lady, and the hecatombs of Americans that perished in the Jersey prison ship.

“ But whatever may have been the conduct of one nation or another, it is barbarous and savage to wish to see similar cruelties committed, even on the perpetrators. No man of one spark of humanity can desire to see one nation, whose soldiers have been guilty of such outrages, delivered over to similar calamities, for in the first place it is rare indeed that the guilty persons can be found and punished the evil usually falls on the innocent. In the second place, the sufferings of a nation by way of revenge never atone for the evils intended to be revenged. There can be no reimbursenient for pain. The original evil remains in all its force ; revenge may double the miseries of life, but never can alleviate them.

6 The wish and the endeavour of a good citizen, is to put a stop to evils--not to revenge them.”


Thus, you see, the spiteful viper's great object is, to keep alive a hatred against Great Britain.These paragraphs of his drew forth the following in the New York Gazette.

Messrs. M Lean and Long, " It is the request of a number of citizens, that you publish the enclosed to morrow. .“ Several very ill-timed pieces, having lately ap. peared in the Commercial Advertiser, with reflections upon a nation with whom we are connected by a friendly treaty, and both countries being assailed by the same unjust, ferocious and implacable enemy, render every thing of the kind, if not wicked, at least imprudent. Here rebuke should have stopped ; but, upon reading that paper of last evening, a FALSEHOOD was advanced, which loudly calls for investigation ; it says,

" It is impossible for an American to read the Cannibal's Progress, published by Porcupine, without emotions of horror : That wretch, however, should have been the last to publish in this country, the horrid accounts of the French barbarities in Germany, because it calls to recollection similar cruelties perpetrated in our country by his fellow soldiers—the violations of women, the murder of Mr. Caldwell and lady, and the hecatombs of Americans, that perished in the Jersey prison ship.”

56 Now, this assertion is a direct perversion of the truth, and in testimony whereof take the following extracts, without any comment, leaving Mr. Webster to the dissection of Porcupine himself.

" Elizabeth Town, June 20, 1780. " Mrs. Caldwell had the misfortune to be shot by a random ball. What heightens the singularity of this lady's unhappy fate, is, that upon enquiry, it appears beyond a doubt, the shot was fired by the Americans themselves, as it entered the side of the house from their direction, and lodged in the wall nearest to the troops then advancing."

" New York, Nov. 28, 1781. 1,66 Last Saturday, the Rev. Mr. Caldwell, minister of the dissenting congregation at Elizabeth Town, was shot dead, without any provocation, at the point, by one of the American twelve month's men. The Coroner's inquest brought a verdict of wilful murder against him.”

“ If this authority should be questioned by the editor of the Commercial Advertiser, hundreds of itizens can attest the fact.

“ CANDIDUS.” CANDIDUS is very kind in leaving Noah to my dissection. Why hacl he not gone through the stinking job himself?_With respect to the British army committing “ cruelties similar to those re« corded in the Cannibal's Progress," the charge is so false, so calumnious and infamous,' as to merit universal execration. When and where did the 6 violations of womentake place, by the British soldiers ? Who were these women? The whole is a lie, hatched by Webster, and wretches like himself.-The affair of Mr. Caldwell and his wife is placed in the true light by CANDIDUS; and, as for the tale about the Jersey Prison Ship, it was once a popular, but is now an exploded LIE.

A base creature (Noah himself, I dare say) in the New York Gazette of yesterday, publishes a contradiction to CANDIDUS, from GORDON's History of the American War. What did GORDON know about the matter? Was he on the spot? Was he not a vile, vicious Calvinist, who wrote to humour a disaffected sect in Great Britain, and who


sought for nothing but accusations against the Bri. tish government and the British army. When the people of America will allow BACHE to be quoted for facts relative to the conduct of the Federal Government, then will I abide by what GORDON says of the conduct of the British army.

But here Webster and his clan play a very deep as well as a very cowardly game. They know I could retaliate most amply; they know there are other sources to be resorted to besides RAMSEY and GORDON; but they know, that to have recourse to them, to publish a constant catalogue of crimes, would be to expose the publisher to every thing that can be conceived hostile to his interests and to his cause. To draw me into details of this sort is one of Noah's principal objects; but he will fail; for though I do not fear to fight such a cock on his own dunghill, the triumph over him in a like conflict, would be a gratification to the French faction, of whose interests he is a disguised promoter.

The more I see of Noah's conduct at this critical juncture, the more I am convinced that he is a tool in the service of sans-culottism. He cries aloud sometimes against the French; but, he takes good care to endeavour to damp the spirit of the country, to espouse every measure of delay, to sow the seeds of discord, by reviving that old term of reproach Tory, and to produce a breach, if possible, with Great Britain, by abusing her government, reviling her marițime commanders, and calling her king " little better than an idiot."-_What can France desire more, in the most zealous and costly of her partisans ? An undisguised tool cannot serve her half so effectually. Few persons, except those who are totally devoted to France, will listen to BACHE or GREENLEAF ; whereas Noah may, and does, obtain a hearing, and makes many converts to the cause. In the manufactory of Sans Culottes,


NơAH is the first artizan ; he takes them in the rough material and shapens them to the hand of BACHE, GREENLEAF, &c. who finish them off, and send them into the world fit for service.

From Brown's Paper.-" When we view the “ decline of the French interest in this country, " and the rapid progress AMERICANISM is “ making-When we see party spirit receding, and " public spirit stepping forward, in the most for

midable phalanxes-- When we contemplate on “ all this, must not the conclusion be, that Ame

ricans are determined to preserve inviolate their

Sovereignty? That foreign influence of every “ kind is fast hastening to an exit? And that we are “ resolved to support our National Dignity, at the “ risk of our fortunes, our lives, and of every “ tender connection?".

When Brown was enumerating the signs of this happy change, how came he to omit mentioning his own paper ?-" When,” he might have said, “ we see this very gazette, the leaves of which I “ an now blackening, tack about like ihe French " at the sight of the British flag, or like a demo“ crat at the sight of a constable ; when we see

this same vehicle, which, but a very little while ago, sang the praises of the French, justified all their perfidiousness, cruelty, and impiety ; which put MARAT upon a level with Jesus CHRIST,

which laid aside the word “ Federal," as a gar" ment growing out of fashion, and which, but - the other day, espoused the cause of Israel Israel, " and libelled the committee of the Senate who “ annulled his election ; when we see a gazette like “ this joining in the cry against the French and their faction, it is a certain proof, that-the chink is no longer to be gotten by siding with them.—All this


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