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IN confideration of our great want of provisions, and the great force with which the British have appeared before this settlement, and to resist which would bring destruction and desolation on the harmless inhabitants of this place, we therefore think it prudent, for the sake of humanity, and srom our confidence in the honour and generosity of the English, to accept of the terms offered to us, and to deliver into their hands this fort and settlement, with all its dependencies, upon the following conditions, viz. That private property be kept secure to every individual of this settlement, whether in or out of the company's service; that the servants of the company, civil and military, be kept in their respective stations; as far as may be thought necessary for the administration of justice; and the civil government of the place, the governor alone particularly excepted, as the government must, of course, be vetted in the English ; that the mili-, tary continue to receive their pay. and are not to be forced into the British service contrary to their wishes; and the civil servants alie, to be continued on their present pay ; and such an allowance made for the provision of the governor as his excellency the commander of the British forces may think adequate. The governor, however, and any other servants of the com- pany.

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on that which might be held out and convinced of the importance by the bank of England. He there- of the present crifis, would be infore earnestly hoped that the court duced to take the lead in a measure of directors of the governor, and so highly conducive to the maincompany of the bank of England, tenance of public credit, and which and the proprietors, impressed with would strongly tend to the accelethat zeal which they had always ration of a permanent and honourmanifested for the public good, able peace.

Account of the total net produce of all the permanent taxes for one year, ending October 1 oth, 1796.

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