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off Saldanha Bay at sun-set, and
the Crescent, which bad been or-
dered a-head to discover informa-
tion and to report, made the signal
for the enemy, consisting of three
fhips of the line, three frigates,
and other ships, being moored in
the Bay.
The squadron stood on into the
Bay in the order of sailing, but the
night coming on, and the rear be-
ing too far extended for action, I
judged it expedient to come to an
anchor within shot of the enemy's
ships, and, perceiving their num-
bers yery inconfiderable in compa-
rison with the force under my
command, I confidered it my duty,
and an incumbent act of humanity,
to address the Dutch officer in com-
mand, and consequently forward-
ed the letter to him, of which the
inclosure No. III. is a copy, by
Lieutenant Coffin, of the Monarch,
with a flag of truce; to this I re-
ceived a verbal return, that a posi-
tive reply should be sent in the
morning at day-break. I was fear-
ful the enemy might attempt to
injure the ships, and therefore
ordered Lieutenant Coffin, to re-
turn immediately with my letter
No. IV. to which he brought back
the reply No. V.
On the 17th, at nine in the
morning, a Dutch officer came on
board with a flag, and presented
proposals of terms for capitulation,
which you will observe in the cor-
o; with my remarks and
definitive letter; and at five P. M.
the terms contained in the inclosed
copy were ultimately agreed upon,
but it was impoffible to take pos-
session of the ships until the 18th,
on account of the stormy weather.
It affords me the highest satis-
faction, therefore, to communicate

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detached at the bottom of the Bay,

mand, upon the conditions of the

in order to hold a council of war, capitulation underwritten.

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the Braave and Sirene, in which.

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John Jackson, Secretary to the British commander in chief: CLEMEN's BENED1 ctus, secretary to the commander in chief of the Dutch squadron. To his excellency rear-admiral Engelbertus Lucas, commander in chief of the squadron of the United States, now lying in Saldanha Bay. Sir, I have had the honour to receive your letter, with the proposals of capitulation, and I have now the honour to inclose you my letters and answers thereunto, which I hope will be acceptable. I have mentioned to captain Clariffe my inclination to accommodate your Excellency, and the other officers inclined to return to Europe upon their parole, with the Maria fiore ship, or in British vessels, of which there are many at the Cape; but any of the public armed ships I dare not presume to permit to depart. Your excellency may rest affured of every good office within my reach. Should the inclosed articles not meet with your approbation, you will be pleased to order the flag of truce to be hauled down, as a signal that either party may commence hostilities. I have the honour to be, With great respect, fir, Your most obedient, Humble servant, G. K. Elph I Nston E. His Britantic majesty's /ip Monarch, Saldanha Bay, Aug. 17, 1796. No. VI.-A list of ships late belonging to the United States, under the command of his excellency rear-admiral Engelbertus Lucas, which surrendered on the 17th of August, 1796, to a detachment

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