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I have great satisfaction in reporting to you the event of an attempt which has been made by the enemy, and which has terminated to the honour of his majesty's arms, i; the entire capture of the squadron of Dutch ships of war, destimed for the purpose of retaking this settlement.

Having made every arrangement within my means, by the establishment of a small post, and the layjug the road by a sufficient number of the few men which I had been able to mount, for watching Saldanha Bay, I received a report on the 3d in tiant, transmitted in fourteen hours, that nine ships had appeared of that coast on the preceding afternoon, which I immediately communicated to vice-admiral sir George Keith Elphinstone. By the fame report there appeared to be the sirongest probability that his majesty's brig the Hope had been coptured by them : and as there was no further account of them that day, I concluded that the in

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ge: ice. In order, however, to omit no precaution, I sent up Lieut. M'Na', with a few mounted men, to watch tle Bay inore narrowly; and from him I received a report, on Saturday night the 6th instant, at twelve o'clock, that the same number of ships which had formerly been reported had anchored that morning

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whole of the 33d regiments, were in Simon's Bay, I could be under no apprehension for the safety of the colony from any force which could be landed from nine ships of war. It became, however, an objećt of infinite importance to the welfare of the settlement, to prevent any body of the enemy from throwing themselves into the country. At the same time the security of the Cape Town became an object of particular attention, both from the reasonable expectation, that the enemy would not have corne with such a force, without a prospect of a junction with some other armament, and from the possibility of the admiral being prevented from doubling the Cape by the

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----fly's troops cf displaying thit briz-r in his service, which I gun roof:ent they would bive the win, hii the occasion preserted itself; to:- if the utme: ilacrity and chearfores, urier is:o: every privation, exc-pt thit of meat, durirg a mirch of nirety miles, through to barrer a country thet there exit: but five Ecuses in the whole line, have any re-it, I can with truth Fre.ent them to his majeroy's troors. This mi-ch, fir, his rever yet, I believe, been attempted by any body of troops, however ingo, and, permit me to assure you, his been attended with fuch uncum' mon difficulties, thit it never could have been accomplithed but by the display of the qualities I have rentioned in the troops, and a union of extraordinary exerticos in all the departments concerned. In these all have equal claim to my acknowledgements; but I cannot dispense without particularizing the intelligence and activity with which, regardless of the uncoalmon fatigue which attended it, Lieutenant M-Nab, of the 9Sth regiment, with about twenty of his mounted men, performed the fervice allotted to him of watching the enemy, and preventing any communication with them, from the first moment of their coming into the Bay, till our arrival. It is, fir, with very particular satisfaction that I have further to report that I have received, on this occation, every possible affittance from his majesty's subjects of the cc}ony. The burgher senate have discharged the duty imposed upon them with the greates: readiness, impartiality, and activity, whilst their

requisitions and orders on the inhabitants for their waggons, cattle, and horses, having been complied with with a chearfulness which could, I am fatisfied, only proceed from a conviction of the preference to be given to his majesty's mild and paternal government over the wild oftem of anarchy and confution from which they were furnithing the means of being effectually defended. This will be delivered to you, fir, by my aide de camp, captain Baynes, who his been in this country fince the first arrival of his majesty's troops under my command, and to whose intelligence and active assistance I have been, on every occasion, highly indebted. I beg leave, fir, mott humbly to recommend him to his majetty's notice. I have the honour to be, With the greatest respect, Sir, Sce. Sc. J. H. C.R.A.I.G. -i iniral; Cife, No. 3, 1796, Dispatches, of which the following are copies, (brought by captain John Aylmer, of his majesty's thip Tremendous) were this day received from the hon. vice admiral fir George Keith Elphiniteme, K. B.

Morarch, Sorba Bay, Sir, -ing. 19, 1796. I have the honour to inclose a list of a Dutch iguadron under the command of rear-admiral Engelbertus Lucas, sent hither for the reduction of this colony, but which were compelled to surrender by capitulation, on the 17th instant, to the detachment of his majesty's illips under my command, named la

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