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of the artillery. He rose from the
fifuation of a private to the high
rank of a general officer, merely by
his personal merit. He was a captain
of artillery at the time of the trial of
lord George Sackville, in which he
appeared as a principal evidence
against his lordship.
3 I. Aged 64, in Harcourt place,
Dublin, the rt. hon. William
Burton Conyngham, one of his ma-
jesty's most hon, privy council,
teller of the exchequer, and one of
the commissioners for executing the
office of high treasurer in Ireland,
treasurer of the Royal Irish Aca-
demy, . F. A. S. Lond. brother of
the late Francis Pierpoint Burton,
baron Conyngham (father of the
present viscount Conyngham) and
nephew of Henry earl Conyngham,

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