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Martin, Benjamin Gordon, hon. Thomas Bruce, George Ainslie, James Adeane, Edward Smith, Thomas Bland, Felix Buckley,

Charles William Lyon, Henry Wat. son Powell, Thomas Stirling, George Garth and Richard Grenville—to be lieutenant-generals in the army. Colonels, George Bernard, of the 84th foot, George Nugent, of the 85th foot, John Bowater, of the marines, Thomas Averne, of the ma

lines, Thomas Duval, half. pay of the

marines, James Barker, h of pay of the 56th foot, John Cainpbell, of the marines, Charles Tarrant, of the engineers in Ireland, William Lewis, ef the marines, John Barclay of the marines, William Macormick halfy, William Maddox Richardson, of the 64th foot, John Freke, half pay of the 39th foot, Richard England, of the 24th foot, William Keppel, of a West India regiment, John H. Hutchinson, of the 94th foot, John Hamilton, of the late 81st foot, Alexander Hay, cf the 109th foot, Thomas Goldie, of the late 82d foot, Robert Douglas, of the 47th foot, Simon Fraser of the 3d foot, Thomas Davis, of the artillery, Robert Man

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ners, of the 3d foot guards, William
Loftus, of the 24th dragoons, Wil-
liam Myers, of a West India regi-
ment, Frederick George Mulcaster,
of the engineers, Oliver Nicols, of a
West India regiment, Alexander
Mercer, of the engineers, George
Hewitt, of the 92d foot, and James
Hartley, of the 75th foot—to be
major-generals in the army.
Colonels, Patrick Ross, John
Erskine, Robert Stuart, Thomas
Geils, Joseph Bilcliffe, Edward El-
lerker, Gabriel Johnston, George
Deare, William Sydenham, Edward
Rawstorne, James Nichol, Charles
Ware, and George Conyngham—to
be major-generals in the East Indies
only. -
28. Charles lord Hawkesbury—
earl of Liverpool.
28. Samuel baron Hood, of Ire-
land—viscount Hood of Great Bri-
31. Francis earl of Moray, of Ire-
land—baron Stuart of Castle Stuart,
in Invernessshire.
John earl of Galloway—baron
Steward of Garlies, in the Stewartry
of Kirkcudbright.

James earl of Courtown of Ireland

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General lord Adam Gordon-governor of Edinburgh Castle. Lieutenant-general Charles Rainsford—governor of Tinmouth Castle. 3o. John duke of Roxburgh—a privy-counsellor. 3o. Lieutenant-colonel Charles Green—governor of Grenada. Dec. 3. Major-general John Graves Simcoe—governor of such parts of St. Domingo as are in the possession of the British. 3. Major-general the honourable Charles Stuart—general in Portugal only. 3. Major-general Simon Fraser —lieutenant-general in Portugal only. 3. Colonel fir James St. Clair Erskine, bart.—brigadier and adjutant-general in Portugal only. 3. Colonel William Anne Villettes—biigadier-general in Portugal only. 3. Brevet-major Robert Stuart— deputy adjutant-general and lieutenant-colonel in Portugal only. Lieutenant - colonel Hildebrand Oakes—quarter-master-general, with the rank of colonel in Portugal only. 15. William Filiot–minister plenipotentiary to the elector palatine, and minister to the diet of Ratisbon.

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