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to St. Bartholomew's hospital, and on the Saturday evening he expired; previous to which, however, he said to one Willey, and to Coleman, that he was a dead man, and that he believed the man whom they brought to the watch-house the night before with a knife, was one of them that had cut him, and the cutting drover another.—On being asked if they meant Arnold, they said, yes. The surgeon described Mr. Brewer to have received three wounds, one at the top of the head through the skull; another in the left temple down to the chin, which went the whole length to the bone; and a third under the blade-bone of the right shoulder, three inches long, and one inch deep; these wounds brought on an inflammation, that inflammation a fever, and were consequently the cause of his death. Arnold was taken the next day in Smithfield, Ryan a few days after on board the Sans-Pareil at Spithead, and Dunn in the neighbourhood of Cow-Cross. Being called upon for their defence, Ryan said, conscious of his own innocence with respect to the murder, he should leave it with his counsel. Mr. Justice Grose then summed up the evidence, and explained the law upon the case, particularizing the different points as far as they were corroborated against either or all the prisoners; observing also the difference, as it appeared to him, there was in the guilt of the prisoners. The jury, after remaining out of court about twenty minutes. brought in their verdict - Dunn and Arnold, guilty.—Ryan, not guilty. As the recorder was proceeding to pass sentence on them, i)unn iaid he had a favour to beg of the

court, which was, that as but one life had been lost, the law would be satisfied with one as an atonement. He sought not to save his own life, for he had unfortunately for the last ten years committed innumerable offences; and therefore, if mercy could be shewn, his fellow sufferer was more deserving of it than himself: all he could hope for was the indulgence of a little more time than was commonly allowed in these cases, to make his peace with God. The recorder declared that it was not in his power to grant either, and then pronounced the sentence to be, that they be executed on Monday following, and that their bodies be delivered to the surgeons for diffection ; which was executed accordingly. 5th Such quantities of ice came down the river this day with the land-waters on the ebb-tide, as to block up some of the arches of London-bridge. The navigation of the river above bridge is already much impeded thereby. Such an accumulation, on so short a frost, is rather rare in this country. At a common hall, the livery of London instructed their representatives in parliament to move or support a motion in the house of commons, for censuring the ministers, for having taken upon themselves to send the money of the people of Great Britain to the emperor of Germany, during the sitting of parliament, without the consent of parliament. This morning, when the turnkeys of Newgate were preparing to remove the convićts sentenced to Botany Bay, among whom was the celebrated major Semple, who, it seems, had flattered himself with the hopes of pardon,

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ber of brewers was then fifty two. But in the year ending July, 1795, the quantity brewed by only twelve brewers exceeded the above by 1890 barrels. The number of Bankrupts fince the commencement of the present war, is nearly as great as during the whole period of the American war. From 1775 to 1782 inclufive, there were 3742; from 1793 to 1796 inclusive, 3608. The difference is therefore only 134. Naval Officers. — The number of officers of his majesty's fleet, under the description of admirals, captains, masters and commanders, and lieutenants, made up to the end of this year, and just published under the direétion of the admiralty board, is, Admirals of different ranks - 97

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