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4 /?ort Account of several Gardens near London; with remarks on some Particular, wherein they excel or are deficient, upon a view of them in December, 1691.—From the Archaologia, Wol. XII.

1. HAMPTON Court Garden is a large plat environed with an iron palisade round about next the park, laid all in walks, grass plats, and borders. Next to the house, some flat and broad beds are set with narrow rows of dwarf box, in figures like lace patterns. In one of the lesser gardens is a large green-house divided into several rooms, and all of them with stoves under them, and fire to keep a continual heat. In these there are no orange or lemon trees, or myrtles, or any greens, but such tender foreign ones that need continual warmth.

2. Kensington Gardens are not great, nor abounding with fine plants. The orange, lemon, myrtles, and what other trees they had there in summer, were all removed to Mr. London's and Mr. Wise's green-house, at Brompton-park, a little mile from them. But the walks and grass are laid very fine, and they were digging up a flat of four or five acres to enlarge their garden.

3. The Queen Dowager's Gar

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sand oranges this last year. The heir of the family being but five years of age, the trustees take care of the orangery, and this year they built a new house over them. There are some myrtles growing among them, but they look not well for want of.

, trimming. The rest of the garden

is all out of order, the orangery being the gardener's chief care ; but it is capable of being made one of the best gardens in England, the soil being very agreeable,and a clear filver stream running through it. 5. Chelsea Physic Garden has great variety of plants, both in and out of green-houses. Their perennial green hedges and rows of different coloured herbs are very pretty, and so are their banks set with shades of herbs in the Irish stick way; but many plants of the garden were not in so good order as might be expected, and as would have been answerable to other things in it. After I had been there, I heard that Mr. Watts, the keeper of it was blamed for his neglect, and that he would be removed. 6. My lord Ranelagh's Garden being but lately made, the plants are but small ; but the plats, borders, and walks, are curiously kept and elegantly designed, having the advantage of opening into Chelsea College walks. The kitchen gardens there lie very fine, with walks and seats, one of which, being large and covered, was then under the bands of a curious painter. The house there is very fine within, all the rooms being wainscoted with Norway oak, and all the chimnies adorned with carving, as in the council-chamber in Chelsea College. 7. Arlington Garden, being now in the hands of my lord of Devonshire,

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