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commerce might be laid advanta-
geous to both empires.
In regard to colle&ting and cir-
culating agricultural information,
the true foundation of all those va-
rious improvements, which, under
the auspices of the board, will pro-
bably be effected, confiderable pro-
gress has been made. The general
views of the agricultural state of
the different counties, with the ex-
ception of two small distrićts in Scot-
land (Clackmannan and Kinross,)
a part of each of which is alread
printed, have been completed. The
corrected reports of Lancashire,
Norfolk, Kent, Staffordshire, and
Mid Lothain, are published; and
those of several other counties are
almost ready for the press. A va-
luable addition has been made to
the printed paper on manures.
The sketch of a report on a point
which has of late been much dis-
cussed, namely the fize of farms,
has also been printed, and throws
much light upon that subject.
A valuable communication from
Lord Winchelsea, on the advan-
tage of cottagers renting land, was
ordered to be printed, with the un-
animous approbation of those who
had the sanction of being present
when that paper was read to the
It is impossible, in this short ab-
straćt of our proceedings, to give
any idea of the numerous commu-
nications transmitted to the Board,
or of the various points to which its
attention has been dire&ted. Its
experiments in regard to the com-
position of bread, and information
transmitted to it upon that subject,

* Intituled “An A&t for allowing the Importation of Arrow Root from the British Plantations, and also of Linseed Cakes and Rape Cakes from any for reign country, in British built ships, owned, navigated, and registered accord

ing to law, without paying of duty.”


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